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  1. this time tommorow LRT will be in service roads around Fairview will be closed if anybody is coming tommorow for the launch there will be alot of people service starts at 12 noon shuttle buses will be running from Fairview to Conestoga and from Conestoga To Fairview.
  2. GRT has started putting new head lights on the new flyers i seen 4 213xx with the new head lights today.
  3. Breaking news.LRT Starts June 21 10.30 am free service on LRT and GRT buses for the first 10 days of service regional Council just made it public tonight.
  4. GRT signed a 5 year contract with nova the first of the 2019 are due in June up to 40 buses for 2019.
  5. 1265 made it into Kitchener doing the Kitchener Toronto Run.
  6. greyhound USA 86551 made it into Kitchener today very rare.
  7. https://www.therecord.com/news-story/9222939-bendy-buses-coming-to-waterloo-region-in-2021/
  8. i seen a post on Flickr of 8463-8464 sitting in Halifax waiting for delivery
  9. sad news coming out of Hamilton tonight. https://www.thespec.com/news-story/9214571-police-investigating-pedestrian-fatality-at-downtown-hamilton-go-station/
  10. 1140 has been in Kitchener all week doing the Toronto To Kitchener run
  11. https://www.therecord.com/news-story/9184879-grand-river-transit-buses-will-end-unnecessary-stops-at-rail-crossings/
  12. good afternoon 8437 was here in Kitchener today on the 25
  13. nova returns to GRT land this year 27 buses total 21901-21927. $6,744,000 to Nova Bus, a division of Volvo Group Canada Inc. for 12 replacement transit coaches and name Nova Bus the vendor of record for all transit coaches for a five year period.
  14. 1271 made into Kitchener today doing the toronto to kitchener run.
  15. evening i had 8431 today on the 21J and i seen 8430 also
  16. well new flyer didnt win the contract for the next 5 years nova will be making a return in 2019 19 buses next year with a total of 125 over 5 years with Aritc buses and Hybrids this is from many contacts at GRT.
  17. i wonder if reg still has 5541
  18. GRT Oldest bus is 2400 2004 nova.
  19. new flyer isnt on the bid page yet we will see october 4
  20. bid is out for 122 new buses for GRT including 40 foot and 60 foot this should be interesting to see what they will get. https://regionofwaterloo.bidsandtenders.ca/Module/Tenders/en/Tender/Detail/5c708157-4408-47e7-a6f7-f860a0c8a5e5
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