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  1. leylandvictory2

    Miscellaneous TTC Discussion & Questions

    the plates fade over the years. You can't tell the plate numbers.
  2. I disagree. During rush hour a bunch of them get stuck along Eglinton ave. Just like how Don Mills is cut into 2 branches. Route improvement team has been proposing breaking 54 Lawrenceinto at least 7 years! It also looking at eliminating 86B in the morning. Sadly nothing comes into fruition.
  3. leylandvictory2

    TTC NovaBus LFS Movement List

    Lily sadly has passed away. If she really hates you, she would wait for you on your return trip. Of course she would make you to secure her and get off the following stop. Onetime she was attempting to board a nova RTS. As some of you know the lift on the RTS are problematic even worse than the orion v. The lift was stuck half way. There is a key for driver to manually lower the lift. It is hard work from what I was told. The hardest thing about wheelchair securement is that there are several types of securements. It depends on the type of the wheelchair the passenger uses. Securement cannot done half way. It is either full securement or nothing. Drivers get a refresher course on wheelchair securement during the recert and the vision training. TTC puts a lot of emphasis on wheel chair securement.
  4. leylandvictory2

    TTC Application Process

    You can apply for a transfer after 10 months. Doesn't mean you will be granted a transfer after 10 months.
  5. leylandvictory2

    TTC Application Process

    it depends on where you are needed. I live closer to Malvern but was assigned to Eglinton. A guy lives in the Flemingdon area but was assigned to Wilson. you can ask for a transfer later on. The hardest thing is to get your foot into the door. Having a BZ is an asset but you are still required to pass the road test as well as other tests set out by the TTC.
  6. he did. Buses are very slow at accelerating from 0 km. The guy was pissed off and started running and blocked the bus.
  7. You have to choose your battle. A driver closed the doors after the guy was safely stepped on the sidewalk. The driver took off. The passenger then ran right in front of the bus to prevent it from moving further. In that case what do you do? This is a real story trust me.
  8. you do that, you will hear from your boss shortly. You will have to explain why you didn't open the doors for them. Had to dealt with this several times already trust me.
  9. nah. Pedestrians like to walk in front of the bus to ensure the driver waits for them.
  10. leylandvictory2

    Missing in Action buses

    buses don't go places for parts. Parts come to them. JET is a facility that does some of the TTC warranty works.
  11. leylandvictory2

    TTC's CAD/AVL "Vision" System

    if you don't see a gigantic black box beside the driver aka trump, then the bus is equipped with Vision. Trump unit has been around before I was even born!
  12. leylandvictory2

    Missing in Action buses

    8924 has moved to Hillcrest. According to an Eglinton garage staff, parts have been ordered to repair that bus.
  13. leylandvictory2

    Miscellaneous TTC Discussion & Questions

    8924 has moved to an unknown location. Most likely the repair has commenced.
  14. leylandvictory2

    Bombardier Flexity Deliveries

    Since Bombardier faces a stiff financial penalty for not fulfilling the 6 cars for Eglinton Cross, I wonder if they bump the TTC order aside till they complete the six car order.
  15. leylandvictory2

    TTC's CAD/AVL "Vision" System

    I am surprise 3100 is at birchmount since Birchmount drivers already received in class training on vision.