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  1. Once again dude. The XE60 is not, repeat NOT in revenue service. They only have the 1 and it is sitting in CMF. Also they don't have any diesel buses. Thenew ENC's are CNG. They new XN-60's will be CNG as well.
  2. Long Beach Transit will never get any more diesel buses. They are banned in So Cal. In fact the board has said they will only be ordering zero emission buses from now on
  3. Negative, not in revenue service yet. Just at Gateway for Board Meeting show and tell. Then the took the board out for a ride.
  4. SMART transit centers typically do not have any water features. We do always have local artist do some form of artistic displays though, either murals or sculptures of some kind. The Highland Heights TC though does have a very large water feature as it is at the junction of 2 rivers and next to a lake. All buses and trains have air conditioning and have since the 70’s. Also most transit centers have areas that are air conditioned as well for passengers to wait in comfort.
  5. 1505 has entered revenue service as of yesterday. It is assigned to MV Transportation, which will be the destiny of about 70 of these ENC’s. I suspect the other contractors will get them as well and rotate out the XN40’s, C40lf’s, & Nabi’s
  6. I own an ex Long Beach Transit TMC RTS. Currently undergoing major refurb and restoration.
  7. XC40 & XC60 are also Volvo trademarks so they also played into the decision
  8. Tri Star has sent you information regarding being a part of this test program.
  9. Trying to make it a real as possible. It exists on paper though, I want to get it into a mapping software of some type eventually to make it even more realistic.
  10. Thank you for the added info. The 40ft demo will be perfect. We would like to run it through some simulated passenger loads and and service runs for a week if possible.
  11. SMART Sierra Monrovia Area Regional Transit RFP 1899685 - Thirty Foot (30') and/or Thirty Five Foot (35') low floor zero emissions buses SMART staff have come up with 4 finalists for the RFP. The finalist will be contacted to provide their last, best and final offer for SMART to consider. List below based on current scoring. New Flyer (85) Tri Star (84) ENC (82) Proterra (81) Finalist have 5 days to submit the last, best & final offer for consideration.
  12. RFP 1899690 is now closed for bidding. SMART will evaluate all submissions and award to the best value bidder. Thank you for your bids. SMART will evaluate both bids. Are we able to arrange a demo of your battery electric bus? Also please provide an additional information regarding specs & place of final assembly
  13. Note sure if they ever did or not
  14. I can see XE or XHE 40's in Metro's future, although NFI will need to do more work locally in California on the buses as that is the big push now, keeping tax dollars at work here in California.
  15. I would expect the current group on XN40's would be gone before 2035 for sure. The would eligible for replacement starting in 2025-2027 although they'll probably hold onto them till after the 2028 Olympics.
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