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  1. Pre-COVID, I occasionally rode the 75 between Kildonan Place and St Vital Centre. Between September and April the bus was packed. I hated the Willowlake & Beaverhill diversion because on most of my trips no one got on or off the bus on the diversion. My thought is Route 75 needs to be split into 3 routes with the latter 2 having 3-digit route numbers: the main trip between Kildonan Place and the University, the Windsor Park terminators and a shuttle between the University and a clookwise loop on Beaverhill and Willowlake.
  2. I think the primary problem with the 11 is on Evenings and Sundays when the 21 Portage Express does not operate. On Sundays the "Shoppers' Specials" between Polo Park and Downtown tend to be poorly loaded while the regular 11s from Portage West to North Kildonan are packed to the gills and perennially late. The 21 should operate to Portage West terminals on Sundays when Polo Park is open, currently 11am - 6pm
  3. I like this transit priority u-turn signal — allowing busses to perform a u-turn from the rightmost lane.
  4. I personally think if Winnipeg Transit needs some Zero Emission Busses, it should look coverting the busiest 10% of its route network to trolley busses.
  5. I would expect those 100 buses to be delivered over a 3 year period as Winnipeg Transit uses most of its buses for a good 20 years or so.
  6. I really wished Winnipeg Transit operated a more memberable "Clockface" schedule, even if this meant that routes interlined at route terminals.
  7. In the 90s there was also a 47 "Red" Transcona Express before the 46 was launched.
  8. I think that busses should say "FACE MASKS EXPECTED" as in my eyes ". . RECOMMENDED" is not strong enough language.
  9. Route 40 to All Seasons was originally a branch of the 41 Henderson Express before the North Kildonan branch was launched about a decade ago. At that time the 11 Rothesay operated on Rothesay, Headmaster Row and Raleigh to the the McIvor Loop. The 41 was a "Red" Express from the 80s or earlier.
  10. Before even considering using Narin & Regent for on street non-segregated rapid transit, significant improvements need to be made to improve safety and traffic flow in that area. We should ideally be looking to convert Regent & Lag plus Reenders & Lag both to grade separated interchages.
  11. What is wrong with the Province, the City & Winnipeg Transit. Masks should've been required since March.
  12. Why will transit service be removed from Smith St/Donald St/McMillian Ave between Broadway and Osborne Junction?
  13. I have never used the bus loop at the front of Polo Park before. Growing up in the River East area made us use the "Eaton's Loop" on the west side of the mall as that is where the 11 Kildonan stopped.
  14. Personally, I'd like to see the Winnipeg Transit buy a tranche of 7-10 year old used DE40LF®s for a few years.
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