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  1. I asked a few members who were not sure of the answer so Ill try here. Is the new northfield facility a replacement for strasburg? Or will this bring GRT up to 3 bus garages? Thank you!
  2. It is a fail cuz its supposed to be stop and go for hybrids, not 52km one way with 4 stops. Hybrid should have been used on a city route and a diesel used on the highway route.
  3. well, 11 2020 novas in service today in the city. 615(a hybrid) on the 42 heading down the highway to leamington....fail. And also I seen 425 today with a fresh coat of paint in the smaller 3 inch stripes, looks good! Proof that its gonna stick around for a while longer!
  4. I forgot to mention that they will be doing open houses for the proposed route from Windsor to Amherstburg(including transfer stops to the 25 on Front rd in Lasalle). https://windsorite.ca/2020/09/open-house-planned-for-proposed-amherstburg-bus-service/
  5. I was under the impression that 2 NOVA LFS Artics were on order and previously awarded? I believe someone mentioned that a few pages back.
  6. Any word yet on the articulated buses? is there a timeline for delivery or anything, maybe a specific month?
  7. So talks are still going forward with Transit Windsor service to Amherstburg. https://www.talktheburg.ca/transit at the bottom right there are 3 files, one of them being the proposed route. Now I noticed in the file name it says route 20...could that be a hint of it being named the 20 Amherstburg if it all goes through?
  8. So some 2020 novas are in service today. 8029 and 8034 on the 4 and 8035 on the 3W.
  9. https://www.google.ca/amp/s/beta.ctvnews.ca/local/windsor/2020/8/12/1_5061423.html
  10. https://www.iheartradio.ca/am800/news/amherstburg-continues-to-look-at-public-transit-1.13225190
  11. Ok so i just seen it and it is indeed bus number 4. Idk if something happened to the other bus 4 or what but they did have 2 fords bus 3 and 4 because the bus numbers were in 2 different places.
  12. No bus 4 is identical to bus 3 with the ford front end and the bus numbers(3 and 4) are in different places. This is a totally different bus. Im almost willing to say this is bus 5. Im gonna check after work to see the bus number and get more pics.
  13. So they have a 3rd bus now?? Was it in service or at the garage?
  14. You should check the wiki before making posts like this. All the information is there if you were not aware, many systems are updated fairly frequently. Here is RTCs wiki: https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Réseau_de_transport_de_la_Capitale#Current
  15. Might be road worthy after an immense amount of money to make it happen. That doesnt mean that its legal for carrying passengers either, thats a whole new ballgame. Dont forget that is how novabus originally came up with the LFS artic demos.
  16. and in the article it says 9 metre. LFS are 12 metre. thats my question/point.
  17. So switching some buses to 9 metre electric buses like that. Wouldnt they have to put out a new tender to do that? And who on the market sells 9 metre electric buses? BYDs K7M?
  18. So someone had put on the wiki for the new buses that theyre replacing the buses listed in the report. im going to remove that because there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes and things can change at any given moment. When buses are actually retired from this order and it is confirmed what buses are indeed replaced by this order of buses, I will put it on the wiki. most of the buses listed in that report have been retired for a few years now. Retired in a report made for a group of individuals who do not have a good grasp of how a system is run is very different than reality.
  19. Many of those inveros were already retired with the 2018 novas and have been sitting at the east wall where 560 should be as well, being used for parts etc im sure. the only inveros left active after the 2018 order are 671, 677 and 683. im sure by decommissioning they mean to sell off the retired buses and removing them from the property, whether resold or sold as scrap. 560 has been a parts donor for a while now(by mistake of someone at the garage and they had to go with it). the other 3 novas listed im guessing are the worst of the 05s. I bet after the inveros are off property you will see many orion VIIs sidelined at that retirement wall and used for parts for the im guessing handful remaining VIIs at that point. There are still some VIIs with no work done to them in the 6 inch stripes, those should be first to go along with the 3 inveros as well as the listed novas that are currently in service. I will see if I can find out any more info on this and keep you posted.
  20. So 8033, 8035 and 8036 are on property now. Thanks for the tip off michel
  21. And 6 novas are already on property(facebook post was incorrect saying 12). 8027, 8029-8032, 8034.
  22. Not necessarily. A good example is NYC or a state/provincial agency such as NJ transit and BC transit
  23. 19 LFS are on order. Should start coming down the production line by now or pretty soon.
  24. Since I just found out Transit Windsor has 19 buses on order that are probably coming down the line right now, i thought out of curiosity I'd have a look at the plant on google maps. Ive gotta say I was expecting the facility itself to be a lot bigger considering the amount of orders they get from Canadian systems every year! I dont know how you all can see these numbers when there can be that many buses outside awaiting delivery. I look forward to more sightings later on from the locals(due to our current circumstances) and props to you all for doing so! Also stay safe.
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