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  1. 8358 was towed from charles street terminal this afternoon.
  2. Fall Service Changes are now posted number of routes changing Sept 4. http://www.grt.ca/en/schedules-maps/fall-2018-service-changes.aspx
  3. i had a friend send me this today i didnt know MCI made 35 foot buses.
  4. 8406 was working Route 30 today.
  5. i was Surpise to see 1180 here in Kitchener today.
  6. some news from Kitchener Charles street terminal will no longer be selling tickets or loading presto starting Aug 16 folks wanting to load there presto cards or tickets will have to go to the drivers.
  7. good afternoon the Kitchener bus garage is now open on Shirley ave
  8. so with greyhound cancelling service will they send buses back to Ontario or Quebec
  9. all 24xx are now in Kitchener. 21716-21717-21718 are now in Cambridge.
  10. 629 was in Kitchener today doing the Kitchener-Toronto run
  11. 654 just passed my place doing Kitchener-toronto run
  12. greyhound bus catches fire on the QEW. https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/canada/greyhound-bus-catches-fire-on-the-qew-closing-down-all-westbound-lanes/ar-AAz4qMd
  13. update on Transfers. 2417-2418-2419-2420-2421 now in Kitchener. 21711-21712-21713-21714-21715 are now based in Cambridge.
  14. looks like greyhound will be returning to Sarnia Ontario. http://www.theobserver.ca/2018/05/14/sarnia-strathroy-caradoc-and-london-planning-a-five-year-land-based-transportation-program
  15. 21707-21708-21709-21710 are in cambridge. 2400-2401-2404-2406-2415-2416 are in Kitchener until there Retired.
  16. only the older novas and high floors were renumber.
  17. its been confirm the rest of the 23xx have been Retired.
  18. sounds like the last of the 23xx have been retired working on getting more info
  19. 2310 plates have been removed 2326-2328 are up for sale. https://www.govdeals.com/index.cfm?fa=Main.Item&itemid=316&acctid=5676
  20. 2321 plates removed on Friday looks like it blew the air bags on the left side.
  21. thanks that would explain why it has 2 Ac units on the roof.
  22. this came into Charles street terminal does anybody have info on this bus.
  23. 2319 was Retired on Friday should up for sale soon there is now 9 Orions sitting out back striped.
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