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  1. York Region Transit \ Viva

    Now would that really mean that they dropped out? It wouldnt be a case of doing the tender and evaluating whether the metrolinx deal is a better deal? If YRT and the other system(whoever it is) really did drop out, like if they indeed claimed that, could you show me by any chance? Like a link or anything?
  2. Transit Windsor

    BIngo! The 25 Lasalle, or as we say it down here, the Lasalle 25(name first, number last) https://icreate-essex.esolutionsgroup.ca/231110_LaSalle/en/our-community/resources/Transit/Bus-Schedule-August-11_2017-for-website.pdf
  3. Transit Windsor

    From the Windsor Star today LaSalle begins construction of new transit system shelters LASALLE — Work begins within days on new bus shelters and bus stop accessibility pads after town council on Tuesday approved $164,000 to get its new transit system in place for September. “I’m looking forward to it — a lot of people are looking forward to it,” said Mayor Ken Antaya. An official launch date at the municipal complex will be held Aug. 23 to introduce and promote the new service, which begins the day after Labour Day and includes free rides until Dec. 31. Two Transit Windsor buses will provide service along a 45-minute route designed to cover 70 per cent of households and link to the city’s own bus route network. Every stop is being made wheelchair accessible with curb cuts, said Antaya. The buses will be able to lower their floors to allow for easier boarding. The mayor, who said he’ll be riding the entire bus route the first few days, believes LaSalle’s seniors, in particular, will be using the service to get around, including to the Vollmer Complex for recreation and the Civic Complex. After the free period, there will be a $3 fare. LaSalle is anticipating up to 60,000 riders annually. The city is hopeful LaSalle’s par
  4. RDC in Windsor

    Yep thats it! I do remember the blue stripe on the side of it near the back from where I seen it from. Thanks a lot my friend! Is there any particular reason why it would be coming through windsor? maybe some refinishing work in canada before heading to vermont?
  5. Just wondering who's it could be, because this is my first time ever seeing one in person! All I seen of it was the back, was all blue and white stripes(the diagonal stripes). I didnt see the sides or anything because there was a train parked next to it so it was impossible to see anything but the back end of it. . It looked like it may have been part of a freight consist but i had no way of telling. Its with the CP trains along EC row between jefferson and central. The back end looked similar to this>> https://www.google.ca/imgres?imgurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.canadianrailwayobservations.com%2F2011%2FSept11%2FSept%2011%20Web%2Frdctrevorwiley.jpg&imgrefurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.canadianrailwayobservations.com%2F2011%2FSept11%2FSept%2011%20Web%2Fsept11via.htm&docid=W4i8ZOIH91rzsM&tbnid=shBibdWDY_xnAM%3A&vet=10ahUKEwj1v9umybLVAhVnyoMKHUZpBGs4yAEQMwgLKAkwCQ..i&w=945&h=656&bih=638&biw=1366&q=RDC train&ved=0ahUKEwj1v9umybLVAhVnyoMKHUZpBGs4yAEQMwgLKAkwCQ&iact=mrc&uact=8 Except the stripes were blue and white and went from top to bottom on either side of the door, even around the windows if i remember right. I just wanna know out of curiosity, thanks!
  6. London Transit Commission

    Noticed some more new buses out in service today on webwatch 501 on the 14 502 on the 16 503 on the 35 504 on the 10
  7. Heyy I was just wondering if anyone has any idea if 790, the leyland double decker that aboutown had, is still around or not. I was wondering about that bus in particular because its an ex SW&A bus. Just out of curiosity thats all, I hope for it's history that it hasnt been scrapped.
  8. Transit Windsor

    Ok so for the articles earlier indicating that they were already setting up bus stops in lasalle, I just figured out what they meant. I just found this article online. Its signs that say future bus stop. http://www.iheartradio.ca/am800/news/lasalle-setting-up-bus-stops-for-new-transit-service-1.2791951
  9. Transit Windsor

    Today's Windsor Star Transit Windsor hit by perfect storm of good news, including higher ridership Transit Windsor has been hit by a perfect storm of good news, crediting a jump in ridership to a number of recent and ongoing improvements and expansion to the city’s public transportation system. Ridership is suddenly up and expected to rise further in the near future. Executive director Pat Delmore cites a number of developments for the bright outlook: $20 million in new federal/city funding to pay for 24 new buses and 150 new solar-powered bus shelters, with the second phase of funding still to come. New technology helping the system operate better and inform riders exactly when their bus is due. A partnership with LaSalle to provide a route through the town that connects with the Windsor system starting in September. The resounding success of the U-Pass program approved last year in a referendum by University of Windsor graduate and undergrad students who pay an extra $66 per semester for a universal bus pass. With 12,500 U-Passes in circulation during the winter semester, students are filling the buses, not just to go to school, but to travel throughout the city day and night. Ridership, which had been stagnant in recent years, is up 3.5 per cent, thanks to U-Pass, equating to 227,000 more bus rides a year. And now part-time students have voted to join the U-Pass program starting in the fall. “The uptake has been very, very impressive,” said Coun. Bill Marra, who chairs the Transit Windsor board and is hopeful of getting St. Clair students on board with a U-Pass program as well. “Getting more students on the buses and exposed to public transit has been very, very valuable,” he said. All these new initiatives are aimed at increasing ridership, Delmore said. And when that happens, revenue climbs and improvements to the system are possible, which again leads to increased ridership, revenues and more improvements, he added. The U-Pass program was supposed to be revenue neutral, meaning the money lost from $66-per-month bus passes that some students bought was offset by getting $66 per semester from everyone. But the program has generated more revenue than expected because fewer students than predicted opted out (they can opt out if they live in the county), enrolment was higher than expected and the increased ridership has resulted in more cash from the province’s gas tax. That extra money will be ploughed back into improving service to the students, Delmore said. “This builds a community, it really does, because it gives you the additional dollars into the system to help you to build it, and then other people are attracted to the service,” Delmore said of the U-Pass program. He said if St. Clair students agree to a similar deal, service would first have to be improved on the routes that service the college’s main campus. And that would improve service for everyone in South Windsor. “If we had every-15-minute or every-10-minute service on the Dominion 5 (one of two routes that service St. Clair), how many people might say: ‘You know what? I don’t necessarily need a second car or a third car,'” Delmore said. “That’s the whole goal of what a student bus pass can do for a community.” University of Windsor Students’ Alliance vice-president Sarah Noureddine said the program has definitely been a success. Students are riding the bus more frequently and enjoying the value, she said. “Sixty-six dollars a semester is much more doable than the current monthly fee for a transit pass,” she said, adding she expects even more students will use the U-Pass when the part-time students start using it and the LaSalle service starts in September. Though LaSalle gets the ridership revenue when someone gets on the bus in LaSalle, Transit Windsor gets the money when that rider boards in Windsor to go back to LaSalle. Delmore and Marra both hope the LaSalle service will be such a success that other neighbouring municipalities — including Tecumseh, which has its own bus service that doesn’t integrate with Transit Windsor — will be interested in a similar arrangement. The result, said Delmore, could be a truly integrated regional transit system.
  10. MiWay

    Now is it a poor allocation of resources with placing buses on the wrong route? Or would it possibly have anything to with mantenance? How many buses do they have in the local and express fleet that are needing to be looked at or worked on etc? Do they have a low or a high spare ratio for each fleet? Could be a case where there are multiple reasons why this has been happening?
  11. Transit Windsor

    http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/windsor/sandwich-roundabout-construction-tracks-1.4173658 !!!!!
  12. Transit Windsor

    TRANSIT WINDSOR PREPARING FOR LITTLE CAESARS ARENA Changes are on the way for the tunnel bus and the special events bus. Transit Windsor Executive Director Pat Delmore says with the arrival of Little Caesars Arena, transit is looking into its routes. He says some changes will have to be made, but after speaking to officials in Detroit, Transit will wait until the arena complex is open and see how the traffic flows in the area. Delmore says Transit has had meeting with officials from Detroit. "We have taken part in a number of meetings with regards to a number of transportation issues in the downtown core and certainly, well it may be a number of months away from opening, it's certainly not too far off to begin planning and preparing." He says there is a chance for one main drop off spot in the stadium, arena, theatre district. "One of the things that we are considering and looking into is a complete route change that would incorporate providing service to that area on a consistent basis with our regular tunnel route." Delmore adds, for the time being, the routes and drop off spots will remain the same. Little Caesars Arena is set to open in September.
  13. Transit Windsor

    From the Windsor Star... article #1 Transit Windsor’s entry into LaSalle, providing bus service in the town starting in September, is a “really big deal,” Mayor Drew Dilkens said Monday. “This is what I consider to be the bones of a regional transit system.” The last time there was any semblance of buses running between Windsor and towns in the county was 1978, Dilkens said, as council formally approved a new agreement with the Town of LaSalle. Transit Windsor is providing the service on a cost-recovery basis. It’s charging a $51.27 hourly rate, plus LaSalle is paying for fuel, the cost of bus stops and other infrastructure, as well as the cost over 12 years to buy two new diesel buses. LaSalle is expecting 53,000 to 60,000 riders annually. To spur ridership, the service will be free until Dec. 31. The 45-minute LaSalle route, which was designed to cover 70 per cent of households, will connect into the Windsor system. Once LaSalle riders start paying, the $3 fare paid in LaSalle will go to LaSalle to help offset its costs. If they take the bus from Windsor into LaSalle, Transit Windsor keeps the $3. “This is going to be very good for the (LaSalle) community and will also benefit the City of Windsor because it will provide 60,000 additional riders,” said Coun. Bill Marra, who chairs the Transit Windsor board. He said he’s hoping LaSalle’s experience will lead to other municipalities also asking for service from Transit Windsor. Article #2 Windsor city council agrees to LaSalle transit partnership Deal could be the beginning of larger regional transit operations, say Windsor city councillors Windsor city councillors were once again talking regional transit Monday as they gleefully approved a deal that will connect the city's bus operations to the Town of LaSalle. Mayor Drew Dilkens hopes the new system can serve as a successful example that may eventually stretch to other communities in Essex County. LaSalle motors ahead with public transit plans "We think it just makes more sense to scale up an existing system that's already very large and operational and now the benefit is to the residents of the Town of LaSalle who get to enjoy that experience," he said. "I hope this is just the start of regional transit." In the deal, LaSalle will buy two buses from Transit Windsor. Both buses will travel from St. Clair College through the town's main business district, to the Vollmer Centre and Front Road, eventually connecting to Windsor's system. LaSalle Mayor Ken Antaya has been eager to establish a transit system that connects to Windsor. Bus service is just some of the features people look for when relocating to a community, he explained back in March when his council approved the deal. "I am really excited about this," he said at the time.
  14. Transit Windsor

  15. Saskatoon Updates

    The ad is listed as in saskatoon, that is probably the reason why.