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  1. Alright I'm planning to go to the autoshow and I live on kennedy & ellesmere. Whats buses should I take to get there
  2. well 7518 on Kennedy was a talking bus and when I mean by that bus call out every stop I got a picture of its and they got LED sign that show the name of the street
  3. So what is TTC gonna do next year, when there;s only going to be less then 100 new looks
  4. The TTC is running into a bus shortage as almost a bus a day is being pulled off the road for being unsafe. "Our buses are failing," said TTC vice-chairman Adam Giambrone. "It's not because they're unsafe today, but if you continue to run them they would be unsafe. "A few years ago we thought they would last a little longer," he said. The oldest model GMC buses that are now 18 years old are being stretched as far as they can, but TTC deputy general manager Bob Boutilier said there's only so much that can be done to keep the oldest vehicles in the fleet rolling. "We've run out of rabbits," Boutilier said. The 250 remaining GMC buses can be -- and have been -- rebuilt and kept road worthy until they are 25 years old. The last ones will be off the road in 2010. The newer Orion buses aren't as sturdy and can't make it past 18 years of service. "In 2007 the TTC will have 320 buses pulled off the road," Boutilier said. "Or between five and 15 a week." The buses must pass provincial safety inspections twice a year, and the bus frames are cracking, Boutilier said. If that happens, gas fumes can enter the passenger area of the bus and vehicle is pulled off the road. Fixing the frame of the buses is very expensive and not an option. A number of factors have led to the bus shortage: - Ridership has grown at 2% a year, twice as much as predicted. - The TTC runs with the lowest spare bus ratio in North America. - Streetcar track replacement is happening at an aggressive rate, almost year-round, and buses have to fill the gaps. It takes almost three buses to replace a streetcar. http://torontosun.ca/News/TorontoAndGTA/2006/08/23/1770851-sun.html
  5. Well yesterday #7424 was on NIS (Not In Service) While I was waiting for the 95, the Orion turned into the Ellesmere RT and I didnt see come out.
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