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  1. The track issue at Lougheed Station was fixed at around 8:30.
  2. Canada Line is experiencing technical problems. Currently there is no train to YVR Airport. As of 10:17am, 555 is using Golden Ears Bridge due to the closure of Port Mann Bridge.
  3. If they were to get double deckers, they can order the low height version, which is 4.17m high. Edit: There is also a super-lo Enviro 500 available, which is 3.9m high
  4. Many trolley routes are still affected as of 11:30am:
  5. From Buzzer Blog - "C21 and C23 These routes are merging into the new 23 Main Street Station/Yaletown/Beach serving Beach Avenue, Yaletown–Roundhouse, Stadium–Chinatown and Main Street–Science World Stations. The redesign is to make our bus service more useful for people in this area. The conventional buses have over twice the capacity of Community Shuttles reducing the chance of pass-ups and overcrowding."
  6. Final Days:
  7. “Increased Canada Line service during high-demand times - Starting January 2017” - it’s about time.
  8. Not likely, here are the temporary changes during that period.
  9. Every 10-15 minutes from 6am to 10pm, but still runs on weekdays only:
  10. 595 Maple Meadows Station - Langley Centre via 208th Street
  11. Today is 8151
  12. 2015 Transit Service Performance Review
  13. 16112 was involved in an accident earlier today.
  14. 16103 was on the 354