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  1. yes only 8526 at Eglinton.
  2. way ahead of schedule. first one wasb;t expected till last week of may according to the document.
  3. sorry my bad. Please disregard. Must have a brain fart
  4. 1) Created and added 9 photos to Century Transportation Ltd. 2) Added 1 photos and updated roaster information to City Sightseeing Toronto 3) Added 7 photos to Cherry Bus Line 4) Added 23 photos to 2003 TTC Orion 7 Photo gallery
  5. Coach Canada's Safeway unit(s) should be here. I spotted 93001 same livery as the previous one.
  6. Most likely date 25 test. 131 and 108 downsview are the routes used for final driving exam. Those 2 routes has like 20+ turns. Some are tight. It tests how good the student can drive. So far i only heard one peraon failed.
  7. Good. Does that mean we will get more streetcars than expected this year?
  8. As i mentioned in the other thread. It doesnt matter what license class or endorsement. The instructors will test each applicant everything mto road test, measurement of the push rod, 7 step air brakes written air brake test c test sign test etc. If your bz license is about to expirr, they can renew them for you
  9. you should post this in the greater Toronto thread. It doesn't matter what license you have, you still have to do the TTC road test, air brake tests, measurement of the push rod, etc..
  10. all of them will eventually get the new livery just stay tune.
  11. 1) Added 7 photos to GO Transit 2013 ADL Enviro 500 2) Added 1 photos to 2014 GO Transit MCI D4500CT (completed the entire gallery!!!) 3) Created and added 6 photos to Stock Transportation Chevy Express with Corbeil Body 4) Added 23 photos to 2016 TTC Nova LFS Photo gallery 5) Added 3 photos to TTC Bombardier Flexibility M1
  12. Shoukd be overtime work for the easter weekend.
  13. have they returned to service yet?
  14. i think the project has been scrapped. I mean 7590 has returned to regular service with the cameras removed.