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  1. Ben Franklin Transit

    After it spent the last month running demo service at Spokane Transit Authority, a BYD E-Bus is running demo service at BFT this month. (Photos of the bus at BFT and STA are on my Flickr page.) This week, it's been doing revenue service during peak hours only, but I've been told by maintenance that they plan to have it on a full-day piece as early as next week. (Note that STA had a publicly available set schedule for where and when the bus would be running.) The ZEPS Bus mentioned earlier in this thread is still running, mostly on the 23/26 during peak hours, so it'll be interesting if we can get the two different electric buses running side by side.
  2. Ben Franklin Transit

    I just happened to be at Knight Street TC on my ride home last night when I saw the ZEPS Electric Bus pulling in. Ben Franklin Transit E-1 by ziggzagzac, on Flickr I cover the ride a bit more in depth in a post on my site, but Brian has already summed up the basics of it and I agree with what he said. Yes, the bus is now in regular service. For the time being, it is only being dispatched during peak hours, running about 3 hours at a time on a Route 23/26 interline.
  3. Ben Franklin Transit

    I wrote about a post on my blog about this back in October. It covers a bit more about the ZEPS Bus and how it works. At that time, they were saying that the bus was going to be in service by the end of the year. From what I've read, I think there might have been a delay with the grant process though I'm honestly not sure. And as Brian pointed out, that is just a mockup using a bus from a different fleet series (Either 251-253 or 259-267). #248, the bus being used for the ZEPS Bus project, looked like this previously. They bought 16 used Phantoms this time around, so presumably the fleet numbers will be 293-308.
  4. Whatcom Transportation Authority

    707-724: 722, 723, 724 are still in use, all others are retired 751-757: All are still in use 801-805: All are retired 811-825: 812, 815, 817, 822, 824, 825 are still in use, all others are retired/set to be retired in 2012 847-848: In the contingency fleet This is all from the TDP I mentioned before. There's several other changes/additions to the fleet that need to be made to the WTA wiki. I won't list them all here, but for someone who wants to edit it, that's where you'll find the info. (Link)
  5. Kitsap Transit

    Kitsap Transit recently bought four 1993 MCI 102-B3's from Ben Franklin Transit. (Yakima Transit also got four, though they're 1995 units.) Worthy of note is that they're equipped with DD 6V92TA engines. These are the only pictures I have of them: BFT #710 by ziggzagzac, on Flickr BFT #710 by ziggzagzac, on Flickr All KT will have to do is remove the livery and add some fresh fleet numbers. Interiors are in pretty good shape, so no problems there.
  6. Wiki Editors

    I would like to request Wiki Editor priviliges please. I have updated information for Ben Franklin Transit, Spokane Transit Authority, Yakima Transit, and Valley Transit (Walla Walla).
  7. Whatcom Transportation Authority

    Units 881-886 are 2010 40' Gillig LF's. I can't find any information confirming 893 or any other units, but there was this in their 2012-2017 TDP under "Activities in 2011." Presumably, those are Units 887-894, 2011 Gillig 40' LF's. I know they also got a FTA grant earlier in the year for some hybrid buses (3-5, depending on the local match).
  8. Greyhound Connect

    Does anyone know anything about this new Greyhound "Connect" service? While riding cross-country last month, I was stopped over in Birmingham AL when I found three Freightliner cutaways painted in the new Greyhound livery marked as "Greyhound Connect" vehicles. I couldn't tell what make/model they were, as I'd never seen any other cutaways like them, but they reminded me a bit of TurtleTop. The vehicles were numbered #AL90003, #AL90004, and #AL90006. On their website, there's a subpage for Greyhound Connect. Beyond a route map, it doesn't reveal much, but you can decipher the schedule if you play around with the ticket reservations. It also shows that this program has also popped up in Colorado/Utah, North Carolina, and Maryland. Looking at the maps, it appears to be serving places that have been cut off from the national intercity bus network, so there may be some FTA or Rural Access grants tied to this. Any thoughts/ideas/info?
  9. Ben Franklin Transit

    Any updates on the MCI's and the ex-ST Phantoms on the 170?
  10. What was the longest you spent on a bus?

    Last month, I spent 85 hours (5 different coaches, 3 operators) riding from Florida to Washington State. Done, did, never again...
  11. Ben Franklin Transit

    I find it amusing that Yakima couldn't even be bothered to remove any C-Tran livery beyond the logo. SMART (Wilsonville, OR) and Island Transit have also bought some Phantoms from C-Tran, but I don't think they get used much now. Sorry, scanned through a little fast. That's what I get for multitasking I guess. =)
  12. Ben Franklin Transit

    No, as BusDude pointed out, they're not former Tri-Met coaches. BFT bought them brand new. However, last year they did buy some retired 1995 Phantoms from C-Tran. This coach was formerly C-Tran #2088. As a sidenote, does anyone what the reason for the green reflectors is? The only other agency I've ever noticed them on is MBTA. It's powered by a 6V-92. As are the 1988 Phantoms and 1993 MCI 102-B3's (w/ the 6V-92TA).
  13. buses based in Alaska and Yukon

    As a kid growing up in Whitehorse, I remember how the summers always felt like a constant stream of buses filled with tourists. I do remember that Gray Line of Yukon/Holland America had some Prevost H5-60 articulated coaches that you could always see downtown. It was quite the site whenever we drove around downtown. Always thought that was cool. Somewhat off-topic, but relevant... A few years before I left the Yukon, someone showed up into town with a Mercedes Benz camper bus. (http://picasaweb.google.com/KK70088/AllAbroad#5458564312979018114) I wasn't sure who was operating it as I never saw a company logo on the bus, but the word was that European tourists were paying to travel between Whitehorse and Dawson City, operating as a mobile hotel basically. It's safe to say that the bus was a direct European import, but then again, it was years ago and so it's hard to say. EDIT: The bus is a modified Mercedes-Benz O 404 coach, operated by a company called Rotel Tours in Germany.
  14. Does anyone have some stories and/or photos of Translink in the midst of all the chaos from that night? After watching my RSS and Twitter feeds explode with news of rioting starting, I went to the ScanBC website looking for a online scanner to listen to the Vancouver Police. Since they didn't have one, I instead opened the Translink radio. It was strange and interesting listening to it. The main dispatcher was literally the worlds most polite person, answering every call with a calm and collective voice, and ending with a dutiful "thank you" every time. Things weren't so calm after a while though, when calls starting coming in for medical and passenger assistance at what seemed like literally every SkyTrain station in the system. Then calls came in that there were people actually kicking out windows on a SkyTrain car. And then of course, the call was made to pull all buses out of downtown and shut down the bridges into downtown. I was hundreds of miles away, and I still couldn't believe how chaotic this all was.
  15. I assume (based on the destination sign) that this is one of the old buses that ran on the Hanford Site. FFTF stands for "Fast Flux Test Facility" which in short was a sodium-cool reactor. A museum in Richland, WA, has two of these in it's collection and has gone through and fully restored them. Occasionally they'll take them out for a spin as well. Haven't had the privilege personally, but keeping my ears open for the next time they do it.