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  1. Transit in Vancouver: Questions and Answers

    The loop upgrade was mostly the shelters and boarding pads I believe, along with the revamped station entrances, which are part of the station renewals program that also retrofitted this station for faregates. Some of the facilities are probably built with the future Scott Rd B-Line in mind.
  2. Vancouver general sightings and notes

    The 10 and 17 are definitely getting Novas lately, I notice that every time at Marine. @Dr. BusFreak nothing looks wrong to me. You can access the 95 from the south exit of the Canada Line Waterfront Station.
  3. Vancouver general sightings and notes

    Well, if it helps to mention, the KL Innovia 200s that were just merged are even older than our 2xx series Mark IIs (built in 1998). Combining a merging project with mid-life refurb will probably be more cost-efficient than doing those two separately.
  4. I thought there was something unusual when I was walking north of Burrard Stn on NYE and saw the 44 bus bay is now just north of Dunsmuir. Hopefully it makes sense for the route.
  5. Vancouver general sightings and notes

    Hmm. I guess it's a little different for the DE buses, but there are now two instances in which XN40s Im riding on had to be taken out of service mid-route due to a coolant leak...
  6. Marpole - Silvertree Transit Centre

    Did some quick research. There used to be a mill on this site, which is now described as a "concrete wasteland". It's the empty area located just west of the Canada Line Bridge, between Kent and the River. I do believe that there is a lot of HandyDart buses already in this site. My guess is that the yard might support some of that double decker expansion slated for 2019 onwards.
  7. Vancouver Special Sightings

    Well, hello... 👀 Got this from a 410 exiting 22nd Street. It's signed "TEST BUS"
  8. The widening is a small section between McMillan and Nelson and does not cover the section between Nelson and No. 6 Road. It also seems to be incomplete going through the railway crossing. The highway generally isn't jammed during the off-peak hours and weekends when the 410 currently utilizes the highway. Jams may occur because of accidnets in the area or on the bridges, but accidents on Westminster can cause catastrophe on the route just as much as an accident on the 91 would. On the 91 you actually have a bit more breathing room since with some relatively minor work on the shoulders, you could make them wide enough that buses could use them to bypass traffic jams. Put a bit more work into it and you can have all-day shoulder bus lanes in both directions. Look, I'm just quite certain that TL planners could deal with Highway 91 problems that may affect 410 without actually changing the route like this, i.e. improving detour strategies and maybe taking some of that MRN funding to actually INVEST in reliability measures. Instead, the plan is to actually do something that actually harms the 410's capability as a regional connector. It betrays the entire mandate of the Ten Year Vision to IMPROVE transit services so that they are more CONVENIENT for people. For one, I think the increase in travel time will discourage Queensborough residents who could readily drive to/from Richmond. That's a lot of vehicles you're adding onto the 91.... A far better compromise would be to offer limited all-day "via Westminster" services the same way route 100 offers "via Trapp" services every hour. There is no need to take an entire chunk of fairly good rapid highway service off of a highway and onto a farm road...
  9. I see places where some of my recommendations were taken. The 407 taking Lansdowne is a variant of my suggestion that the 402 take Lansdowne, serving KPU and its new expansion. New C will take SFPR at least as far as Tilbury. 602 stays and goes all-day to complement 601. The major, major loss in this plan is that the 410 will absolutely be taken off of Highway 91 and moved onto Westminster Highway for all trips. There will be no "express 411" as has been suggested for years by those in the transit discussion community. This isn't an improvement at all. Trips increase and long-distance commuters coming to/from New Westminter, Coquitlam and Surrey will absolutely face longer travel times and worse trip reliability on 410E. Buses will now at all times share a corridor that has just a single lane in each direction (no passing slow-moving commercial vehicles), is frequently used by slow-moving farm vehicles, and crosses a railway at-grade. There is no commitment to create transit-only lanes on Highway 91 which is what needs to happen in the medium-long term to sustain increasing ridership and foster modal shift onto transit. Under this new setup, the peak frequency improves by only 1 minute, while off-peak frequency doesn't improve at all. The new 410 routing duplicates C98 service to the same area, which will run all-day at a very reasonable 30 mins freq off peak. Simply put, this is a useless DOWNGRADE to 410 service. My hands are full these days with Surrey LRT matters but I'm gonna have to fight this, somehow...
  10. Vancouver general sightings and notes

    TWICE's new music video "LIKEY" was filmed on SkyTrain car #153 and also features a driver's view of the outbound ascent from Columbia to the SkyBridge!
  11. Vancouver general sightings and notes

    I think the pattern is because of the need to turn it around to depart back to Fraser Heights going eastbound. Even if you end it at Guildford, you'd need to put it on a trajectory so that it can get back into Gford exchange going eastbound on 104th. Seems to be the best way to do it.
  12. Vancouver general sightings and notes

    From regular experience I would say that King George at 96 Ave NB definitely warrants it, if it's not to be applied to the whole route which will honestly be a huge step forward for the 96.
  13. Vancouver general sightings and notes

    So as @Express691 mentioned by accident on the other thread 16115 did an eastbound 49 run yesterday. This wasn't at peak hours but rather at around 10PM in the night, possibly as one of the last runs from UBC. It also signed for the return trip to Dunbar so it continued service that night. (will edit w/pic) Furthermore 8021 was broken down at Cambie-49th just before 16115 pulled in, thankfully the extra volume didn't cause any crowding or major delays on the bus.
  14. @maege My travel time numbers for the rapid transit lines were gathered on a separate spreadsheet, on which I also measured other rapid transit systems in Canada. See: Spreadsheet: https://goo.gl/Rg91aB PDF format: https://goo.gl/wQ2L3z Note that all of the numbers I use in this (TL routes) spreadsheet are based on "raw" average speed numbers, as in they do not take into account the average wait time or the station access time. This is so the numbers are more comparable to the TSPR numbers, which would not take those things into account either. For most other purposes I would utilize the average speed, or average commute speed, which accounts for average wait time. The Fraser Highway travel times I'm using are based on the raw measurements on SRTAA's PDF page 256 and 258 - not the publicly communicated 22 & 29 min times. The Langley Extension (SkyTrain) time is measured between Langley Centre and King George only. With that I find the raw average speed is close to 53 km/h. On the other hand, the average commute speed (accounting for average wait time) is almost exactly what you measured. In light of all the observations I've re-run all numbers and there are a few adjustments to be noted. For the Surrey-Langley line, refined distance values resulted in small adjustments both the SkyTrain and LRT options (now 52.96 km/h and 36.56 km/h respectively, raw speed), however there is little if any change in ranking among TL routes. On the SNG line, I had been previously aware it will be around 10km. My own measurements, taking into account the new Newton terminus on 71 Ave, suggest that the line will be 10.1km, but I'll be adjusting to 10.5km in keeping with the discussion guide (resulting measurement is 23.33 km/h, raw speed). Thanks for pointing that out.
  15. With the new "average speed" data that was presented in the new system performance review, I'm surprised no one had yet taken the opportunity to put together a spreadsheet of our system's average route speeds. With a couple of reasons in mind I decided to go ahead and do that. Spreadsheet: https://goo.gl/B1uXfd PDF Format: https://goo.gl/HEUUwQ My spreadsheet distinguishes between FTN routes, all-day and limited service routes (on the web version the info is sorted in the top tabs). The spreadsheet also includes our current SkyTrain Lines, the M-Line Broadway Extension, the Surrey-Newton-Guildford LRT, and the Surrey-Langley Line as both LRT and SkyTrain. Info was collected from TransLink's System Performance Review 2016, Broadway Phase 2 Study for the Broadway Extension, SRTAA Phase 2 Study for Fraser Highway, and the latest display boards for the SNG line.