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  1. Seb_CITL

    Sightings at the Nova Bus factory

    I had confirmation that the Sainte Eustache plant will continue for the next 12 months to 3 buses per day
  2. Seb_CITL

    Durham Region Transit

    I confirm has 13 Nova LFS via Metrolinx Consortium for this year
  3. Seb_CITL

    Durham Region Transit

    24 Nova LFS ?, According to my information it would have 13 Nova for Durhan for this end years
  4. False, it is only 45 or 47 buses that fully manufacture in Saint-Eustache. The remainder of this batch is made in Plattburgh
  5. Is not same order, Last Bust his actual order de delivered September
  6. Seb_CITL

    CIT Sightings

    Is 16-3 ans 16-4, and retiring 10-2 and 10-1 (Thomas HDX bus)
  7. It is not quite true, yes the pieces its fracture by subcontracting. But if it would be directly nova who would fragriais .. it would be able to get out 2 Bus of 40 'per day ... Then it passes to the bomber it has several pieces that its also to be fractured by subcontractors The production cycle at Nova Bus Sainte Eutache Plant 1x LFS ARTIC per day or 2x LFS 40 'per day From September 3x LFS 40 'per day
  8. Sorry, I post misinformation, this is real information about the TTC's orders April: First batch is a 40ish buses delivery From mid-May until June another batch of 30ish buse delivery (first half of May is a STM batch + 2 minor order) Then it has another batch 40ish busus for TTC for July-August Starting in September, Nova Bus Saint Eustache Plant will manufacture 3 buses (now is 2 buses)per day and Plattsburgh is 4 buses (now is 3 buses)per day
  9. It's the last day of production of this bus batch, but it has another batch of 40 buses will start for June-July