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  1. Shakey077

    Long Beach Transit (California)

    Have not seen any 97/98/2000's out since all the XN's went into service. Most 98/2000's have been auctioned off.
  2. Shakey077

    Anyone create their own transit system?

    * * * TRI STAR BUS & COACH The Tri Star lineup of heavy duty buses and coaches is a true next generation lineup. Every bus is sleek, modern and state of the art. From our revolutionary low floor Transitliner™ series, our futuristic Renaissance™ fully low floor, all electric series, our dependable, rugged coach Chariot™ series, and our Sleek, modern double deck coach Elegance™ series. Tri Star delivers affordable, dependable, comfortable transportation for your passengers and operators. Industry leading testing and safety standards plus record breaking fuel economy makes for the very best buses on the market today. All Tri Star™ buses come equipped with the Intellibus™ Systems fully integrated telematics management and safety system. Intellibus™ is an intelligent system that offers everything to run your fleet safely, and efficiently. WIFI, security camera monitoring, real time bus info and GPS tracking, stop announcement, driver route assistance, head sign control, speed management, accident avoidance, performance monitoring and problem automated notification, remote diagnostic and remote emergency stop and/or shut down. You name a system Intellibus™ controls, monitors and interacts with it in real time and reports back to you and Tri Star. You can also “plug and play” any third party component directly into it and have the same functionality and monitoring capability. Transit Buses Transitliner™ Low Floor Series: The Tri Star™ Transitliner™ Series (TS) Line - the most revolutionary bus ever produced. Extremely light weight, sturdy construction. Using titanium and aircraft grade aluminum for the under sub frame and chassis integrated with full composite body shell make this bus rugged yet refined. Corrosion resistant in the harshest of climates, no rusting will ever occur! Traction control system with speed management system for wet, snow weather operations. Industry leading stopping power with standard anti-lock brakes and the smallest turning radius makes it very safe and agile in the toughest of traffic and tightest streets. Accident avoidance and braking system are standard. Full LED lighting inside and outside the bus for great visibility and low maintenance costs. Front and rear door full illumination lighting for night operations giving the operator peace of mind the doors are clear. HVAC system roof or rear mounted standard on all buses. Many other features come standard as well that you would pay extra for with our competitors. Offered in multiple bus lengths from 30 feet thru 65 feet and available in the following fuel / propulsion options: D – Clean Air Diesel C – Clean Air Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) DE- Clean Air Diesel / Electric Hybrid with either the Allison hybrid drive, BAE System Hybridrive, or IBES - Allison REVolution HE system powered by Tesla technology E – Battery Electric - Zero Emission all Electric Drive with IBES EVolution E electric drive, powered by Tesla technology. EHS - Tri Star introduces the first Solar-Hydrogen all electric bus propulsion system in production worldwide. Offering virtually unlimited range this system incorporates a solar roof with a hydrogen fuel cell and the proven EV-E battery system T- Trolley - Zero Emissions all Electric Trolley bus with Vossloh Kiepe electric drive system and Skoda Motor Whichever length and propulsion you choice they are fully customizable to fit your fleets need and style, frameless windows and BRT left side or multi side door options available. TS 30 - 30ft low floor bus. TS 35 - 35ft low floor bus TS 40 - 40ft low floor bus TS 45 - 45ft low floor bus (only 45ft transit currently on the market) TS 60 - 60ft articulated low floor bus TS 65 - 65ft articulated low floor bus (only 65ft transit currently on the market) Renaissance™ Full Low Floor All Electric Series: Available late 2017 Built from the ground up as a fully low floor, all electric transit bus series, the Renaissance™ is the future of transit buses. This is our second bus built under our Global Bus Program. Fully composite uni-body construction offers an extremely lightweight and durable bus. Riding on the patented CloudRide™ suspension system gives you the smoothest, most comfortable ride of any transit bus on the market today. Available with the IB-EV E electric system or the IB-EV EHS solar-hydrogen electric system as propulsion options. Available in 35, 40 & 45 ft lengths. It can be produced in left hand or right hand drive configuration and outfitted to your custom specifications RE 35 – 35ft low floor bus RE 40 – 40ft low floor bus RE 45 – 45ft low floor bus Coach buses Tri Star began with coaches in 2010 and we continue that tradition with our modern Chariot™ series coach line. Rugged titanium frame and composite body structure make this an ideal coach for any environment. Every order is fully customizable to meet your system’s needs, available in diesel, diesel electric hybrid, CNG, and Electric. Outfitted as interstate or commuter coach or any custom way you can imagine. Chariot™ Series: CX 4000 - 40 foot standard coach CX 4500 - 45 foot standard coach ELEGANCE™ double deck coach series: Our first coach built under the Global Bus program. The ELEGANCE is 45 foot low floor double deck coach. It can be produced in left hand or right hand drive configuration and outfitted to your custom specifications. Sitting at just 13ft 6in high this luxurious coach can operate in all environments with no height permitting needed. Built from the same sturdy Transitliner™ materials with a titanium alloy chassis and composite body it is lightweight and extremely rugged yet nimble and agile. Ride quality unheard of in today's competitors with the new Tri Star CloudRide™ suspension system. Powered by your choice of Cummins or Tri Star IBES engines available in Diesel, Diesel-electric hybrid and CNG or with the IB EV E or IB EV EHS electric system EL 4500D - diesel EL 4500DE - diesel electric hybrid EL 4500C - CNG EL 4500E - all electric (EHS for solar / hydrogen model) Propulsion Systems: Tri Star offers you a variety of propulsion options for you buses and coaches built specifically to our high standards and tested in the harshest of climates and conditions. These state of art, revolutionary systems are available in any Tri Star vehicle or can be purchased to retrofit into your existing fleet. IBES Engine Systems: Introducing the Tri Star IBES™ diesel and CNG engine systems line, available in Tri Star buses and for purchase from the Tri Star parts network. The newest most technologically advance engine system in production for transit and coach buses. The IBES™ system feature class leading fuel economy and emissions with no loss of power or reliability. Built to the same rugged standards our Tri Star buses are the IBES is your new choice for engines systems. IBES-D - 9 liter 385 HP diesel engine for transit IBES-D10 - 10 liter 425 HP diesel engine for coach / artic transit IBES-DE - 7 liter 285 HP diesel engine for hybrid bus and coaches IBES-G nze – 9 liter 385 HP CNG near zero emission engine for transit IBES-G10 nze – 10 liter 425 HP CNG near zero emission engine for coach and articulated transit IBES TRANSMISSIONS: Introducing the New IBES BRAVO series transmissions are built exclusively for transit & coach buses. Available as a 5, 6, 7 & 8 speed on TriStar buses & coaches as well as through the Tri Star Parts Network for your existing fleet of buses. Tried and tested to work with the TriStar IBES-engine series and the Cummins series of engines as well. Fuel savings from the IBES BRAVO series is 15-25% over competitor options. Available worldwide. B25– 5 speed automatic transmission B26– 6 speed automatic transmission B27- 7 speed automatic transmission B28– 8 speed automatic transmission Hybrid and All electric systems: IB-REV HE system powered by Tesla technology: Partnering with Allison Transmission and utilizing Tesla provided patents and technology; Tri Star developed this revolutionary hybrid power system. Combine with specially tuned smaller diesel engine provide an extremely fuel efficient, environmentally friendly propulsion option. 20% efficiency gain from current hybrid offerings, 12 year lifetime on components and electric storage system. IB-EV E electric system: All electric buses are the future of the transportation industry and that future is here today with the Tri Star IB-EV E all electric propulsion system. Powered by Tesla innovation and patents, a true breakthrough in the all-electric field IB-EV E offers extended range and reliability not seen from any other electric bus today. Coach models feature a quick change power pack option which allows a 10 min changeover from a low power pack to a fully charged unit to extend the range unlimitedly. 40ft bus range – 395 miles on single charge 60ft bus range – 325 miles on single charge 65ft bus range – 305 miles on single charge 40ft coach range – 435 miles on single charge 45ft coach range – 395 miles on single charge 45ft double deck coach range – 365 miles on a single charge IB-EV EHS system: Tri Star introduces the first Solar-Hydrogen all electric bus propulsion system in production worldwide. Offering virtually unlimited range this system incorporates a solar roof with a hydrogen fuel cell and the proven EV-E battery system. TRI STAR PARTS NETWORK: Tri Star also offers parts and service through the Tri Star parts network and our warranty centers. We can provide you parts and or service your current fleet at any of our facilities. Our service centers are also full warranty center for most major component vendors. Tri Star has plants in operation in Arbor City, South Sierra, Furbyville, and Long Beach. We also have final assembly and warranty centers open in New Stafford and Acacia County. The best part of the Tri Star experience. Lifetime support and parts guarantee, No matter how long you run our buses, we will support and have the parts you need to fix any issue. 12 year limited bus shell and sub frame warranty, 6 year electronics limited warranty, 12 year electrical propulsion system and power pack warranty for all REV HE hybrid and EVE E electric buses. 3 year full bus "bumper to bumper" warranty, 100% training of your staff with orders and 24/7/365 access to the Tri Star support team. Intellibus™ software and access to the Intellibus™ Systems information mainframe server via direct secured link and via web password protected access. We can schedule you a demo of our great buses at your convenience. Short term and long term demo buses available. Contact your Tri Star rep today to demo any of our products and for more information. Tri Star Global Industries. © 2018 Transporting the World to a Better Tomorrow
  3. Shakey077

    Anyone create their own transit system?

    We thank you for awarding the bulk of this contract to Tri Star. These have been added into the production schedule.
  4. Shakey077

    Anyone create their own transit system?

    The X-Ride livery is my favorite.
  5. Shakey077

    Anyone create their own transit system?

    SMART's fleet is comprised 100% alternatively fueled buses. Majority are CNG. We use CNG from renewable sources only. Our CNG fleet will be 100% near zero emissions engined within 5 years as well. We have a growing fleet of battery electric buses, currently 350 and growing. We are actively engaged in finding funding sources to put more electric buses in service and are committed to being 100% electric by 2035 as well. We also have 5 hydrogen electric buses being tested and have been awarded $35 million in grants to add more hydrogen electric buses to the fleet this year ( announcement on awarding of contracts soon). Yes indeed we are making the system SMARTer for sure. Stay tuned for more updates.
  6. Shakey077

    Anyone create their own transit system?

    SMART Sierra Monrovia Area Regional Transit NEWSLETTER - May 20, 2018 Update on our SMART 2020 comprehensive system-wide transit analysis and reassessment initiative! As we enter 5 months into this study, Phase 1 is now completed. SMART has received an overwhelming response to the study. Packed town hall meetings and tend of thousands online responses. We are taking the time to go over everything. We want everyone to have a voice in this process. With Phase 1 completed we will begin Phase 2 now. We have heard the public and we are Identifying a range of potential service scenarios to meet the needs of our community better. Some of these scenarios will be put together to present in Phase 3 as a comprehensive plan while others may be brought to our board and implemented in a expedited manor. Our June service change will highlight several of these immediate needs that you the public said we needed to do better and quickly on. We have listed and below are those that we feel warranted implementation now to better serve our community. Principles of the SMART 2020 Initiative Simplify service Buses more often and longer hours Improved customer amenities at bus stops Better regional connections Reduce duplication of service Improve safety and comfort for passengers Our Approach The SMART 2020 Initiative will evaluate different types of service investments and consider possible changes to SMART’s services and routes. The year-long comprehensive analysis will take an in-depth look into current transit operations and anticipate future service needs to improve people’s ability to move around Sierra Monrovia County and easily access everyday destinations today and beyond. The SMART 2020 Initiative will identify the most important improvements to the transit system – new transit services, improvements to existing services, and new customer amenities. Ultimately, this document will serve as a road map for SMART to improve the customer experience and meet community needs for the next 5 to 10 years. The SMART 2020 Initiative process consists of four phases over the next year: Phase 1: Understand transportation needs - NOW COMPETED Phase 2: Identify a range of potential service scenarios to meet those needs - Begins May 21 Phase 3: Evaluate service scenarios; choose a preferred network of routes and services; and define priority projects and plans. Fall / Winter 2018/19 Phase 4 Begin Implementation of the plan based on final recommendations and community input PHASE 2 Starts Monday, May 21 Stay tuned for announcements via web, Facebook & Twitter. We encourage everyone to get involved in the planning of the new SMART system that will allow SMART to continue to be a world class transit provider and give the Sierra Monrovia County community mobility for now and the future. Visit use online at www.SMART2020mobility.org Facebook - SMART 2020 Initiative Or download the SMART 2020 app today, available for Apple and Android platforms SERVICE CHANGES AND ENHANCEMENTS EFFECTIVE JUNE 17, 2018 Through the SMART 2020 initiative, we have heard the calls for more frequent late night, overnight, and weekend service. We understand having to wait an hour for a bus is not convenient or safe for anyone and we are making changes. Starting June 17 SMART will have a maximum frequency of 30 min on all lines during weekday service and a maximum of 40 minutes on weekend / holiday service between 5 AM and 1145 PM. Overnight OWL service (1145 PM - 5 AM)will have a maximum of 45 minutes 7 days a week. Weekend service will be enhanced on many lines and OWL service added to several lines as well. Sunday Service added to Lines: 136,144,145,147,151,159,202,203,204,210,333,435,545,& 635 OWL Service added to Lines: 1,3,6,16,60,68,114,117,122,130,152,205,211,220,275,310,405,430,624,661,690,713,715,735,805, & 863 Numerous frequency enhancements system-wide as well. New Lines: Line 8 - Sierra Depot to Chinatown via Crescent & Magnolia - 15-20 min service weekdays and 30-40 min service weekend & holidays running 5AM till 1AM daily Line 25 - Sierra Depot to East Weyland via 3rd Street & Weyland Pass Ave - with service to Weyland Mall - 20-25 min service weekday and 30 min weekends / holidays. Service 5AM to 1AM daily Line 40 - Harbor TC to Riverwalk Center - via River Walk Road - 15 min service weekday, 25-30 min service weekend and holiday, owl service 45 min / 24 hr a day service Line 67 - University TC to Chinatown via Kingstown Ave - 15 min service weekday, 25-30 min service weekend and holiday, owl service 45 min / 24 hr a day service Line 95 - GSU=SM Shuttle Service - University TC to Weyland Mall -Shuttle service for GSU-SM students / staff. Limited stops - 20 min weekday and 30 min weekend / holiday daily 4AM-2AM - will use all electric buses Line 112 - Palms TC to Chinatown via Edmunds Road - 15 min weekday service 25-35 weekend / holiday service 5AM to 11PM daily Extend Line 152 to serve University TC now - North Sierra Monrovia to University TC via College Grove Mall. Combining with Line 305 for simpler 1 seat option. Restore Line 175 - Sierra Depot to East Palms via Inland Blvd - 15-20min service weekday / 25-35 weekend / holiday 5AM to 1 AM daily Line 206 - Downtown South Sierra to Chinatown via Carmen Street - 20 min weekday service, 30-40 weekend/holiday 5AM to 1AM daily Restore Line 245 - Newport to Riverwalk Center via Sierra Hills business Center - 15-20 min weekday service, 30 min weekend / holiday - 4AM-1AM daily Line 305 - Combined with Extended line 152 Line 441 - replace commuter line 943 - Highland Heights TC to Commerce Center Line 442 - replace commuter line 942 - Carson Station to Commerce Center Line 490 - Carson Station to Chinatown via Carfax & 3rd Street - 15 min weekday service / 20-35 weekend / holiday 4AM-2AM daily Line 605 - North Shore to Highland Heights TC via Hunter, Belmont, Fiona, Montebello PNR and Highland Lake - combines service former GNT routes into 1 SMART route for simpler service, 1 seat. 20 min weekday service 30 min weekend / holiday 4AM -2AM daily Line 691 - GSU - Golden Junction Shuttle - Campus Loop - replaces contract loop service - will use all electric buses Line 772 - replace commuter line 972 - Golden Junction to Commerce Center Line 841 and Rapid R841 replace commuter line 941 - Highland Heights TC to Cerritos Commerce Center Line 921 - Canceled - Duplicate service via X-Ride BRT / Rail Line 933 = Canceled - Silver Line rail replaces Line 940 - Canceled - Duplicate service on Lines 840 and Rapid R840 Line 941 - Change to Lines 841 and Rapid R841 Line 942 - Change to Line 442 Line 943 - Change to line 441 Line 972 - Change to line 772 Line 980 - canceled - duplicate service via X Ride rail / BRT X-RIDE RAIL / BRT SERVICE ENHANCEMENTS All X-Ride rail and BRT routes will operate 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. Maximum frequency of 25 minutes system wide. with service at peak every 5 minutes system wide.
  7. Shakey077

    Anyone create their own transit system?

    Yeah we have D4000's and D4500's in CNG still
  8. Shakey077

    Anyone create their own transit system?

    Cool, SMART has sold off these already though. Diesel free now in Sierra Monrovia
  9. Shakey077

    Anyone create their own transit system?

    Tri Star bids the following for these: 200 x40ft CNG buses as spec'ed $605,000 per bus 106 x 40ft Battery electric buses as spec'ed $795.000 per bus Delivery schedule is no problem Option 1 & 2 as spec'ed - $605,000.00 per bus Option 3 as spec'ed -$616,000 per bus
  10. Shakey077

    Anyone create their own transit system?

    I remember those.