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  1. evening 2281. Routes 6-7-9-13-14-19-21-29-30-31-201-202.
  2. small update. the 2022 hybrids will start delivery in November the will be the same as the 2021 hybrids there is 29 coming. there is also talk they might start Retiring the 2009xx this year as there at 1 mil miles. this info comes from a friend and contact at Northfield garage.
  3. sorry all spots are gone this via twitter.
  4. because cambridge operators dont like change this was the same way when they got the new flyers all they wanted was novas. in other GRT news. Stanley park Terminal closes Monday for 2 years there is major working going on with the mall all buses will be parking on Holborn.
  5. the service Disruption lasted almost 10 hours due to 512 derailed damage is major.
  6. yep more the Likley they borrow them from nova
  7. grand opening of Northfield garage this Thursday more info in he link on the bottom.
  8. nova bus wins the contract. https://novabus.com/blog/2022/06/29/grand-river-transit-to-receive-first-electric-buses-from-nova-bus/
  9. just seen a post on Instagram from GO they had 4001 in the Toronto pride parade.
  10. the 30 footers Arent in Cambridge anymore due nobody wanted to drive them all 30 footers are in Kitchener i know many drivers in Cambridge who refuse to drive them. my friend who fixes the buses for GRT is looking into why 22103 is in Cambridge. i have many contacts at GRT. 22105 was last out June 5. 22106 was spotted on the 27. 22107 is on the 27. 22108 was also spotted on the 27.
  11. not sure why its in down to Cambridge i am still trying to find out why but Remember when the 2008 hybrids came in 8025 was sent to Cambridge i did hear the 30 footers were sent back to Kitchener due to no operators wanted to drive them in Cambridge.
  12. here is a picture of 102202 a friend who works at Brantford sent me it
  13. sounds like the rest of the 27xx has been parked unclear if there using them for back up or there parked.
  14. good evening hybrid 22103 has been sent down to Cambridge unclear if its staying in Cambridge.
  15. afternoon Quick update. cash fares are going up to $3.50 starting July 1 passes are remaining at there Current prices i have updated wiki already.
  16. good afternoon your not the only person whos been having issues trying to get a day pass at central station and not been able to there was a family last weekend with the same issue they report it to transit security they were also going to customer service to report it thanks for reporting it.
  17. more likely the hybrids will be first ones to come in they were already on order when they awarded the contract for the all electrics patience is key they will come i have contacts at both Kitchener and waterloo garages. also a reminder the 60 footers are post to be coming in this fall also
  18. good afternoon 22107 enter service today on the 27. 22105 has been sent to Cambridge with 22106. 22107-22108 are Kitchener Service buses. now the waiting game begins for the 2022 hybrids.
  19. yep this will wipe out the following buses will be retired. 2007 nova. 2008 nova. 2008 hybrids
  20. Breaking news. nova wins the contract for the all electric buses the contract was Awarded April 27. 6 this year on top of the hybrid order. https://regionofwaterloo.bidsandtenders.ca/Module/Tenders/en/Tender/Detail/59770d42-d2bc-4e65-897d-d0bcc6749f28/#Awarded
  21. 22105 was changed off 22108 was put in its place this afternoon
  22. small update. Route 27 Chicopee will be named 27 Morrison starting May 2. the transit hub at king and Victoria will start Construction this fall regional council made the announcement last council meeting.
  23. small update. the 2021 hybrids re enter service today on the Route 6 and Route 7. 22102 finally enter service today. the 30 footers will start entering Service Monday.
  24. yep first route to see them will be the new Route 27. update on the new hybrids they havent been on the road since end of march first of april. 8022 is more likley retired due to blown transmisson.
  25. good afternoon the new hybrids are starting to enter service. 22101 enter service this morning doing peak hour 20. the others are post to enter service this Friday.
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