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  1. Transit Windsor

    http://www.iheartradio.ca/am800/news/council-gives-thumbs-up-to-street-car-restoration-1.3365352 thumbs up for the streetcar restoration! coucil voted yes 7-4!
  2. Durham Region Transit

    Im a little lost here. Where in that article does it say anything about these 4 buses being growth buses?
  3. MiWay

    "killing ridership:, not something i would wish for on any route. Im sure a lot of your improvements are thanks to ridership.
  4. Transit Windsor

  5. Transit Windsor

    From the Windsor Star Windsor polishes up Amazon bid with incentives, regional transit Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens has made two major plays in recent weeks to enhance the Detroit-Windsor bid for Amazon’s second headquarters. The Star has learned that the reason an earlier-than-expected special council meeting was called for last Friday to deal with the downtown’s long-anticipated community improvement plan, was so the CIP’s incentives for downtown investment — for a big new office building, for example — are enshrined prior to Amazon’s Oct. 19 deadline. “I think it’s fair to say we did expedite approval of the CIP for Amazon,” said Dilkens, who’s reluctant to say more due to a news blackout that’s been imposed on the highly charged Detroit-Windsor bid. Also, Dilkens has been reaching out to the county’s seven municipalities, trying to get a commitment to a regional transit system. It’s something that Amazon deems a major requirement for its new location and a weak point for both Detroit and Windsor. “One of the areas we can strengthen is regional transit,” the mayor said. Windsor’s efforts over the years to spread bus service out to the county has been met largely with disinterest. That changed Sept. 1 when LaSalle began a transit service through the town, run by Transit Windsor and linking to the Windsor transit system with no extra charge to transfer. Tecumseh also has a contracted bus service that stops at Windsor’s Tecumseh Mall, though riders have to pay extra to get on a Transit Windsor bus. In recent weeks, both Lakeshore and Amherstburg have responded positively to Dilkens’ request. What Dilkens is asking for is a commitment from the municipalities that, if Amazon chooses Detroit-Windsor, they’re on board with a regional transit system. “We really need all of the municipalities in Essex County to say: ‘We’re behind this 100 per cent,’” said Dilkens. “That’s what we need to show Amazon.” Of the remaining municipalities, Essex and Kingsville have received Windsor’s request and will deal with it at an upcoming meeting, the mayor said. Attempts to reach Leamington Mayor John Patterson Wednesday to find out his town’s position were not successful. “We need the other municipalities to see the benefits of this and the huge, huge impact this would have on the entire region, it stands to change the face of the entire region,” Dilkens said, referring to Windsor’s share of 50,000 jobs at Amazon HQ2. Many employees of Windsor’s big employers, such as Fiat Chrysler, Caesars Windsor and the hospitals, live in the county, he said. The same would hold true for Amazon employees. “That’s why we need everyone’s support as we’re putting together the bid documents.” As for the downtown CIP, Dilkens wouldn’t go into details about which of its incentives would be most attractive to Amazon if it were to locate part of its Detroit-Windsor operation in the downtown. A big one, however, would clearly be annual grants that effectively forgive the additional property taxes charged on a new development, for up to 10 years. A regional transit system doesn’t necessarily need to follow the LaSalle model, in which LaSalle pays for Transit Windsor to run buses through the town and keeps the fares to partly offset the cost. “Whatever form regional transit takes — so people can move seamlessly back and forth between Windsor and their home municipality — that’s what we’re looking for,” said Dilkens. “If the prospect of having Amazon’s headquarters in the City of Windsor is not a catalyst for all municipalities in Essex County to come on board with a regional transit system, then we’ll never have a hope of getting a regional transit system.” LaSalle Mayor Ken Antaya said that so far the response to having Transit Windsor in town, especially from teens and seniors, is “beyond my expectations.” He’s received nothing but good comments from residents. “Not lukewarm comments — really good comments,” Antaya said. “In fact, we’re even hearing some criticism that: ‘Hey, we want you to expand it, expand the hours, more stops.’ That’s all good, constructive criticism.” Transit Windsor’s executive director Pat Delmore said he believes LaSalle’s positive experience will serve as a business case for other municipalities considering a transit service. It’s in very preliminary talks with Amherstburg, and expects to begin talks with Lakeshore in the coming months. “We think there are lots of opportunities within the entire region,” said Delmore, who added there is demand for service in such county employment pockets as Lakeshore’s Patillo Road, Tecumseh’s Oldcastle and Leamington’s greenhouse operations. Lakeshore recently sent a letter to Windsor expressing its commitment to exploring a regional transit system between Windsor, Lakeshore and Tecumseh. “We’ve looked at it many times over the years and now is the time to take another solid good look at it,” said Lakeshore Deputy Mayor Al Fazio, citing the rising demand that’s come with the explosion of residential growth. He said town council wrote the letter to help Windsor entice Amazon. “But it’s not just that. It’s a service we need in Lakeshore anyway.” He said he’d like a service similar to LaSalle’s, one that links into Windsor’s system. But it has to include Tecumseh, because of Tecumseh’s location between Lakeshore and Windsor. “I think Tecumseh’s the key, I really do.” And also the picture to go with it 25
  6. MiWay

    There's nothing wrong with people liking how a bus looks. For many transit fans it's similar to liking different cars.
  7. York Region Transit \ Viva

    I was also wondering the same thing as to where that came from. They may be oddballs in the fleet but with how long the bus was in production for and how relatively recent it was ceased in production, the parts should not be very hard to come across or majorly expensive. Theyre not as old as some other buses that are still in service across Canada.
  8. Thanks for the reply Martin! I had imagined that these routes took a lot longer than they really do. When i said suburbans i did have the one door version in mind like leduc and strathcona have. I did try to do some research on it before hand(i knew the bike rule on the highway) so thank you!
  9. Transit Windsor

    the 1C and the 2 were always very full during rush hours over the years. I remember taking the 1C during high school and after school anywhere from 4 to 6 1Cs would show up at once from the extras for school runs they had to throw on. The drivers would all coordinate who would go through roseville gardens and who wouldnt, and before the buses would get to rivard they would all stop together. Any riders going straight to Tecumseh Mall would get on the buses at the front and those buses would go down tecumseh road straight to the mall and bypass everything else while the remainder followed the normal route. The 2 I found was the same idea for the most part with buses going express to the mall(after transfering passengers like the 1Cs did) from lauzon and wyandotte while the remainder of the buses would follow the normal route. Sometimes it would be the same amount of buses as well, anywhere from 4-6 crosstown 2s showing up as a group, probably because of school runs. During the trips on both the 1C and the 2 during those times, all the buses would make stops to pick up passengers while the ones behind would pass to the next stops etc. They would all end up hopscotching each other till lauzon(crosstown 2) and Rivard(Transway 1C) where they all seperated passengers and then split into local and express straight to the mall. Great memories seeing the groups of buses together like that and the coordination Soooo many people too. Fireworks runs are run the same fashion. So with ridership going up a bit because of university students I can imagine its pretty similar fashion these days as well.
  10. Hey I have a quick question for you guys. Now I did use the search function and I didnt find anything relevant to what im about to ask, so just bear with me lol. I also wasnt sure what thread to post this in lol. For Edmonton's suburban routes(if you will) to the surrounding towns(540,560,561, 580 etc, maybe even the 747 im not sure), I seen that the buses used for those runs are "highway buses" with the extra gear(and whatever else I may be missing). Has any consideration been given at all to buy any suburban buses for these runs? Possibly with coach styled seats, better suspension, maybe reading lights etc, similar in fashion to a highway coach(if these 2009s dont have them already). Any personal thoughts at all? I know other systems use these styled buses in similar situations going from city to city along highways, so I thought I'd ask and see what the thoughts are as well. Thanks!
  11. Transit Windsor

    http://www.iheartradio.ca/am800/news/corporate-bus-pass-being-extended-to-city-hall-1.3322074 Good news if it goes through, it can generate more ridership like the University Pass has been.
  12. Westjet

    From the Windsor Star Ultra-low-cost carrier Swoop coming to Windsor airport Canada’s new ultra-low-cost air carrier Swoop will be operating out of Windsor, but the destinations passengers will be able to reach from YQG are being kept under wraps. Canada’s new ultra-low-cost air carrier Swoop will be operating out of Windsor, but the destinations passengers will be able to reach from YQG are being kept under wraps. “We will for competitive reasons — and I don’t think we’re unique in having this approach — won’t be unveiling our network until our booking launch which will be in February,” said Bob Cummings, WestJet’s executive vice-president responsible for the launch of the new airline. “If we do end up signing big airport agreements, we may announce those beforehand which will give an indication of where we are flying to or from.” Cummings said he has asked Windsor airport for information on what the current situation is and the catchment area and how far people are willing to drive to save money on a flight. “Windsor’s very interesting,” Cummings said. “They have Sunwing and they have Transat operating over there in the winter. “When you look at Detroit and how big Detroit is — and I believe it’s 22 minutes from downtown Detroit to the Windsor airport — and when you look at the catchment area of Detroit and you look at the economics and demographics of Detroit and the propensity to travel and so forth, it’s fairly high, so there are potentially people coming from Detroit and potentially people going to other border airports,” said Cummings. Swoop is planning on offering fares 40 per cent lower than those currently available in Canada. The airline will operate six Boeing 737-800s with a capacity of about 170 passengers beginning next June. Cummings said he will be sitting down with Windsor and other airports to try and figure out how to make tickets as cheap as possible. “The airports, with respect to their aviation fees, their landing and terminal fees, their AIFs (airport improvement fees), they’re a big part of that,” said Cummings. “In Canada, the fuel taxes and some of the other things, we’re not going to be able to touch all of that,” he said. “As we head towards our market launch, we’ll be sitting down with airports with respect to the low fares we’ll bring to the table with our business model and cost structure which we plan to get to very close to U.S. ULCC (ultra-low-cost carrier) cost structure and offer low fares but we then plan to marry up with airports to try and bring down the ticket price and stimulate growth.” Cummings said the Boeing 737-800 has a range of 4,500 kilometres. “In Windsor’s case, if you draw a 2,800-mile (4,500-kilometre) radius around Windsor you can get quite far south,” Cummings said. “The target is the leisure market with respect to vacations down south, moreso in the summer visiting friends and relatives.” chthompson@postmedia.com
  13. Transit Windsor

    http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/windsor/tunnel-bus-won-t-operate-during-october-closure-altered-service-on-weeknights-1.4310291 Intersting to see that after the game, TW buses will take ambassador bridge back to windsor! "Following the event, all buses will return to Windsor via the Ambassador Bridge. All passengers must return to buses immediately following the game as there will be no additional service provided throughout the remainder of the evening."
  14. Porter Airlines

  15. In my opinion, I would cut the american portion of the charter right out. I dont think pictures etc in public transportation is something that the border guards will take lightly, I can see there being hassles and issues at the border, possibly even turning the whole group right back into Canada. And I know someone is gonna try and argue this, but if they get any bad feelings about you guys going over, they can easily seize cameras etc going in either direction and make you erase the whole charter(not an organization I'd recommend arguing with). Just a suggestion to maybe take into consideration. It would be easier if we were all american but once you cross that border you might face more than you bargained for when you cross. They're there to protect the nation and with everything going on in the world right now, this is something they might red flag, and if they red flag it, it will show on every one of your passports and the reasons why.