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  1. from the looks of it, it looks like Angel Tour has at least 4 new H3-45. I haven't seen X3-45 lately.
  2. Lawrence Subway station is probably the worst subway station for buses to go through. Make sure you enter the right entrance. I think TTc finally labelled the entrances and installed lights inside the tunnel.
  3. Maple is X3-45. Trillium is H3-45 unless they have the name for X3-45. So Angels has at least 3 new h3-45
  4. they have another h3-45 fleet number starts with the letter M, Mirage I think. I can't remember at the moment.
  5. If you made the wrong turn, it is considered as split switch accident. No. Passengers want to get to their destination. I made a wring tuen once on 144. A passenger showed me the proper way. For now just worry about passing the training. Sometimes you have less than 5 minutes to figure it out when you are on open report. When in doubt call supervisor
  6. You should know all of them. Some of the Wilson's routes are tight and lots of killer lamp posts.
  7. 1) Added 1 photo to TTC 2003 Orion 7 (completed the entire gallery!) 2) Added 30 photos to 2011 TTC Orion 7 NG 3) Created and added 9 photos to YRT Mobility Plus Page
  8. Don't worry all the rebuilt buses and new buses will have the new livery.
  9. Angel tour got another h3-45 fleet number autumn. Does neon bus rider or anybody know if this is a 2016 or 2017 model. Also is that the only new bus it acquired recently?
  10. that's what the internal memo said.
  11. Metrolinx is working on the problem.
  12. ??? What so special about the 20th?
  13. drivers are technically suppose to hand out transfers if requested. The presto machine will work fine if you transfer from 16 to 129. The presto machines on TTC can't not handle YRT fares and also the downtown express routes So technically you are suppose to use other method of payment when you are getting on/off at York Region area.
  14. Well you can install the platform barriers but it I s way too expensive.
  15. Small division. Close knit division. Short routes. A bit more senior than eglinton.