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  1. Not necessarily. A good example is NYC or a state/provincial agency such as NJ transit and BC transit
  2. 19 LFS are on order. Should start coming down the production line by now or pretty soon.
  3. Since I just found out Transit Windsor has 19 buses on order that are probably coming down the line right now, i thought out of curiosity I'd have a look at the plant on google maps. Ive gotta say I was expecting the facility itself to be a lot bigger considering the amount of orders they get from Canadian systems every year! I dont know how you all can see these numbers when there can be that many buses outside awaiting delivery. I look forward to more sightings later on from the locals(due to our current circumstances) and props to you all for doing so! Also stay safe.
  4. The Dominion 5 must be busy today as there's 6 buses on it today! 615, 564, 635, 609, 556 & 8007. Normally there's only 4 buses that I've seen. Also 3 on the tunnel where I normally see one or two buses. 8026, 8020 & 570.
  5. https://www.iheartradio.ca/am800/news/cn-rail-and-via-rail-shutting-down-service-across-canada-1.10567845
  6. https://www.iheartradio.ca/am800/news/transit-windsor-to-expand-sunday-service-1.10509173
  7. https://windsor.ctvnews.ca/council-unanimously-approves-generational-change-for-transit-windsor-1.4776295
  8. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/windsor/streetcar-351-windsor-1.5390801
  9. Speaking of buses, did LTC recieve an order of buses this year?
  10. Edit- 574 has had no side skirts on the roof for a while now.
  11. Does Regina have artics on order?? this is the first i hear of this if they do!?
  12. Would buying CNG buses make it that much more expensive? Im pretty sure it used to be before, i dont know how much that has changed. Say if they were getting diesel instead of CNG, would the price then be worth it for them?
  13. Every bus is out every day regardless. If they need a bus they use it
  14. https://windsorite.ca/2019/07/west-end-transit-terminal-relocation-work-begins/
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