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  1. the final exam is pretty easy. the hardest test is the MTO C road test.
  2. hard to say. it probably takes another several months.
  3. actually some of the nova windows have been replaced 3108 also has the wrap too
  4. better to have a trainee driving a bus than not having a bus running.
  5. i would like to add that 953 will be discontinued on weekend. Mcnicol will be operating 506 carlton shuttle from main stn to Castle Frank station
  6. All the crews are signed before spareboard. Maybe the operator who signed the crew is on long term absent.
  7. depends on the mode. 25 days for bus. subway is the longest 31 days iirc.
  8. I never seen the proterra, byd is equally if not worse. Drivers are reminded to check the metal hooks beneath the bench seats (lack of space inside the buses) during the circle check. they must be folded back in or they will create tripping hazzard. I did see at least a proterra at Jet shop the other day when I was doing Warden.
  9. 8045 is guarantee done after it suffered electrical fire this morning.
  10. 1262 is wrapped for Healthy Planet full wrap.
  11. didn't zoom sold their buses already?
  12. From a facebook group. The following vehicles have Black lives Matter wrap 1254 4573 8057 607x 8153 1661 I have been away from Eglinton garage for the past 2 weeks so I don't know if any Eglinton buses are wrapped for Black Lives matter wrap.
  13. a streetcar got a black history month partial wrap. i am not sure which one
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