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  1. MaT


    I did. Every word of it.
  2. MaT


    Give it time. He may have info that the rest of us don't.
  3. MaT

    Transit Windsor

    I would also like to add to the express idea about maybe expanding on more runs at different times and gauging what the best times are to make the runs. maybe have it a set frequency like every 20 mins as an example, and i agree about having it both directions. Should also name and number the route so more people will be aware of it, creating more ridership for it.
  4. MaT

    York Region Transit \ Viva

    New flyer may have had the lowest bid, but that doesnt always mean they get the contract lol(i know you know that so no offence chris LOL😄). Most likely yes but have they even decided who theyre gonna go for yet? All we know so far is NFI got the lowest bid. Anything concrete on a decision?
  5. MaT

    Transit Windsor

    I think they should update the schedules first on the south windsor routes, maybe even add more headways to the routes on top of what they added for the 5. And once they know how they wanna schedule the routes with the furthur increases, then look at how many more buses theyll need and go from there. I agree on the artics though, i have for years. One of the options for the new west end terminal showed artic bus bays if they would chose that option, which i hope they do.
  6. MaT

    Transit Windsor

    Well. Has anyone ever seen a 1C going down lauzon parkway between hawthorne and tecumseh mall, WITH passengers on it? I was so confused when it went by me.
  7. MaT

    Transit Windsor

    Ya theyre still in service, see them every day.
  8. MaT

    London Transit Commission

    I thought i read 8 total somewhere but i may be wrong.
  9. MaT

    Transit Windsor

    http://www.iheartradio.ca/am800/news/lasalle-resident-says-transit-a-plus-but-more-routes-needed-1.7626054 Resident calls for more routes in lasalle
  10. MaT

    Sarnia Transit

    Too costly?? Systems swap engines regularly if engines blow if i recall correctly.
  11. MaT

    Simcoe County Transit

    Ok, more specifically I mean it is not listed under the ontario transit agency list. Can it be added? Maybe in the same fashion as Norfolk County, can have a Simcoe County and then under it we can put LINX etc.
  12. MaT

    Simcoe County Transit

    Just a quick question. I browsed around but couldnt find it so i dont think it exists yet? Has anyone made a simcoe county transit on the wiki yet? Maybe i just havent seen it?
  13. MaT

    London Transit Commission

    I know the D60LFs should be retired soon but im not sure when
  14. MaT

    Transit Windsor

  15. MaT

    Gillig product discussion

    Articulated buses are a market im surprised Gillig never ventured into considering the wide market that they supply for in the 30ft-40ft bus categories.