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  1. Here's another one: http://www.montrealgazette.com/news/4212412.bin The story did quote other buses had jackknifed during the day.
  2. On CJAD this morning they were announcing there there was no bus service in the West Island and none in downtown from 7:30am until about 9am. I guess that meant that limited to no service on the 165,535, and 80. When the bus drivers union rep came on the air he said that they were having problems with traction and steering especially for the artics. I guess that meant they stopped the artics from operating, especially with the Cote-des-Neiges hill early in the morning. I didn't have time to look to see whether buses were running or not.
  3. Here is some AMT news & sightings from Canadian Railway Observations November: http://www.canadianrailwayobservations.com...10/nov10amt.htm October: http://www.canadianrailwayobservations.com...10/oct10amt.htm
  4. If it's on a smart card you always have to validate the ticket before getting on the train. The same goes for monthly passes after you buy a new one I think.
  5. Polarizers are best for daytime shots especially when it is sunny so the sky gets deep blue and cuts glare. You wouldn't use one at night since the filter is dark and it would require a longer exposure time. The best thing to do for night photography is to remove filters so lens flares are eliminated but if you still want the effect of the filter you could still use it. The only filter I use is a clear filter or UV mostly to substitute as a lens cap and to keep the front glass clean.
  6. Who cares about these videos, no one's going to watch them for more than 5 seconds and the (unlicensed) music is horrible. Let them do whatever and make low quality slide shows, if someone really wanted to see good photos they'll seek out good online galleries.
  7. 13-003 on the 427 & 14-085 on the 67, saw it last on Tuesday on the 90.
  8. It's been detoured on and off again for at least 2 years and it might be permanent now, hopefully not because it adds a lot of time on the trip.
  9. OPUS and the mag card only remembers your last trip and not the full history, so if your last verification was on a bus on the 55 you can't get on route 55 on your next verification but you can certainly trick it by verifying that ticket in another bus or metro. You don't even need to ride the bus/metro... just get it beeped. Before, using the old system, you could only use the metro once within the 90 minutes now it's unlimited everything for 120 minutes, the only condition is your last trip and the following trip better not be the same, like 535 & 535 or Metro-Metro. In addition, there is nothing stopping you from getting on the 211 and verifying your fare on the 119th minute of validity and riding to the end.
  10. Rode 11-014 on the 202X to du College, then switched to 11-055 on the 460 EB. And at the same time 11-087 finished the 175. 11-055 was later on the 505.
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