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  1. 2409 and 2416 should be listed soon they are out back Retired.
  2. good afternoon 8520 on the 25 at square one.
  3. GRT strike starts at 5 am Tuesday no talks are schedule. https://www.therecord.com/news-story/9813604-grand-river-transit-bus-strike-will-start-tuesday/
  4. i been told there is more then 1 they got 2 on order
  5. GRT strike starting Tuesday. https://kitchener.ctvnews.ca/grt-workers-vote-to-strike-on-tuesday-1.4774546
  6. badder bus 1117 is the Sarnia sting bus.
  7. heads up 8500 on the 25 Square one.
  8. they have order due to they found the same issues that TTC found with theres there is no more BRT buses coming its all nova for the next 5 years 12 this year 15 for 2020 the northfield garage will start being built in 2020
  9. 2418 is now up for sale parts only and 2429 is being used for parts.
  10. breaking news i been told from contacts at ion there is 2 more trains on order first one is due Feb or march 2020.
  11. yep the first 6 has been in service i was told today 21907 is almost ready.
  12. yep most of the 24xx are ex iXpress buses with lots of miles
  13. more the likely might be early 2020.
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