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  1. the escalators will have more usage than the ones at the malls. Also due to close proximity to the streets, salts and other crap get stuck in the escalators which lead to more break downs.
  2. yes about 200 buses per day. Eglinton will get their starting next Tuesday.
  3. very likely. TTC doesn't pay the RAD bus drivers to still around doing nothing.
  4. we the drivers don't have access to the draft allocation sheet. I sort of have an idea but for sure it will get nova artics.
  5. 4453 fare evasion wrap full 4462 is wrapped for a restaurant I think.
  6. from the looks of it, 2 were sent back. I saw only 8 this morning.
  7. last week I am the last bus that leaves the garage in the morning, if there is a bus shortage, I wouldn't be going out at all. On top of that, I was asked if I want to do OT.
  8. the tracking system reset last Sunday. So if the vehicle wasn't turn on after Sunday, it won't be tracked.
  9. it took about a month and half to train all the operators to complete the Nova bus training. It is based on seniority (similar to picking your work). btw 7 byd has been delivered. so I say 3 were delivered today.
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