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  1. each class is different. My class had a 100 percent passing rate. Meanwhile there was a class with 0% passing rate. Don't worry about the statistic. Keep driving the best of your ability on the final exam. Unless your examiner asks you to pull over, you continue.
  2. I just downloaded the photos off my camera so I can give everybody the most up to date wraps. I 4429 Chanel 4455 Square space 4459- Avocados Mexico 4483-Sonos speaker 4545The Glenlivet 4573 Expedia
  3. not that I am aware of. 4573 iirc is wrapped for Expedia.
  4. you will have to learn more stuff than BD due to ATC system and stuff. TR is a bit more complicated than Bombardier T1.
  5. some have been installed in storage bay and several at A/B row.
  6. 4545 has new wrap. A wrap for a wine. 4483 I think is wrapped for sonic bloom another Bombardier M1 is wrapped for a restaurant. I will get the number later.
  7. instead of updating this thread, why don't you request to become wiki editor?
  8. even buses. Buses slide if the buses are going too fast. I wish they stick with asphalts.
  9. Reliability is more important than aesthetic. I saw the BYD demo drove off the Eglinton garage yesterday. I cannot confirm if it returned later in the evening.
  10. According to my source 1530 has the same wrap. A Birchmount nova also has it. I will not post the fleet number as I may have the fleet number wrong. Once I can confirm it, I will post the number.
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