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  1. these buses are for Kitchener only there is no room for any new buses in Cambridge i am not sure what the plan is for them yet i know there are 3 Cambridge routes moving to the Kitchener area
  2. 20902 was delivered today there is only 12 this year.same seating as the 2012 Voith
  3. 219xx are about ready to be sent there being built at the new York plant
  4. not sure if this been reported i seen 8486 here in Kitchener today on the 25.
  5. afternoon keep a eye out for GRT buses there are post be 12 coming in September.
  6. 8481 made it into Kitchener doing the 25.
  7. just a small update on the 2019 there is only 12 they will be in September but wont be on the road till some time in October this is coming from a contact at GRT fleet.
  8. the order wont be Delivered till September this is coming from a few sources to many issues with the XD40s
  9. update for charles terminal GO is not entering the terminal temp stop has been placed on Ontario street in front of hasty market they are looking for a new location via rail station is one option they are looking at.
  10. Routes no longer running as of June 24. 7-a-b-d-e-f 8 westmount courtland franklin Routes 11-91-92-200-116 terminals closed. charles terminal Forest Glen highland hills.
  11. day passes and tickets are now loaded on to the fare cards when you tap the transfer is loaded onto the fare card when you tp the card on the far box it will tell you how much time you have and it will also show you how much money you have on your fare card.
  12. well it happed again at charles street terminal 8419 this time. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/kitchener-waterloo/double-decker-bus-hits-overpass-at-kitchener-s-charles-street-terminal-1.5193930
  13. Transsee will have the light rail trains on the site on Monday when the summer schedule starts.
  14. this time tommorow LRT will be in service roads around Fairview will be closed if anybody is coming tommorow for the launch there will be alot of people service starts at 12 noon shuttle buses will be running from Fairview to Conestoga and from Conestoga To Fairview.
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