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  1. Small picture, but the new bus 1(im still guessing it is bus 1) has a new wrap. Found the pic on google but I already seen the bus in person with the wrap a few times now. http://www.tecumseh.ca/sites/default/files/Seniors Ride For Free%2C June 2018_0.pdf
  2. Tender is up for the new bus
  3. Just got pics of 8021 on the 4
  4. Today on the tracker 8001 on the 2 8002 on the 8 8003 on the 4 8004 on the 25 8006 on the 25 8007 on the 10 *Also yesterday I saw 8011 on the 3.
  5. 8001 & 8002 are both on the 25 this morning.
  6. 8002 has been on the 8 all day, it still is. 8001 is on the 1A.
  7. 413 is currently on the 3. 415 and 417 on the 2. 418 and 423 on the 1C. 420 on the 14. Seen 550 a few times last week as well
  8. I see a few VIs and 97 LFS here and there on the tracker still.
  9. Time will tell. Plans can always change. They did say in the article above that they will be keeping 5 extra buses as spares for the south windsor routes(5,6,7) with the overloading. Me personally, I hope they keep 549-553 as the spares.
  10. Ahhh ok thanks for the info! I also noticed today that the area around the garage is so full of buses that theyre storing some of the new buses over by the salt storage next door near the central bridge. I got pictures of them too, one of them here. Pictured is 588, unumbered, 589, 592 and 593. EDIT. Web portal is up now! https://windsor.mytransitride.com/Home/Desktop im sure its still in testing phase but we can see the buses online live now! and it says what number the buses are! BTW I dont think all the buses are on here either.
  11. I also noticed that in the Windsor Star article there, 8001 is picture as the UofW Via Rail shuttle. I knew they wanted to do that shuttle but I never seen anything on their site about it so I had no idea they had actually started doing it. As for the express, I wonder if they are doing that as a measure to try and assist with the overloading? It gets full and they express to the destination?
  12. From the Windsor Star! Big boost in public transportation funding called 'game changer' for Transit Windsor A plan that will see the two senior levels of government invest over $100 million in Windsor’s public transportation system is being called a game changer. “This will give us a chance to accelerate public transit so much,” said city councillor Bill Marra, who chairs the Transit Windsor advisory committee Bill Marra. “That’s a lot of money for public transit — that’s a game changer.” Federal Minister of Infrastructure and Communities Amarjeet Sohi announced Friday that Windsor would be receiving $57 million in federal funding and $47 million from the province over 10 years as its share of the Investing in Canada plan. The city will kick in a portion as well, with the objective of the overall spend being to transform the way Canadians live, move and work. “This is the largest infrastructure investment the federal government is making to support numerous communities to build better public transportation systems,” Sohi told The Star in a phone interview. “These are significant investments and changes we are making to enable municipalities to build infrastructure they need.” Transit Windsor has been working on a master plan for a number of years and, after presenting it to council, was recently asked to complete a phased report. As part of that effort, Transit Windsor received $10.2 million last year. Transit Windsor executive director Pat Delmore said that money is being used to “revitalize” the system, with 24 new buses purchased and 120 new bus shelters to be installed throughout the city as well as investments being made in updating bus facility and maintenance areas. “No definitive decisions have been made, but we do have a lot of ideas and plans,” Delmore said of the new funds just announced. “We are doing a service delivery review right now which we expect to be our road map to the future over the next 10 years.” The review is taking an in-depth look at the system, focusing on things like bus routes and highlighting areas that are currently under-serviced as well as looking at the future growth of the city. Marra said the funding will help Transit Windsor to improve its system while investing in technology that will provide riders with things like real-time access to information, for example informing riders about bus arrival times. He said there has been some significant recent improvements in ridership with an agreement with the University of Windsor and by expanding service into LaSalle. “This allows us to start making a case for a regional transit system because the resources are now going to be available,” Marra said. “It’s exciting for a number of reasons. And I think for the Windsor Essex area this truly could be a game-changing investment because it allows us to do a number of things and do it over a short period of time.” Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens said the funding will provide a nice boost to the city’s public and active transportation systems. He said details are still scarce on how the money will be allotted over ten years. One of the hopes, however, is to use a portion of it to connect Windsor’s cycling infrastructure to the city’s public transit system. “We are hoping to upgrade our system, provide better service and transit and I’m sure there are many ways for us to do that,” Dilkens said. “In addition, how can we improve the cycling network to be able to allow folks to access by bicycle the current transit stops? So you add the active transportation to it and it could become a very exciting announcement.”
  13. Apparently its because there wasnt enough numbers in the 5XX series to fit 26 buses. I dont know, either way, these novas are going to be the 8XXX.
  14. 8001. The new buses will be renumbered in the 8XXX series.
  15. http://www.tecumseh.ca/sites/default/files/PBS-2018-02_2018 Annual Tecumseh Transit Report_18Feb13.pdf Lots of good tidbits in there. It also mentions about the bus stop in Lakeshore at Manning/Ec Row at Sobdeys. It started a few years ago as a trial and ended up permanent. Well the ridership has gone up at that bus stop over the years and now its the 3rd most used bus stop in Tecumseh Transit's network! Id say that a damn good improvement! I like their idea with the 630 start time to assist L'Essor high school students. That would give their ridership a bit of a jump. Also of note, something I didnt realize since it's been a while, but the original butaways they had(bus 1 and 2) were high floors, while the new bus and the bus theyre gonna order this year are both Low Floors.
  16. From the Windsor Star Tecumseh seeks feedback on bus service Tecumseh is holding an all-day session Thursday to get public input on proposed changes to its bus service. The session, which will also seek input on a new sign bylaw, will be held in council chambers from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. “I hope there’s a good turnout,” said Mayor Gary McNamara. “It’s the residents who use the service… We want to make sure they’re well-served.” Launched in December 2009, Tecumseh Transit Service had a ridership of more than 26,200 passengers in 2017. One of the two buses operates at a time, making 38 stops on a 30-kilometre circuit around town. Except during rush hour which can put the bus behind schedule, it takes about an hour to complete the route. The most common complaint about the service is that the bus is often late. It also hits L’Essor high school 10 minutes before the final bell, meaning students either wait 50 minutes for the bus to come by again, or they don’t take the bus at all. McNamara said the service could use some “tweaking,” shaving off a minute here and there to help the bus run on time. “We know where the hot spots are and we want to refine it.” In a report to council last month, town staff suggested the bus service begin and end 30 minutes later than the current 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. timetable. This would put the bus at L’Essor at a more convenient time for students, the report says. There are suggestions to shift the bus route off some streets and onto others. There’s a proposal to eliminate the stop at Tecumseh Town Centre Plaza to save time. The report also suggests adding four stops to serve residents in the heavily populated area around Southfield Drive, Brouillette Court and Shawnee Road. Maps of the existing and proposed routes will be on display at the public information session. The town is considering offering half-price bus passes to residents on Ontario Works. They would get a monthly pass for $17.50 rather than the usual $35 fee. There’s also a suggestion to promote the service to seniors by allowing them to ride for free one month out of the year. And, the town is also considering selling advertising space on the bus. The town’s 2018 budget includes the purchase of a second low-floor bus that allows for the easy entrance of wheelchairs and strollers. The town currently has one of these buses, as well as a standard bus that is used as a backup. The town has already begun collecting comments from the public. As of Wednesday, about 50 riders have filled out survey forms and more have left comments online, said Chad Jeffrey, Tecumseh’s manager of planning services. The town will collect feedback until March 16. ssacheli@postmedia.com Twitter.com/WinStarSacheli I commented and recommended contracting the service out to Transit Windsor, eliminating the needs for a second bus fare if a passenger is coming into the city. It would also give another kick into motion for regional transit using Transit Windsor.
  17. Theyre in the middle of doing a whole bunch of upgrades at the garage as it is. And while were talking about it they actually might be able to fit a 60ft hoist in there.
  18. I hope they build it with 60 footers in mind for the future. It would be cheaper to build it to accommodate them now than to go back and change it later on. If they were to build 40ft bus bays and want to convert some to 60ft bus bays later, they might have to redo whole sections in order to do it. If they do use the hospital grounds where that parking lot is, they can use the area closest to the road where the sidewalk is currently. They can make the bus bays where the sidewalk is and make them parallel to the road(similar to how they did the walkerville 8 at WITT), 60ft buses can use that section pulling. Can make that extra long bay for the 2 and the 1C, first in first out like it currently is at TMALL and DMALL. That would be half of the island bus terminal, the other side of it can be 40ft bus bays and can have as many bays as needed. So say a straight bay on the north end of the terminal to accommodate 2 60ft buses(can potentially expand furthur to accommodate another 40ft bus if a future need arises), and the south half of the terminal can have the 40ft bays. North side can be the Crosstown 2 and the 1C transway and the south side can be the Central 3, Central 3 West, and the South Windsor 7. Can do that as a start and have it towards the west end of the parking lot(Where there is currently a bus stop) so if they need to expand it in the future for more bus bays they can go east. It can look something like this as an island terminal(wont look right on a phone) (Where the current bus stop is in front of the hospital on the north-west side) 60 Foot Bus | 60 Foot Bus (One long straight bus bay similar to walkerville 8 at WITT) (north side) Can expand this direction later -Island with bus shelters and possibly building for drivers/passengers etc)- 40 foot | 40 Foot | 40 Foot (40 ft bus bays) (South Side
  19. They will be wrapped. The came in tw colours on delivery
  20. The lasalle buses will be 578 and 579.
  21. 580 is here! Edit: 578 is also here And also there is a tender up for a service review consultant on the city's website. https://www.citywindsor.ca/Lists/Tenders/Service Review Consultant for Transit Windsor/55-18, RFP, LETTER Service Review Consultant.pdf
  22. Oh ya, completely forgot to factor that in! If they were diesel I might have been closer lol. Thanks for info seashore!
  23. Just from working out around how much each bus will cost in another article for vicinity with a bunch of orders totalled up. I think HSR will have about 11 more vicinitys coming in, but thats just my guess.
  24. http://www.iheartradio.ca/am800/news/strong-2017-for-transit-windsor-1.3639403
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