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  1. I know this isn't anything constructive to contribute but still... Natural selection at work here...
  2. Have a question here, with the new fares set at $3.15 for adults and $2.10 for youth, will operators be trained to enforced the extra nickels and dimes with fares paid by cash? It just seems to be a pain in the a** to have to pull out those extra small coins compared to toonies and loonies?
  3. So this may have been operator fault for running a red? Not necessarily a mechanical problem?
  4. The roof bit and the livery adopted from the XD40s look so much better than the old livery without the city patch. The black outline through the windows make it look like if they were frameless. Looks clean and great.
  5. So is that Bungalow Camp sign there for decoration or is there an actual advertising purpose to it?...
  6. The camera won't focus properly as the autofocus needs a "preflash" of light to lock on to a subject or object. When you semi hold the shutter switch to focus, the white light just offset to the lens should light up. This is called the AF assist. If it doesn't turn on, then you will need to set it in the menu. If your AF assist light comes on and your camera is still unable to focus, then maybe it something else. This is a very preliminary suggestion btw. I'm just throwing it out there because you're shooting in complete manual mode. Also, how is the camera "unable" to focus if you have the focus switch set to "M" and you're focusing it manually? I usually disable mine because it gets annoying to the people I shoot if I'm doing portraiture and its a big no no for indoor sports. The 51 pt AF system in my D7100 is good enough to focus in literally pitch black conditions anyway.
  7. From my experience, Canon makes the better "well rounded" DSLR. Things like WiFi, geotagging, the flipout screen come with the semi pro models like the 70D. The D7100 that I have doesn't have any of those things and the price of Canons tend to undercut the equivalent Nikon models by just a touch. However, when it comes to straight picture taking, I find Nikon models to excel better. My D7100 has a better AF system, sensor and ergonomics in terms of straight photoshooting compared to the 70D. I also just picked up a 24-70 f/2.8 lens last week. I plan to use it to shoot volleyball, basketball and field hockey next year for my high school. Two of them that are in the dimly lit gym.
  8. Still debating if I want to go. Give me a week to sort out my schedule then and I will get back to you guys.
  9. was it for the Brentwood stabbings or something else?
  10. Well you should go to The Camera Store or something and actually try it out. Because the 70-300 is an FX lens you'll have to consider the crop factor and that will give you some extra reach. If you're doing it for aviation chances are it is in broad daylight so the slow f-stop won't matter. You just need the focal length for little money. But definitely try it first.
  11. Anyone aware of this? http://calgary.ctvnews.ca/hot-wheels-on-city-bus-1.1778318
  12. 8218 on the 705 this morning on my school run
  13. SWC Highschool. Generally that area along with Dalhousie station is starting to get flooded with them. It's mostly Nova's with the odd XD40 and Newflyer's are starting to become non existent unless it's the 10
  14. 8244 of the 137. It has a white side destination sign, not yellow/orange like usual
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