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  1. a steeles run that has starts off as a york mill bus. it picks up students at John Pope 2 highschool. 33 run finch i think turns into a steeles bus as soon as the am rush is over a 939 pm bus starts at bayview and steeles wb toward finch station as a 53A. as soon as it pulls into finch, it will turn into a 939c.
  2. eglinton has at least one bus capital wrap. Mcnicol has at least 2 with capital wrap. 3174 i think. it was in the body this afternoon. I didn't get a good look at it.
  3. 3223 full pizza pizza wrap. very plain and i don't understand why pizza pizza wrapped the whole bus 3274 capital one full wrap as well
  4. yes and no. it depends on what you sign. i say 99% of the employees get the same off days for the board period (generally 4 to 6 weeks). your off day may change after the board period ends. don't listen to what people tells you. some people told me the passing rate for drivers is 50%. My class of 12 has 100% passing rate and the other class has nobody passed. Don't let the statistics to scare you. each class is different.
  5. It turns out 3713 is indeed wrapped for pride parade. If you are a friend of mine on facebook, you will see a video to support my claim. I wasnt at the parade so this is all i got
  6. 3275 has the indigenous wrap as well. Keep an eye on 3720. It appeared in some sort of parade today
  7. 8165 still has little canad bus wrap (full)
  8. simple the garage use whatever spare parts they have in stock. some of the 31xx buses have the 34xx mirrors on the driver side.
  9. i believe 3277 has its fire suppression system deployed at warden and 401
  10. ttc customer service confirmed a wrapped electric bus will appear in the parade.
  11. correct. one nova and one wrapped wheel trans bus are touring around ttc bus garages. Not sure if it has been mentioned already or not, I believe W700 is also wrapped as well. i highly doubt 3712 is wrapped. I can conclude 3700, 3702, 3703, 3704, 3705, 3706, 3710, 3715, 3718, 3721,3722, 3723 do not have wraps
  12. the final exam is pretty easy. the hardest test is the MTO C road test.
  13. hard to say. it probably takes another several months.
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