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  1. Angel Tour acquired ex-Demo from prevost Lemirage. It has the fleet name, Apollo. I haven't seen the 2015 White Lemirage for a long time. I wonder what happen to them.
  2. sightseeing is slow at the moment due to the weather.
  3. 7687 is also wrapped for tvo. Full wrap
  4. It is possible. I remebdr those bowls with uwe system ran on 43
  5. I can't remember which colour exactly the physical test.
  6. Usually the paper fares from YRT always jam the farebox. When TTC introduced the new paper fare, they jammed some of the farebox. Revenue is important. One time the farebox broke once while I was deadheading to Pape. Supervisor told me to turn back to the garage to have it fix. Didn't take that long. About 20 minutes should fix the problem. Missing a bus for a short period of time on 25 won't make a huge difference. I guess it depends on the situation and which supervisor you talked to.
  7. It would be nice to have fishbowl models come with different length (35 foot or 30 foot)
  8. That"s correct. You as a passenger dont want an operater who cant see a red light.
  9. That's because faulty farebox has to be repaired first before entering service. Sometimes they broke while in service, change off will be provided if possible. I don't want to go into too much detail but the flap won't open if the farefox is broken.
  10. the signal problem lasted quite a long time at Don Mills.
  11. 1) Added 10 photos to Bus Wrap Page 2) Added 24 photos and updated roaster information to 2014 TTC Nova LFS Artic 3) Created and added 6 photos to Para Transpo Page
  12. The lady who does the surface stip announcement has retired. If you take 185 they use a different lady voice for calling pape subway station.
  13. 3831 has been sold to Can -Am
  14. does anybody know the status of 3026. It was send to be refurnished by a contractor. So far it has disappeared for more than a year.
  15. 1799 has full body wrap. It is current used as stand by bus. So good luck catching it today.