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  1. Okay. I just thought this was a discussion board where we discussed things. Whatevs.
  2. Or you can call the Presto call centre and ask for an investigation and/or refund. Just sayin'. The driver was slightly mistaken. The system will only apply a co-fare if it is on the first 35 trips in a month. After that it will charge you $3.00 instead of 65 cents. This is a problem with the system and will be fixed shortly. However this doesn't sound like what happened to you, so you should call. Supposedly the issues with TTC readers not activating the card has been fixed, but you didn't need to use a balance checker anyway. Tapping onto a GO fare machine and then cancelling the trip immediately after would have done the trick.
  3. Unless the computer it turned towards the rider, of course. Let the passenger interpret it for themselves, said ATU 113 in the past (have a source but link's dead).
  4. Say your transfer has only been expired for two minutes... You'll probably think the driver should give you a break because it's only two minutes. Say you didn't understand that the transfer you have isn't valid for routes serving that station... You'll probably think the driver should give you a break because the transfer policies are confusing. Say you're five cents short... You'll probably think the driver should forgive you because it's only five cents. Say your tickets are counterfeit... You'll probably think the driver should let you on because you didn't know they were fake. In each of those four conditions the passenger believes the driver's power to stick to the rules or give you a break. If he sticks to the rules then you'll probably be a bit upset and think "HE is not letting me on. HE has the power to bend the rules but HE is causing me inconvenience." Some people will back down while others will escalate the situation and take it out on the driver - the person causing inconvenience. With PRESTO, the computer enforces the rules and can remain completely objective. It will eliminate issues with transfer being valid vs being invalid, and underpayment modes will allow you to get home if you're short on change. In the event that the computer says no, people will still get mad but they are less likely to take their anger out on the driver and more likely to just get mad at the computer. I don't know if people will start to punch the computer, but hopefully they won't. It's not going to eliminate every possible fare dispute, but it will hopefully reduce it to the point where it won't be an issue of operator safety anymore.
  5. Presto will have fare categories, so they will probably make a U-Pass category and set the fare accordingly (at zero).
  6. I did read both and I stick by my interpretation of what I read, but I suppose we can all agree this will be solved once Presto is rolled out by the spring.
  7. According to what's published this is the only thing you are specifically allowed to do. The information says that Brampton Transit fare media is only valid when boarding YRT 77 and only in the area where YRT 77 and BT 1 meet. YRT fare media is valid for boarding Zum at any VIVA station. Anything other than those two sentences is not covered by any published material.
  8. Who knows why they did it, but I don't think it's harming anyone. Once the shovels are already on the ground at that location the marginal cost to modify the intersection isn't much.
  9. Even if a not-for-profit company would like to operate the line instead of GO or VIA, it's still going to cost a half billion to build the thing. Unless people start donating their time and materials during the construction phase that number isn't going to change by much.
  10. Not anymore. Zum buses do not turn onto Bramalea Road like the old 77 did. They turn onto Central Park and directly into the terminal.
  11. I disagree on the first point. I think the setup allows for transit vehicles to more easily enter and exit the terminal and to turn onto or off of Queen Street. For vehicles, the setup is nearly identical to what it was before. On the second point, there's rumours that Mississauga will take care of Dixie.
  12. For the small minority of people paying cash... Yes they will still have problems. But why do people pay cash? I believe it is primarily because they don't feel that they will ride the system frequently enough to warrant purchasing another solution, or because they don't have any tickets left and it's an emergency situation. In either case, Presto solves those problems to a certain degree.
  13. I'm going to try and answer these questions based on the written policy put out by both agencies. I will not speak to rumour or unwritten policy. 1) Brampton Transit will accept YRT fare media and YRT will accept Brampton fare media at valid transfer points ONLY along Queen Street (between Highway 50 and The Gore Road) along The Gore Road (between Queen Street and Fogal Road) and along Highway 50 between (between Queen Street and Fogal Road). If you want to transfer to the 77, you should do so in this area and trade transfers if needed. 2) Zum will accept YRT fare media at stops within York Region but there is NO WRITTEN EVIDENCE that you can use a Brampton Transit fare to board VIVA or any other YRT service except for the 77 at the transfer point. If you are going to Downsview, you need to have a valid YRT / TTC fare for VIVA Orange or you should take the TTC. 3) Doing anything other than this is still possibly, but there's no guarantee that one driver will allow it in the same way as the last driver may have. All of this will be moot when Presto comes out in a few months anyway.
  14. I'm quite proud to say that I was the fourth Zum passenger ever. I'm awesome.
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