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  1. That was the 360 Maple Express, Discontinued in 2017 when the TYSSE Opened.
  2. The 98E isnt operated by TOK Transit. It really cant go out there.
  3. 5153 is this one of this year's holiday wrap buses. There is possibly going to be an Artic also wrapped.
  4. A Majority of this order (21 buses) will be for replacement, The rest for expansion.
  5. New Mobility Plus Contracts started this month. Service will be provided by Care Accessible, MTS, TOK Transit and Wheelchair Accessible Transit.
  6. They aren't allocated yet. Wait and see.
  7. 557 and 562 have moved from SE to North, 807 and 809 have moved to SE from SW.
  8. There's also the small window by the rear door and Thermo King HVAC unit (Standard is Carrier).
  9. Still is a rumour for now. More of a wait and see if it'll happen seeing as other plans they've come up with this year have not happened.
  10. Pattison Outdoor is now the Advertising contractor for YRT. Booting out DPI Transit Media. http://www.pattisonoutdoor.com/2015/10/pattison-outdoor-announces-new-advertising-partnership-with-york-region-transit/
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