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  1. If the BYD is tailing another in service bus (running as an extra bus), then there is no way you can track the bus using elimination unless you spot it in person. I believe someone in this forum mentioned that the bus can run for eight hours on each charge, so you may only see it during the peak periods.
  2. I got another one for my friend at YVR Station at 4:30pm today, you can give it a try.
  3. I got it at YVR Airport Station.
  4. 9699 is wrapped for Sapporo Beer.
  5. The GreenPower Double Decker Bus just left VTC:
  6. The new maps are posted online: The 160 is highlighted. The new timetables with the new fare.
  7. Police incident at Vancouver City Centre Station - All Waterfront bound trains terminate at Olympic Village Station.
  8. There was a power outage at Marine Drive Station earlier today (now fixed).
  9. In the long term, the 183, 188 and 191 can terminate at Lafarge Lake-Douglas Station instead.
  10. They will extend the 159 to Coquitlam Central Station instead of modifying the 159 and 169.
  11. I spotted an ex-Community Transit D30/40LF heading south near 41st. Ave. and Oak St. an hour ago.
  12. From Richmond News ( "CAPSTAN WAY STATION AT CAPSTAN VILLAGE: Plans for the new Capstan Way station are said to be ahead of schedule, according to city spokesperson Ted Townsend. The city needs $25 million from development charges for the station, and has $14.5 million in the bank. Another $17 million is committed thanks in large part to the 1,150-unit Concord Gardens. However, Yuanheng Holdings Ltd., developer of the 850-unit, under-construction complex dubbed Vista Star, has told the city it is interested in loaning some money to the city to speed up the process. Townsend said it is too early to speculate on a start date, but 2027 was seen as an old estimate. The station may not slow down the commute time on the Canada Line as trains are expected to move faster than they presently do."
  13. They seem to re-number the routes based on either 1) the destination (e.g. the 733 goes along 133rd. Ave. and the 741 goes along 141st. Ave.) or 2) the previous route numbers of the community shuttles in sequence (e.g. C50, C51 and C52 etc. will become the 360, 361 and 362 etc.). I assume they will re-number the shuttle routes in Maple Ridge as: C41 becomes 722 (122nd. Ave.) C43 becomes 723 (123rd. Ave.) C44 becomes 724 (124th. Ave.) C45 becomes 725 (in sequence) C46 becomes 726 (in sequence) C48 becomes 727 (in sequence) C49 becomes 728 (128th. Ave.)
  14. I believe The “New D” between Ladner and Langley will be doing worse than the 531 in terms of ridership.
  15. Phase two of the Southwest Area Transportation Plan is now online: