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    If going to US, the buses of my choice would be the D60HF, D/C40LF and D60LF, LFS and LFS Articulated, Orion V CNG and 3-axle buses (notabily the Prevost X3-45 and MCI D4500).
    In Europe, I prefer some modern buses (Volvos, Scanias, MBs and some Setras), but I am focusing in old ones, because of the history that gives to the public view, specially AECs, Leylands, Volvos, some MANs and Scanias.

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  1. Hello. Is possible to change my username to "O530 Carris PT", please? By the way, thanks.
  2. Giving some knowledgment in Board about African transportation systems (especially in the Portuguese-speaking Africa). I visited Luanda last year, and that I know of this needed bus increase is an effort to retire the importance of the collective taxis (called Kandongueiros) in this region.
  3. Excuse me for restoring this topic, but I have some weird (old) buses from Portugal: Starting with this AEC - Weirdest model and front LHD bus with RHD position - Leyland: An weird Salvador Caetano/Fiat with a weird front to be exported to Mozambique in the 1970s.
  4. The TCUL (Transporte Colectivo Urbano de Luanda) is the public transit bus company in city of Luanda, Angola. Founded in 1988, and is a public, state-owned company, depending by the Ministry of Transportation in Angola. Has 40 bus lines in Inner Luanda, plus runs some intercity lines from Luanda to Benguela, Sumbe, N'Dalatando, Malanje, Uíge and Huambo. The fleet size is of 300 buses, with plans to expand to 400. This company uses some brazillian and chinese-made buses, like as you see in the pictures.
  5. Soundbyte of Setra S319UL #0275 - Part 1 - Part 2
  6. Well, my hometown company prefer US and Canadian-style low-floor buses, known as "Low Entry", with low-floored style between doors and high-floored after last door. Full low-floor buses is here rare. Only 50 articulated Mercedes-Benz Citaro and withdrawn Mercedes-Benz Citaro standard. Because here in Lisbon, full low-floor buses can't deal with our road pits and hills. That is the reason which full low-floored buses in Lisbon are a failure.
  7. This happened a year ago, but I have the consideration of join some pics of Volvo 7700 Hybrid in tests in city of Lisbon THIS BUS DID NOT MADE PASSENGER SERVICE
  8. Great Shots of Prevosts X3-45, I like that buses! The engine Volvo D13 is the first to be implanted in New York Buses, instead of Cummins and Detroit Diesel (or even Caterpillar) engines! But the Aesys displays doesn't give the importance thah Hanover displays give to the bus.
  9. One great bus has crashed, it is a sad image, but happens. And this is a 2002 model with ZF gearbox.
  10. For North American buses: New Flyer C40LF/C40LFR/XC40 (Frameless to C40LFR and XC40) with ISL G from Cummins engine and ZF Ecomat 6HP594 gearbox, and For European Buses, my choice goes to Mercedes-Benz Citaro CNG with Mercedes-Benz engine and ZF Ecomat 6HP594 gearbox. For Articulated buses, my preference in North American buses goes to New Flyer D60LFR/XD60 (Frameless) with Cummins ISL and ZF 6AP1700B gearbox and for European Buses goes to Volvo B10M-G with Camo Bodywork and THD 102 KF Engine and ZF 4HP590 gearbox.
  11. In continuity of the last topic, with the title "Portugal Trip", I decide to show more buses from Portugal, national or imported buses (from Germany). Unfortunately, the imported buses are used, and gets more smoke than a new national buses. But I am here to show some of my pictures of portuguese buses taken on some places of Lisbon. Warning: The pictures are ALL taken by me between 2009 and 2011. Buses: Mafrense #0275, a Setra S319UL, Carris #1581, a Volvo B10MA, Carris #1750 and #1756, two Volvos B7RLE Mk3 and Boa Viagem #0814, a Setra S315/6UL. The two Setras are imported, and the Volvos
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