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  1. nothing set in stone i believe everything is on hold till covid leaves alot of stuff has been put on the back burner.
  2. grt is suffering with short of staff the following routes will be cut back as of January 12. COVID-19 service adjustments Due to the spread of the Omicron variant and staff shortages, we will be reducing service on several routes starting Wednesday, Jan. 12 and effective until further notice. All trip planning tools will be updated. Route 10: Service reduced from every 15 minutes to every 30 minutes during morning and afternoon peaks and midday. All Route 10A trips are cancelled; customers on Old Carriage Dr can use Route 16 as an alternative. Route 110: Service reduced from every 15 minutes to every 30 minutes during morning and afternoon peaks and midday. All trips after 6:15 p.m. are cancelled; customers can use Route 10 during evenings. Route 61: Extra trips running between Shantz Hill/Preston Parkway and Conestoga College during the morning and afternoon peak periods are cancelled. Service between Cambridge Centre Station and Conestoga College Doon Campus will continue to operate every 30 minutes. Route 6: Trip departing Fairway Station at 6:45 p.m. is cancelled.
  3. good afternoon a contact just posted that 2710 is now retired.
  4. the changes wont happen for the 27-901 due to the 30 footers wont be ready in time this because of the delay of Delivery. the new supervisor units are slowing hitting the road. uw station will open monday.
  5. update from GRT land. the new university of waterloo bus station opens January 3. Routes 9-13-19-30-31-201 will be serving the new station. GO Transit will not be moving until the station is fully operational. Route 30 starts January 3 also and will be the only bus serving the ring road it will be interline with the 9-13-19. Route 110 returns to Conestoga College. https://www.grt.ca/en/about-grt/university-of-waterloo-station.aspx
  6. breaking news. the new hybrids just came in a hour ago pictures on the bottom. thanks to a contact at grt for the pictures.
  7. first 2 30 foot buses are in pictures on the bottom thanks to my GRT contacts for the pictures. the nova hybrids are now delayed till 2022.
  8. here is a picture of the new all Electric support vehicle.
  9. 8409 is now wrapped for the wifi.
  10. first all Electric support vehicle is ready to hit the road the link on the bottom. https://www.grt.ca/en/about-grt/grt-blog.aspx
  11. this change hasnt been approved by regional council and wont be until the budget is approved no new buses have come in only new units that are in are the 2021 supervisor units. yes folks im back.
  12. good afternoon i am no longer Intrested being on here please delete my profile thank you.
  13. good afternoon with a lot of thought i have decided not to provide updates any longer. good bye and good luck.
  14. please everyone dont enter plates till i can get them thank you
  15. GRT Has turned 2609 into a stay safe bus for testing for covid a transit supervisor said there will be 4 parked around the region. https://www.kitchenertoday.com/coronavirus-covid-19-local-news/province-launching-covid-rapid-screening-pilot-program-in-region-3623630
  16. here is a small update from GRT Land. 26xx they are being retired they should be gone when the rest of the 2020 enter service. 2020 are slowly entering service currently 11 have enter service. Premanent shields are being installed on the new flyers and new novas. new radios are currently being installed into buses from 27xx and up the 26xx will not get these. once all the buses are done they scanner online wont be up. 21904 and 21912 are still off the road no idea when they will return.
  17. regional Council approved, $3,681,476.00 to Nova Bus Canada Inc. for the procurement of four (4) hybrid transit buses these are the only hybrids being order due to budget cuts because of Covid 19.
  18. 6104 is here in kitchener at a private dealership
  19. my contact who gave the info is on regional council. northfield garage at the hafe way mark why post old info. he said only 4 hybrids
  20. GRT will be getting 4 nova hybrids this year.
  21. hi mat yes and when Northfield garage is done. they will be hybrids also.
  22. it says the frame is broken wont pass safety.
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