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  1. I am going to say they will leave it since they have the light up device on each.
  2. from the nova hybrid I saw, they use the same square screw to lock the compartment behind the driver seat.
  3. the drivers of those electric buses should have received trainings on adjustable pedals. I didn't get to drive a nova till like a month and a half after I received my nova bus training. it won't be difficult to pick up as the drivers are driving buses everyday.
  4. any bus can be pulled for shuttles even airport buses get pulled for shuttles. The only buses will not be pulled are the downtown express routes and buses that will be heading York Region.
  5. correction 8130 is only wrapped on the right hand side only.
  6. 8130 is wrapped for loveisloveislove (Toronto Big Gay Bus) https://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2019/06/12/the-big-gay-bus-is-ready-to-take-toronto-for-a-ride.html
  7. nowadays RAD buses can appear on routes from other division, it isn't special anymore.
  8. 1) Added 8 photos to 2013 TTC Nova LFS Artic Page 2) Added 2 photos to 2014 TTC Nova LFS Artic Page 3) Created and Added 8 photos to 2011 YRT D40LFR Page 4) Created and Added 2 photos to 2018 YRT XD40 Page 5) Added 12 photos to 2016 YRT Nova LFS Page 6) Added 7 photos to 2017 YRT Nova LFS Page
  9. 4414 should still have a lottery wrap.
  10. if the panels fall off on highway then yes it is a safety issue. the nova bus panel right below the driver window always loose if it is not locked properly.
  11. I believe I saw 4084 hauled away yesterday. saw it near Kingston and Lawrence.
  12. all the 2019 model have silver grill
  13. spotted W590 the other day. It is relatively easy now to tell if the van is built in 2019 by looking at the front grill. They have silver grill with the word, "Ram" on it.
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