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  1. 3 newbies are @QSY, 2 of my friends were telling they've had some 'newborns' out on their routes, researching routes..

    1 was on Lambton tonight.

    Starting Training for TTC transit operator on October 24, 2011. Just wondering how competitive is to transfer to the subway division in the TTC? They say 2 years but i bet there are people waiting and seniority is top. any transit operator know

  2. Way too early though ... the TTC Chair and other commissioners have commented that they don't want to see whole scale service cuts. If TTC votes for fare increase, wouldn't it need 2/3 council majority to overrule? And even if not, are there 21 other councillors who want to head into next election on the back of absolutely massive service cuts?

    I wouldn't worry too much yet ... it's all hot air. Even Miller and Giambrone made noise about huge cuts and even closing the Sheppard subway ... it was all hot air ...

    So the TTC is cutting employees, why are they proceeding with the application fast? My reference was just called few days ago

  3. How many references are they looking for and do they contact previous employers or just current? I heard that Toronto Police is doing the Background check or reference check for TTC, i'm I wrong??

    what job did you apply for?

    Usually during a job at the TTC, you apply and they keep your application for 6 months. If you are selected, they select you for an interview and then they will hire you if you are being successful. :)


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