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  1. hi , do you tell me about the aptitude test ? i desperately need help to be able pass that aptitude test , may be my English is problem or understanding , could be anything . English is my 2, language thats why i am soo confused ! i experienced driver have all CD licences but no way i wont be able to pass that test !i appriciate for any ideas and opinions ,




  2. They will call you to tell u if u have pass the interview or not before checking ur references.. Usually, they call the next day but you never know...
  3. Do you guys think that TTC are going to lay off all the collectors when the presto is in place?? I think they still need someone at a station for customer service and other things....
  4. I had to do 10 routes back in august, now they changed it to 5 routes....all the responses were approximately the same except maybe some personal experiences. I have been on the job for 2 months, things are slow until January I heard...
  5. Your probably out of luck, because for most people they call them the very next day to say that they passed the interview. They called me the very next day.. Any one know the routes for the Class C license for TTC??? Appreciated...
  6. I wasnt told, but i assume its for bus, I'll know next week for sure.
  7. Have been placed in the Wilson Division, is that where most new recruits start out?
  8. any TTC drivers know how long it would take to transfer to the subway division after 2 years? How big is the waiting list?
  9. Don't know yet, they will call be next week regarding mode and division. Next week will be paper work... I guess subway is impossible...
  10. Starting Training for TTC transit operator on October 24, 2011. Just wondering how competitive is to transfer to the subway division in the TTC? They say 2 years but i bet there are people waiting and seniority is top. any transit operator know
  11. Received the reference letter exactly 4 weeks. Well be calling them to see whats next..
  12. I'll give TTC a if it does'nt come this week.
  13. The TTC sent it for me maybe i'll wait one more week. Its the one where you have to get because your working with vulnerable person/ child.
  14. How long does the police reference check take, its been 4 weeks and still nothing in the mail. They say once I receive it to give them a call....
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