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  1. VIA Rail Canada

    IIRC, the P42s were bought to replace the LRC locomotives and were specifically purchased for use on the corridor(As were the LRCs if I recall as well). This should be why you will not see any P42s outside of this boundary.
  2. Transit Windsor

    More good news about the LaSalle 25 http://windsorite.ca/2017/12/lasalle-transit-off-to-a-successful-start/ http://www.iheartradio.ca/am800/news/10-000-riders-and-counting-1.3525140 Just for comparison's sake. To compare to some information from tecumseh transit found here http://www.tecumseh.ca/sites/default/files/PB Report No 01-15_Annual Status Report on the Tecumseh Transit Service for 2014_15Feb03.pdf -Tecumseh's highest monthly ridership in 2014 was 2637(september) -13,000 in 4 months. Around 3250 riders per month in Lasalle. (It said 4 months but I know december is not over yet lol, Im ballparking this based on the article) Seems there are more riders in Lasalle than in Tecumseh.
  3. Tecumseh Transit

    Seen the new bus on the road this morning for the first time. All white with no decals so far that i can see. Also this bus has a digital destination sign! I swear it looks a tad longer but maybe its my eyes playing a trick on me.
  4. Transit Windsor

    Forgot to post this one before from the CBC http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/windsor/transit-windsor-ridership-up-5-proposes-all-day-10-minute-service-for-busiest-route-1.4422915
  5. How is this the first order for quebec when systems in quebec are already operating these buses? Am I stupid or just confused?
  6. Anyone create their own transit system?

    Cant remember the last time I did one of these but ill put my latest ideas for a system here locally. A regional Transit Service for the whole metro area. All local routes would use 40ft buses, with exception to the 1A, 1B, 1C, and the 2, which would also use 60ft buses. All express and Commuter route would use suburban low floor buses with exception to the 203 which would use highway coaches. Routes LOCAL 1A Tecumseh Tecumseh Mall - Devonshire Mall 1B Tecumseh Tecumseh Mall - Windsor International Transit Terminal 1C Tecumseh Tecumseh Mall - College Avenue Community Centre 2 Wyandotte East Windsor International Transit Terminal - Tecumseh Mall 3 Central 4 Ottawa 5 Dominion 6 Dougall 7 South Windsor 8 Walkerville 9 Howard Windsor International Transit Terminal 10 Lauzon 11 University Windsor International Transit Terminal - College Avenue Community Centre 12 Wyandotte West Windsor International Transit Terminal 13 Cabana Tecumseh Mall - St Clair College 14 Parent 15 Eugenie Devonshire Mall - College Avenue Community Centre 16 College Avenue Windsor International Transit Terminal - College Avenue Community Centre 17 Grand Marais Devonshire Mall - Tecumseh Mall Express 101 Express Tecumseh Mall - Devonshire Mall - St Clair College 102 Express(Tecumseh Road) Tecumseh Mall - Windsor International Transit Terminal - University Of Windsor 103 Express(Wyandotte Street) Tecumseh Mall - Windsor International Transit Terminal - University Of Windsor 104 Express College Avenue Community Centre - St Clair College 105 Express Windsor International Transit Terminal - St Clair College Commuter 201 Belle River Belle River - Tecumseh Mall - Windsor International Transit Terminal 202 Amherstburg(stops in Lasalle) Windsor International Transit Terminal - College Avenue Community Centre - Amherstburg 203 Leamington(stop in Essex) Windsor International Transit Terminal - Devonshire Mall - Leamington International Tunnel Bus
  7. -Articulated buses for the 1A, 1C and the 2 -Add more routes(County road 42/Cabana comes to mind between Tecumseh Mall and St Clair College) -Regional Transit in the metro area To Lakeshore(plus a local route) To Amherstburg(plus a local route) To Essex-Leamington(and take over leamington transit) -Online real time tracker similar to LTC The wish list continues... lol
  8. GRT New Flyer Xcelsiors

    That's something I was wondering too, the ION logo is'nt even on the rear of the bus? Granted it might say ION/200 or something to that effect(if im incorrect, bear with me lol) on the rear sign but you would think the actual bus would say ION somewhere on the back. Unless they're not finished with the decals/exterior of the bus yet?
  9. GRT New Flyer Xcelsiors

    I like the concept scheme( all above the windows is blue) better even though this still does look nice.
  10. Transit Windsor

    From the Windsor Star Transit Windsor cashing in on expanded bus services to help with its budget Thanks to LaSalle and university students, Transit Windsor's 2018 budget-making appears much easier, and there could be expanded services. Thanks to LaSalle and university students, Transit Windsor has come within $86,078 of asking the City of Windsor for the same taxpayer subsidy in 2018 as it received in 2017 to help run its buses. Its proposed operating budget seeks $13.2 million from city taxpayers — a 0.66 per cent increase — despite the fact labour costs are rising by almost $500,000. What’s helped it come close to a zero increase is a five-per-cent rise in ridership thanks to two major initiatives launched in 2017: the introduction of a universal bus pass for University of Windsor students, and providing service to the Town of LaSalle. Combined, those two initiatives contribute $350,000 to Transit Windsor’s bank account in 2018, according to a proposed budget projection. And they’ll also spur improvements to the system. As part of its commitment to the students when they voted in favour of the UPass system last year, Transit Windsor intends to plow some of the new money it’s getting into enhanced services. Its busiest route, the Transway 1C which services the U of W along University Avenue, runs every 10 minutes during peak hours, and every 15 minutes in non-peak hours from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Now, Transit Windsor wants to extend the 10-minute frequency to those non-peak daytime hours. Though it will cost an extra $250,000 annually, it will be “fully funded from the proceeds of the UPass along with increased ridership revenue,” says a Transit Windsor report. “That’s a very good news story, that you can increase your transit service and you’re not costing the taxpayer any more,” said Transit Windsor executive director Pat Delmore. When the UPass system was originally launched, Delmore talked about the benefit it would bring to the overall system, and the enhancements to the Transway 1C are proof of that, he said. Though it services the university, it also runs downtown, then goes south on Ouellette Avenue and east along Tecumseh Road all the way to Forest Glade. That entire route will now be serviced more frequently, he said. “The entire community benefits.” The proposal for the enhanced service on the Transway 1C has to be approved by council during budget deliberations. Delmore declined commenting on the rest of Transit Windsor’s proposed budget because its board has yet to debate and endorse it. It goes to Wednesday’s meeting of the city council’s environment, transportation and public safety standing committee, which serves as the transit system’s board. Though the deal to provide transit service to LaSalle is revenue-neutral, with the town keeping all the fares paid in LaSalle to help pay for the service, Transit Windsor gets to keep the fares paid in Windsor when someone is travelling back to LaSalle, resulting in an overall ridership increase. Like all city departments, Transit Windsor was asked to deliver a “status quo” budget with no increase for 2018. As well, it was supposed to supply options that would accommodate a 10-per-cent cut. Those cuts are dramatic, including elimination of bus routes (saving $742,406), cancelling service on holidays (saving $72,977) and eliminating the first and last trips of the day (saving $453,929). The same kinds of drastic cuts to achieve a 10-per-cent cut were listed one year ago during 2017 budget preparations, but they weren’t required. Transit Windsor administration is not recommending these cuts, arguing that service reductions can “trigger a downward spiral of transit service.” Once the cuts begin, ridership drops, which leads to more cuts, the budget report says. Revenue from fares provides about $14.1 million towards Transit Windsor’s operating budget, with $13.1 million coming from the City of Windsor and the rest coming from funds generated by a provincial gas tax. bcross@postmedia.com
  11. Transit Windsor

    From am800 TRANSIT WINDSOR DELAYS BLAMED ON AGING FLEET, PARTS SHORTAGE An aging fleet of buses, delays in getting parts and construction detours are adding up to service delays at Transit Windsor. AM800 News received a Facebook message from one regular transit rider who is frustrated with service interruptions. Transit Windsor Executive Director Pat Delmore says delays happen when repairs can't be completed in time. Delmore says the Transit Windsor fleet is an average of 10-years-old, but many have spent more than 20-years on the road. "When you have an older fleet, those buses will break down. One of the things we're currently also experiencing is some backlog with parts that are required from the manufacturer and some longer than normal delays in getting those parts." "Letting people know about the delays is a major challenge," says Delmore. We've got mechanics in here right now, they are working on them and we are trying to move those buses out as soon as they're safe to put on the road. That becomes a challenge and we don't always know until that very last moment whether we have a bus or don't we? It's certainly one of the challenges we have in that we're not able to communicate that to our riders." Delmore says out of the 112 buses in the fleet, between 85 to 90 are needed every day for peak service. He says two dozen new buses will be added to the fleet in the spring, taking the oldest ones out of service.
  12. Simcoe County Transit

    There is only 4 buses ordered so i doubt that.
  13. Transit Windsor

    http://www.iheartradio.ca/am800/news/council-gives-thumbs-up-to-street-car-restoration-1.3365352 thumbs up for the streetcar restoration! coucil voted yes 7-4!
  14. Durham Region Transit

    Im a little lost here. Where in that article does it say anything about these 4 buses being growth buses?
  15. MiWay

    "killing ridership:, not something i would wish for on any route. Im sure a lot of your improvements are thanks to ridership.