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  1. saw an ad on kijiji. The owner wants $5000 for this bus
  2. one of the major differences between an electric bus and a diesel bus is that the electric bus has no retarder.
  3. 87 will no longer service East York Acre during snow storms. Morningside aka Morningslide is another hill is a route I try to avoid during winter.
  4. maybe. the training route is up to the instructor. I never drove on the highway on a 40 foot nova training yet I drove a 60 footer Nova on the highway.
  5. it doesn't have to be supervisors. Your fellow co-workers can snitch on you. Like Busmedic said, ask the admin to change the user ID just in case you have a brain fart moment.
  6. that is correct. you can claim it in tax return.
  7. There used to be expiry date on the cards, they are no longer the case.
  8. from the looks of it, Malvern is supply buses for 25A
  9. The due is based on your job at the commission. It is taken off weekly. No different than other companies who have unions. Union dues are taken off every pay cheque.
  10. With reduced services, RAD buses will be run 24/7 for this board.
  11. I sometimes find the criminals have more rights than other people.
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