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  1. after all these years on this site please remove my id from this web site thank you.
  2. looks like sombody is stealing pictures again none of mine are on here but i believe a few members from here are on this site. www.
  3. no its a strike vote there set to walk march 19.
  4. delete trend
  5. drivers have vote 98% in favor of a strike more details to follow.
  6. what i been told the 204-205 will interline at on Ottawa street some where take a look at the 22 non of the drivers are going to like that in 2018.
  7. are these Brantford Orions ?
  8. here are the new fare boxes.
  9. today sightings. 2315.Route 12 8023 Route 200
  10. not sure but you can track it on the regions web site.
  11. 21104. 21325.
  12. i heard today Welcome aboard.
  13. sightings via the tracker. 2301 Route 5.night shift. 21116.Route 12.night shift.
  14. yep and it dont start till march 2018 lol
  15. just got word that the region is looking for bidders for the 9 Ion buses head of fleet wants novas no more new flyers after this order and bidding closes tommorow.