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  1. i live on the 6 and yep the 6 gets crazy busy around am peak pm peak they need 40 foot buses and  remmber the 6-21 interline through the week and on Saturdays interlines with the 10-28 on sundays i can see GRT putting Grande West Vicinity Buses, on the busyer bus plus routes if they decide to buy them i know GRT has a 5 year contract with nova.

  2. update for charles terminal

    GO is not entering the terminal temp stop has been placed on Ontario street in front of hasty market they are looking for a new location via rail station is one option they are looking at.

  3. day passes and tickets are now loaded on to the fare cards when you tap the transfer is loaded onto the fare card when you tp the card on the far box it will tell you how much time you have 


    and it will also show you how much money you have on your fare card.




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