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  1. afternoon i spotted a 17xx on the 401 eastbound around 12 noon passing through the kw area
  2. i am hearing of wiring issues with the 217xx not sure how bad it is.
  3. i went pass the garage on the kitchener line lots of dead Orions even a few hybrids picture on the bottom.
  4. new Easy go truck use to be a ems unit.
  5. a friend of mine spotted 1710 outside of chicago picture on the bottom.
  6. today sightings. 2329.200 iXpress. 2427.200 iXpress. 21217.200 iXpress.
  7. yep 8334 did that on the other side of the terminal but this was the worst crash yet nobody was hurt that last time.
  8. the double decker that crashed at charles street terminal last night was 8199 pictures on the bottom there was injuries.
  9. i was on a nova today with the screen moved back it looks alot better i believe it was 21104.
  10. 8368 is in service got it here in kitchener last week.
  11. 2327 is now up for action.
  12. a 217xx update. 21701-21707 are at Strasburg Garage 1716 bus plus is also sitting next to the 217xx.
  13. 2206 is up for auction all 22xx are now retired.
  14. the following 23xx have got there pink cards. 2309. 2310. 2311. 2312.
  15. the 217xx have started to come. 21701. 21702. 21705.