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  1. yep chris sombody posted a picture of one of them on twitter its in ION colors
  2. good afternoon Monday morning June 29.
  3. Coach Canada had 67806 on the Kitchener Hamilton local today.
  4. update. the rest of the 24xx are parked and retired since the virus started wont be back. the 26xx are in storage waiting there turn to be retired wont be returning from what i been told today. GRT has 31 new novas coming this year.
  5. there been talk about this for awhile GRT wants to take over the bus plus routes totally currently its Voyago runs the bus plus routes.
  6. https://www.grt.ca/en/about-grt/electric-buses.aspx
  7. 21904 was in a serious crash on Monday. https://www.kitchenertoday.com/police-beat/police-investigating-crash-in-kitchener-involving-a-grt-bus-2400733
  8. they have a 5 year contract with nova i know nova builds all electric buses
  9. looks like GRT will be getting Electric buses when the northfield garage is done. https://www.therecord.com/news/waterloo-region/2020/05/26/electric-buses-being-introduced-to-regions-fleet.html
  10. badder could take over the Windsor-Toronto run
  11. greyhound has moved out of the ticket booth at Charles terminal Kitchener signs are down
  12. greyhound Canada has cut back on runs into Kitchener and closed the ticket both in Kitchener until further notice.
  13. it was just a matter of time before it happened my sources told me 2413 has been stripped also.
  14. breaking news. LRT ION reduce from 10 minute service to 15 starting Tuesday March 17.
  15. they order 15 buses in January these 16 are expansion so its 31 buses this year they want the rest of the 24xx gone this year there is only 16 left. all info is from supervisors.
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