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  1. It makes me wonder why the future R4 goes to UBC Exchange while the 41 goes to Joyce Station.
  2. More pictures from Translink: https://buzzer.translink.ca/2019/05/translinks-four-battery-electric-buses-are-here/
  3. Picture was taken at 4pm today, but I will take a look again tomorrow.
  4. Battery-electric bus charger at 22nd Street Station
  5. Maps and schedules for the upcoming sheet are available online: http://infomaps.translink.ca/Public_Timetables/151/tt301.pdf
  6. Route maps and schedules for the upcoming sheet are available online: 430 (One additional trip to Metrotown - every 15 min. between 5pm -6pm) http://infomaps.translink.ca/Public_Timetables/149/tt430.pdf
  7. The bus stop at the airport is now moved to outside the domestic arrivals level 1 (same floor, but much closer to the terminal).
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