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  1. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/windsor/streetcar-351-windsor-1.5390801
  2. Speaking of buses, did LTC recieve an order of buses this year?
  3. Edit- 574 has had no side skirts on the roof for a while now.
  4. Does Regina have artics on order?? this is the first i hear of this if they do!?
  5. Would buying CNG buses make it that much more expensive? Im pretty sure it used to be before, i dont know how much that has changed. Say if they were getting diesel instead of CNG, would the price then be worth it for them?
  6. Every bus is out every day regardless. If they need a bus they use it
  7. https://windsorite.ca/2019/07/west-end-transit-terminal-relocation-work-begins/
  8. 20?? Where did you get 20 from?
  9. I cant remember which council meeting agenda i read it in but i think they were planning on ordering for 2 years. Placing an order in 2019 and 2020 with deliveries in 2020 and 2021. If it ends up going through it would be for 19 buses total. But thats just what i read in a council agenda, doesnt mean it will happen either. If anyone likes i can look for it later if they wanna have a read.
  10. I dont think theyre going to standardize a fleet with anyone. Its whoever gets the lowest bid. I also doubt they would use a 35ft bus.
  11. Well the bus on the first run of the 42 LTW is 8010.
  12. Well the information has been released. LTW route 42, im guessing meaning Leamington To Windsor. Starts monday July 8th. https://windsorite.ca/2019/07/transit-from-leamington-to-windsor-starts-next-week/ https://www.leamington.ca/en/our-community/ltw-transit.aspx https://www.leamington.ca/en/our-community/schedule-and-map.aspx Also on Transit Windsor's online tracker https://windsor.mytransitride.com/Home/Desktop#
  13. Ok so heres some big news. Proposed new routes, and there is a lot of them. Well see how this changes over the next while. Article https://windsorite.ca/2019/06/proposed-new-routes-for-transit-windsor-released/ Plan https://www.citywindsor.ca/residents/transitwindsor/Ride-Guide/Documents/More-Than-Transit-Summary-of-Draft-Plan.pdf Map https://transitwindsor.mysocialpinpoint.com/morethantransit#/sidebar/tab/route_map_navigation
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