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  1. General Railway Questions

    Yes, it's true; the City of Toronto confirmed it in a letter. However, I don't believe there was any public announcement from Metrolinx.
  2. General Railway Questions

    On both the CN Bala and VIA Smiths Falls and Alexandria subdivisions, I've seen these small subsidiary signals underneath the main signals. They're not very deep, so I'd imagine they're LEDs of some sort. However, I've never actually seen them lit (haven't had the luck to be present when a train has gone by). Does anybody know what these are used for? Here's an album of 4 of them. The first one is from a dual-track section of the CN Bala sub (somewhere around 16th Ave I think), and the next three are from VIA single-track subdivisions.
  3. GO Transit

    The USRC is getting a signalling upgrade:
  4. Just passed 2417 in Oakville Yard with Metrolinx paint.
  5. Union Pearson Express

    The new train cars will be tested on the Oakville subdivision (Lakeshore West) this Sunday from 0800-1500. (https://twitter.com/UPexpress/status/510513222005587968)
  6. GO Transit

    I've parked on Etona Court (south of Judson, east of Islington) near gate 3, haven't had any problems. Just watch out for the fire hydrants, they're set pretty far back from the curb. As for the doors, I've seen them be operated from the upper level A end of the 10th car, back when Mimico platform 1 couldn't accommodate 10 car trains (they just opened them there, CSA closed them). I'm not sure if the cabs have door controls, but there are usually door control panels (like those found in the 5A car) in the cab cars. I don't know if that's always the case, but I'll let somebody more experienced chime in.
  7. PRESTO - GTA Discussion

    You don't need a credit card. You can have it set up to come right from your bank account (like I have) for either autoload or requested reload.
  8. GO Transit Bus Refurbishment

    One of my friends sent me a picture of 2350 in new livery at Union Station, which I assume means it's refurbished. Could somebody update the wiki?
  9. PRESTO - GTA Discussion

    I've been told the opposite by Presto staff, but I'm not surprised there's a disconnect between the two branches of Metrolinx. FWIW, my default trip is Bronte <-> Union (LSW) and I have no problem using my card for LSE and Milton trips without using override.
  10. PRESTO - GTA Discussion

    No, this is not necessary.
  11. GO Transit

    Such a shame...
  12. General Railway Photos

    I think the graffiti says "KFC".
  13. GO Transit

    It appears that part of the Richmond Hill line was closed by CN RTC this morning due to flooding (and the DVP too... what a nightmare). GO said they were running trains from Richmond Hill GO Station via "different routing" due to the closure; in this case, did/would they go across the York/Halton subs to the Weston sub at Halwest, or would they have reversed onto the Newmarket sub north of York University? I guess they'd have to wye the trains afterwards either way, but maybe I'm missing something.
  14. PRESTO - GTA Discussion

    That's really not what I was referring to; I am fully aware that similar technologies are commonplace in large metros around the world. What I was referring to is the actual hardware, both the cards and readers. There are fully-tested, robust solutions for smart cards on public transit, yet Accenture didn't seem to implement any of them. I've noticed many oddities when "experimenting" with some of the readers and my cards... and I'll leave it at that. I was just making a passing comment, not trying to start a debate
  15. PRESTO - GTA Discussion

    Well... if the "card technology" you're referring to is MIFARE DESFire (not yelling, it's how it's branded) then sure it's off-the-shelf. The manner in which the applications are loaded on the card is certainly not off-the-shelf, and the readers implement ISO 14443 very very loosely (from all the poking around I've done). I agree that it has to be custom to the GTA but they could've at least used more standards-compatible equipment so they wouldn't have to bother with this whole PNG thing. Then again, there are a lot of things I wish they'd done better...