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  1. I thought RMR cars were supposed to be placed between the head end units for HEP reasons? What changed?
  2. That may be so, but where do you think this "high speed" line is going to run? In many instances, it'll run along the same corridor (maybe not the same rails) as CN, GEXR, and GO. Just because you introduce a railway name, like CN or CP, doesn't automatically mean problems. You can't judge the outcome of anything until a firm plan on an alignment, trackage options, etc. is finalized.
  3. Are we talking in Canada or North America? In Ontario, there were a few lengthy ones ... Brantford & Hamilton Electric Ry - 37 km's (though the last 1-2 km's was street running in Hamilton) Lake Erie & Northern/Grand River Ry - 105 km's combined (both operated under the CPR banner) Niagara, St Catharines & Toronto - 90 km network at its peak London & Port Stanley - 40 km mainline Toronto Suburban Ry (Guelph) - 90 km mainline Toronto & York Radial Ry - 79 km mainline (north from Glen Echo). At one point it ventured south past St Clair, but this was all street runnin
  4. Thanks. I actually expected a lot more exposures, namely a selection of mid-route turn backs.
  5. Does anyone happen to have a full list of destination blind exposures for the U2/U2A C-Train signs? Recently came across a rendering for the Edmonton signs and was curious of the Calgary counterpart.
  6. Smiths Falls, for one. The biggest thing for an Edmonton-Calgary route is to make it competitive, you're looking at speeds averaging about 90 mph. And the problem with that, is the line can't support it without major investments to infrastructure (too many level crossings to run at those speeds safely).
  7. Thanks. It was mostly about numbers. I didn't think nearly that many units were repainted. Still, to me the Edmonton fishies looked best in the white scheme. Yes the new scheme has its merits, but it's a modern scheme. The fishy was not a modern bus.
  8. Could anyone tell me roughly how many fishies received the blue/silver scheme before retirement? From what I can tell it was definitely the minority, and most stayed in the white w/ blue stripes scheme right to the end. I know the BBC's certainly did. Having a "minor" disagreement with someone and need a resolution. Thanks.
  9. Would it have been an option to provide a trainset by VIA to run as far as possible, then offer up the bus connection? Also, it says that track work is being performed by CSX ... which is in the US ... which is not where the train will be terminating on the 24th and 25th. I'm curious as to where the trackwork is, and the extent of it.
  10. The trains are assembled dead in Wilson Yard off the flatbeds, and are towed/pushed into the carhouse for inaugural testing. If you resurrect the Greenwood delivery track, you're forcing yourself to do inaugural testing at Greenwood, or you're towing a trainset dead all the way to Wilson Yard. Considering a reverse move or a runaround is required to perform such a move, that pretty well nixes that idea. Also, the time consumed by such a tow could also interfere with track works. I think on a cost benefit, it made the most sense to truck the cars down individually. This wasn't done with the
  11. I don't like how it seems they're only doing the north platform. Trains regularly service both, so why not do the others too? Hopefully it's a future phase of the project.
  12. I'm curious what car design that one in the foreground is with 3 doors.
  13. No. 1 departs from Toronto, No. 2 arrives. If No. 2 is late enough, they'll bump the departure of that evenings No. 1 to the next morning, though it doesn't happen too often. Apparantly it was really late owing to a derailment with the RMR somewhere out west, and it never recovered from getting stuck behind that delay.
  14. Can't see any new customers in the future because of the redevelopment plans. That said, it'll be interesting to see if rail is used at all for material delivery once redevelopment kicks in.
  15. Does anyone have an updated list on what trains are through-routed via Ottawa between Toronto and Montreal? VIA's website labels everything as a "connection" and non of their PDF schedules highlight any through scheduled services. This is likely because they change train no's at Ottawa, but I recall their older printed schedules did show this.
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