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  1. GO 2557 was at Charles street terminal today doing some training and was also in cambridge at Ainslie street terminal.
  2. Donnelly Transit web site has been taken down.
  3. 2017 Expansion has been approved here is a list of what will happen from April to September. April 24.Route 110 30 Minute Service during peak hour spring-summer September 4.increase service for the 110 from 30 minutes to 15 minutes for peak hour. September 4.Routes 9-13 to service the new UW transit plaza. June 26.Route 27 to resume midday service-30 minute. September 4 Route 10.increase service from 30 minutes to 15 minutes during peak hour. increase midday service from 60 minutes to 30 minutes sunday and holiday. increase morning and evening service from 60 minutes to 30 minutes. September 4.57 Blair 30 minute midday service. September 4.Routes 201-202 increase service from 15 minutes to 10 minutes peak hour. April 1 Route 77 continues service as part of gets regular Route network. Route 205 will start early 2018.
  4. if i have to take a guess i say march maybe sooner i know there is a 23xx with a new fare not sure which one.
  5. Saturday Tracker sighting. 2204.9-13.
  6. they work i guess but also i heard not alot of drivers have been trained yet so there not putting them on the road till everybody has been trained
  7. hey chris there is only 3 22xx left there not out everyday. 2204 2205 2206. the issue with the fare box there bigger then the ones there using now.
  8. yep i heard the same
  9. 8006 is a night shift bus dont forget 21116 hybrid is also on the 200.
  10. today sighting. 2428 Route 1.
  11. what im hearning from my contacts at strasburg garage the 22xx might live longer but also the 22xx are post to be for Training but back up if there short cough cough they beeeb short for awhile
  12. new buses will be XD40. 39 Replacements this will wipe the 23xx out and the start of the 24xx 18 expasion all buses will be here for september not any sooner. the ontario government gave them the money for the replacements a few months ago look at the older post.
  13. i have lived in Elmira for 5 years the 40 foot buses are needed because there are alot of seniors who use the bus in Elmira GRT wont put a small bus out there just because they wont buy smaller buses only ones they have are for the bus plus and a differnt company owns them woolwich township councilors has there heads in the sand they dont want change they think there is nothing wrong with the service well there is and there is lots wrong with Elmira just ask some police officers.
  14. well they just messed that up the only way to get the 21 busy is to add more runs they should went with the 2nd option in the first place i am glad i dont live in Elmira.
  15. Route 24 will service the new Cambridge center terminal.