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  1. There has been plenty of trolley testing along 41st in preparation for this. Trolleys also going through Joyce Collingwood Station.
  2. I think that was a common practice during the time when the 49 turned off of 49th to Champlain Heights. The tripper runs would be signed as "express". They weren't limited stop runs and served all stops as usual, but proceeded straight on 49th rather than turning onto Kerr. I believe this was to handle the commuter crunch in the PM of people leaving Langara to head east. There was no equivalent 'express' run going westbound.
  3. Actually I have to wonder if the proposed B-Line route has changed from 430 to 410 in internal planning. If you've paid attention to recent 10-year-vision documents and maps, they are tending to describe this line as "Richmond to Expo Line" rather than "Richmond to Metrotown".
  4. Toronto is now getting their battery electric buses from New Flyer, according to a FB ad, so ours should be here in short order
  5. You're going to anger the entirety of Fraser Heights if you nix the 337's popular nonstop service, lol
  6. KCM's route 150 to Southcenter Mall also takes I5 rather than connecting to light rail. As well, from what I have seen in the current schedules, Link is not faster, held back considerably by the lower speeds running on-street on MLK way. The 150 either matches or beats Link even in rush hour, staying in I-5 HOV lanes or the parallel SODO busway for most of the route. Link will only get a speed advantage when buses move out of the Seattle Transit tunnel at the end of next month and have to run on-street thru DT Seattle.
  7. Go there and you'll find signs indicating the closure of Bay 2 (the #10 bay). Right now all #10 passengers have to use the Hudson St near-side stop or the Oak St near-side stop. I'd be kind of surprised if they don't use bay 5 (the former #100 bay), bay 1 seems like a palatable location though.
  8. Yeah I'm aware. They did have it in service by then (full-service testing I think) but pulled it out for what I heard was "computer related issues". Glad to see it back.
  9. 429-432 seems to be in service today. Spotted it just now at Scott Rd!
  10. #437 should have just arrived at OMC. It was at Southridge/Byrnepark about 10 mins ago and I caught it (see my Twitter for pic)
  11. I discussed this when the announcement was made. The B-Line under the NEW standard involves a lot of permanent infrastructures like enhanced bus shelters and dedicated lanes that just wouldn't make sense to build with SkyTrain coming sooner. We did this once when the 98 B-Line infrastructure got built in Richmond but was decommissioned quickly because of Canada Line construction. In the end, the busway was in place for only around 4-5 years. So with that TransLink called for the cancellation of the Fraser Highway B-Line. The service pattern itself (limited stop, express) and use of larger articulated buses could still be done under a non B-Line branded service (think: 43, 44, previous 135). TransLink staff have mentioned that they'll still be pursuing service improvements on the 502/503 in lieu of the B-Line. One possibility is that the 503 become more frequent between Surrey Central and Langley (15 min frequency?) on weekdays, and do pick-up and drop-off at all stops between Surrey and Langley. We'll have to see what they come up with, but Fraser could get some decent bus service improvements, and I trust TransLink will not leave bus commuters behind. Bear in mind this also means that the 503 will retain its limited-stop structure; the plan was to convert it to local/all-stop with the B-Line coming in.
  12. This will probably be controversial, posting here: TransLink resolution for SkyTrain proposes cancellation of Fraser Highway B-Line Important things to know: SkyTrain construction expected to impact the Fraser Hwy B-Line within years of its introduction in 2019 The main concern is most permanent infrastructure for the B-Line (i.e. digital next bus signs, shelters, dedicated lanes for buses) would be torn up within years to accommodate for SkyTrain construction. This is what happened for all of the 98 B-Line infrastructures on No. 3 Road (dedicated lanes, shelters, etc) when Canada Line construction began. In lieu of Fraser B-Line, TransLink will improve and redesign the existing 502/503. This will address overcrowding and service quality. The new service could be a combination of local and all-day, limited-stop express service (i.e. improved 503) and for all we know articulated buses might still be introduced. In lieu of Fraser B-Line, existing 96 B-Line to be IMMEDIATELY IMPROVED to the upgraded B-Line standard. These improvements had not been planned for, as the assumption was to replace 96 with LRT by 2023. Now, 96 riders will enjoy new branding, customer information, possibly improved service frequency, and improved infrastructure such as traffic signal priority and more dedicated bus lanes. 'Cost-effective' transit priority measures on Fraser Highway will STILL be pursued. Worth pointing out too but as a trade-off, 503 service will remain as-is (express) instead of converted to a local service. And could be improved significantly as part of the new interim service plan. Personally, I trust that TransLink will deliver a reasonable interim service plan and solid improvements for Fraser Hwy, but my expectation is that some people (especially in Langley) will be ticked off by what will obviously be presented mainly as the cancellation of the Fraser B-Line. I can already see the objections coming from Langley City (at least certain people). Just hoping people won't forget that this is in lieu of SKYTRAIN coming in 2025. What are your thoughts everyone?
  13. So this is a big one and I will try to summarize it as best as I possibly can. TransLink releases briefing outlining development of Surrey-Langley SkyTrain work plan. It is in the Mayors' Council Dec 13 agenda. LINK: https://www.translink.ca/-/media/Doc...c-13-FINAL.PDF Important things to know: Project work to proceed with the aim to start service for the Expo Line: Langley Extension in 2025 SkyTrain delivery will be 3-4 YEARS SOONER than a Surrey-Langley LRT (was expected to be completed 5 years after an SNG LRT, so that means 2028-29) 15-month schedule to fully develop the SkyTrain work plan; 8-month schedule to develop an overall South of Fraser transit strategy Draft business case for SkyTrain expected in month 7-9, final business case review & approval expected around month 12 8 stations on initial Expo: Langley extension, provision for 1 FUTURE station at Fraser Highway and 148 St. TransLink CEO Kevin Desmond wrote to the provincial Deputy Minister Jacquie Dawes to CONFIRM that the province will support the Expo: Langley Extension under the provincial CAMF framework, which as the same as for the other projects. TEXT OF TRANSLINK RESOLUTION TO BE CONSIDERED BY MAYORS' COUNCIL AT DEC 13 MEETING: If approved, SkyTrain is a go! 😁 For discussion on the proposed Fraser B-Line cancellation, I posted more info on the transit service discussion thread:
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