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  1. say hello to the new bus plus all bus plus routes are getting these.
  2. end of a era at GRT 2204 and 2206 have been retired.
  3. i agree with this should be locked but before that happens i found 2205 leaving kitchener on a flat bed tow truck this afternoon.
  4. here is pictures of the new bus garage being built in kitchener
  5. updated list of buses with the new fare boxes. 2313. 2321. 2407. 21104. 21319. 21325.
  6. 217xx will be 21701-21757 first 18 will be in soon the rest will be later this year
  7. breaking news 5 23XX have been retired not sure which ones will update when i find out.
  8. might be ex GRT 2205
  9. 793 is still sitting in the garage hasnt moved
  10. end of the 22xx is near.
  11. no its not money its how GRT mangers treat there employees its noting to do with money there is talk they might somday make GRT like york region.
  12. well folks needs to find another way around monday strike is a go.
  13. after all these years on this site please remove my id from this web site thank you.
  14. looks like sombody is stealing pictures again none of mine are on here but i believe a few members from here are on this site. www.
  15. no its a strike vote there set to walk march 19.