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  1. Yes but given how many buses are going through rebuilt and accident rspairs, it will be a while before it get back on the road.
  2. 8159 is the only bus wrapped for Pride.
  3. 4130's Sear Wrap has been unwrapped. It has been rewraped for Think Cleverland. 4403 and 4416 are wrapped for Sapporo Japanese wine.
  4. Email the hr to see if there is anything can be done.
  5. Pacific western got their 2017 h3-45 for safeway. Fleet number is 5722
  6. 1) Added 2 photos to Megabus (Canada) MCI J4500 2) Added 1 photos to Ex-US Megabus 3) Added 4 photos to 2007 GO Transit MCI D4500CT 4) Added 26 photos to OC Transpo 2009 Orion 7 NG HEV 5) Created and Added 7 photos to GE P42DC Page
  7. Some smoke from 7605 was coming out of the tube where tha /c unit drains the water out. I guess it is a major repair issue.
  8. Correction more than 4 whole months. It was wrapped since last june?
  9. and the nova will receive the updated livery as well. I have a feeling the first 11 nova will be converted to Airport express buses to replace the 8000-8011 when they start to retire.
  10. 1) Updated Roaster information and added 8 photos to Badder Bus Line 2) Added 1 photo to 2005 Coach Canada MCI J4500 3) Added 4 photos to 2007 Coach Canada MCI J4500 4) Created and added 3 photos to 2000 Coach Canada Prevost H3-45 5) Added 9 photos to 2011 Coach Canada MCI J4500 6) Updated roaster information and added 6 photos to Coach Canada School buses 7) Added 9 photos to OC Transpo 2004 New Flyers Invero
  11. 1301 is wrapped for Shaw Festival.
  12. 7708 I believe has the new prototype "Vision" or should I call it the Trump #2.
  13. things may change overtime. The first batch of hybrid are slated to retain the original livery. Subsequent hybrid batches will get the new livery. More buses to hunt down I suppose
  14. of course. The cheapest hostel hotel I found (In Toronto) during off season is about $35 on weekdays.
  15. like any other job, you can work up to 60 hours i think. I don't recommand newbies do any OT until they pass the probation. They are (don't want to sound that scary but true) literally one accident away from being fired.