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  1. Arrow is sorta short on staff. Don't be surprise to see rad buses appear on Arrow routes especially on Jane
  2. how is it special? I mean Malvern have buses running out of Kennedy. Rte 21.
  3. none. This is the second prototype. Some drivers were complaining about the glare generated by the plastic shield. I am actually concern about the tinted shield. What you are driving in an area with poor lighting, you can't really see the right mirrors.
  4. there is a magnetic on the top and a pin at the bottom. . it is quite small, I have to question how effective the small piece of magnet will hold up.
  5. The newest generation of wheel trans vehicle has arrived and in service. Spotted W700 yesterday at Don Mills Station. It is a Dodge Promaster cutaway van. I believe it is identical to the demo presented to TTC earlier this year. Sadly, I didn't have time to stop and check it out. I wouldn't be surprise if it is a hybrid. I haven't seen an old livery Ford Friendly wheel trans bus lately, I guess TTC has the refurnblished ones left and their dates are numbered.
  6. there was a class that didn't finish training after the layoff. It may be the same group.
  7. i haven't kept track of the BYD but for sure 3757 hasn't plated yet. i believe it is the only BYD unit hasn't plated yet.
  8. lowest bid wins the bid. Nova won the tender. the 20 XE40 are here on trial purposes
  9. maybe not. The new board period starts 2 sundays from now.
  10. that is strange but follow their instructions
  11. i sense people will be piss off starting new board period October 12? TTC will remove quite a number of stops along Eglinton (east of Kennedy) Cedar Drive, Barbadoos, Livingston just to a name a few
  12. not necessary. Depends on your age, your medical is good for up to 5 years. There are still 100+ operators still laid off and not mention 10 to 20 of them haven't completed their 30 days training yet.
  13. i prefer driving a diesel powered buses over hybrid or electric. Diesel buses have transmission to help me to drive a bus down a snowy slope.
  14. i doubt it. if there is an equipment shortage, they can be deployed on other routes just like the airport express buses used on non airport routes.
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