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  1. This thought just came across my mind and it really got me thinking. Currently, the Y-U-S line has 32 stations, with the extention from Downsview north to Vaughan, it would have 38 stations, and IF it ever gets extended from Finch to Richmond Hill according to the current station plans, it would have 44 stations across the whole line. It has me wondering, would this make the line way too long and more of a nightmare to manage? Now, if the line went in a straight line across the city like the B-D line and the upcoming E-S-C LRT, at least it would have a valid point of connecting one area to ano
  2. Hi. I'm new to posting here, but have been lurking around for a while. Anyway, ever since the news came out about Metrolinx and the TTC having a hard time trying to decide how to get the Eglinton line across the Don Valley, it really got me thinking. I would say that the best option for building the eastern section of the line is a Transit City surface alignment, with changes to still make the line truly rapid and reliable. Instead of having the LRV's stop for traffic lights at the major intersections, I was thinking it would be much better for just the stations themselves to be grade separat
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