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  1. leylandvictory2

    New TTC Mc Nicoll Bus Garage

    Sure since ttc are planning to buy hybrids.
  2. leylandvictory2

    New TTC Mc Nicoll Bus Garage

    42 and 43 are definitely going to Mcnicol.
  3. leylandvictory2

    Today's Sightings

    or getting the blue vinyl wrap. They did some body work on them recently.
  4. all of them will eventually show up so who cares.
  5. Vision system has no impact to passengers.
  6. leylandvictory2

    TTC Application Process

    Christie is probably the hardest as there is no no margin of error when leaving st clair west subway station. I heard oakwood and 63 Ossington is pretty bad too. @andyman knows more.
  7. leylandvictory2

    TTC non-Fishbowl Fleet Nostalgia

    too many to post them here. Scroll to the bottom of the page to check out my collection http://publictransit.byethost33.com/bus/canada/ttcpage.htm
  8. leylandvictory2

    Current TTC Wraps

    4404 telus 4082 budweiser 4190 Air Canada 4214 Air Canada
  9. leylandvictory2

    TTC Application Process

    why would they?
  10. leylandvictory2

    TTC Orion VII Retirements

    Yup. They have been stripped and waiting to be picked up by the scrappers.
  11. leylandvictory2

    TTC Application Process

    Probably lack of instructor. Recert for some of the current drivers has been postponed.
  12. leylandvictory2

    TTC Orion VII Retirements

    With no nee buses to replace the retired buses will put a strain on the maintainence department to get the buses to cover all the runs. Thankfully the summer period is around the corner.
  13. If drivers have a say, the nova wont last long. My buddy at wilson got the vision training.
  14. leylandvictory2

    Miscellaneous TTC Discussion & Questions

    nothing to do with political shift,
  15. leylandvictory2

    General Motorcoach Spottings & Photos

    this bus needs new air bags, the bus is already sagging on one side.