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  1. afternoon small update. the 60 footers are now deferred till 2024 due to no terminals can handle them. next years order will be hybrids and all Electrics. will post hybrid numbers for next year once regional council passes the budget.
  2. afternoon what im hearing from my contacts sounds like the 201-202 will be going 10 minutes all day i should know more next week will post more info once i get it.
  3. Go Transit return to the Kitchener-Waterloo Christmas parade on Saturday 2608 was the bus they also had there mascot walking in the Parade.
  4. afternoon a few updates. 2022 nova hybrids are post to start Delivery this month. there is strong talk that some of the 2009 Novas could be parked this year most are now over a million miles. there is no talk about the Artics my contact at regional council retired. 8009 was in a Collison today unknown how bad the damage is the car was in bad shape.
  5. i believe that other one is a 24xx cant remmber the fleet number
  6. its 8021 thats the only 2008 retired it had engine issues when it was Retired
  7. its listed as a 2008 so its 8021 there are a few 26xx around being used for the vaccine buses
  8. 793 was moved back into Strasburg again after the move of the Waterloo Routes to Northfield.
  9. evening mat there is so much Confusion on the Artics one source says there on order and will be here this year now council still has to Aprrov them all i know is there not coming to 2023 they will be hybrids and the routes will be 201-202. there is also talk about rebuilding Conestoga station so they can fit and the all Electric buses they will have to do work at University of waterloo station the turn onto ring road is tight. im not sure on how many are post to be coming. hope that info helps.
  10. only hybrids at Northfield is the new 2021 hybrids. 80s hybrids and the 2011 hybrids are at Strasburg
  11. afternoon GRT has put a wrap on the new hybrids over the back top picture below
  12. evening 2281. Routes 6-7-9-13-14-19-21-29-30-31-201-202.
  13. small update. the 2022 hybrids will start delivery in November the will be the same as the 2021 hybrids there is 29 coming. there is also talk they might start Retiring the 2009xx this year as there at 1 mil miles. this info comes from a friend and contact at Northfield garage.
  14. sorry all spots are gone this via twitter.
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