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  1. MaT

    Transit Windsor

    https://windsor.ctvnews.ca/mobile/windsor-council-gives-green-light-for-regional-transit-1.4450952 Transit windsor got the final approval! Service should start next month between windsor and leamington!
  2. MaT

    Transit Windsor

  3. MaT

    Transit Windsor

  4. MaT

    Transit Windsor

  5. MaT

    Transit Windsor

    So the new west end terminal at the hospital been approved and is supposed to open in september.
  6. MaT

    Transit Windsor

    TW has leased artics on many occasions for a month at a time, namely for race shuttles and fireworks shuttles. The info is on the TW wiki if you're interested. Also i found this as well in the news. The 5 and 7 ridership have doubled.
  7. MaT

    Transit Windsor

    https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/windsor/transit-windsor-not-operationally-prepared-for-22-ridership-increase-1.5020353 22% percent ridership increase for 2018!!! Ridership for 2018 was 8.1 million.
  8. MaT

    Transit Windsor

    Ya i seen that on the wiki cuz i wanted to see what year it was. I think that the trial will go good and i bet well end up buying the demo(my prediction). Im gonna go look for it after im done work to see if i can get pictures of it. I wanna ride it later too.
  9. MaT

    Transit Windsor

    Right as we speak. Its already here, it said so in the article with pics and a vid of it in TWs garage.
  10. MaT

    Transit Windsor

    Transit windsor is testing a nova lfs artic for a month for feasibility and maybe purchasing. Heres a few screenshots from the windsor star.
  11. MaT

    Transit Windsor

    Not transit windsor related but windsor area related. A few screenshots of the article in the windsor star. http://www.iheartradio.ca/am800/news/transit-link-from-leamington-to-windsor-in-the-works-1.8697956
  12. MaT

    London Transit Commission

    It does not stop at 531. His post is 4 posts above yours and is even quoted right above your post. I would do a little more research next time.
  13. MaT

    Transit Windsor

    http://www.iheartradio.ca/am800/news/lasalle-mayor-says-transit-and-land-acquisitions-are-two-big-highlights-for-2018-1.8635987 I believe the ridership stat is most likely per month and not per day. If that was per day, that would be on par with the bigger routes in windsor(aside from the 1C and the 2 which are bigger)
  14. MaT


    I did. Every word of it.