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  1. This video was so "rubbish" that I literally LOL'd for 5 minutes. I "liked" the vid simply because of the laugh I got from it. Who made that terrible video? Have they ever even SEEN an LA Metro bus?
  2. I heard Gillig was moving to a different plant further in-land. This could give Gillig the capacity to do larger orders. (If capacity was even a problem. Though I'd imagine production capacity would be a major reason to move)
  3. http://foothilltransit.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/08-28-2015-Agenda-Packet-2.pdf New livery for refurbished NABI 60 BRTs for Silver Streak in the board meeting agenda. I find it interesting that the 60 BRTs are already approaching 500,000 after only 8 years. Running 100% freeway express everyday must really put on the mileage.
  4. Press release from when Foothill ordered the 2100s(I think)http://www.newflyer.com/index/2013_10_18_foothills_transit_award 4th Paragraph. It's no secret to New Flyer that Foothill wants the 42-BRT. Although sexy, beyond the headlights there is little about the Xcelsior that is striking or distinctive. If Foothill wanted Xcelsiors, they would have bought those by now. Clearly the NABI BRT has a design that cant be replaced by an Xcelsior. Seems to me that there is still hope that New Flyer might keep around the NABI BRT, or at the very least Foothill might strike a deal with New Flyer for more BRTs.
  5. The downfall of NABI is disappointing to say the least. NABI was the only competitor that had the production and product portfolio(CNG, BRT models, and Artics) to keep New Flyer in check on all fronts.Gillig makes CNG buses, but they don't make Artics and won't bid on large orders. Nova waited way too long address the CNG market, which is a MUST in the large California market. New Flyer already has a monopoly on CNG Artics until Nova steps up their game. El Dorado even lost to gillig on LADOTs last bid, so they have no chance against a behemoth like New Flyer. I don't want a BYD bus. Looks like for non EVs, Californians are going to be stuck with Gillig and New Flyer for awhile.
  6. Is this(the 2300s) the final batch? Foothill will probably go back to the Gillig BRT Plus or XN40 to replace the remaining Orion Vs. I was really hoping they could replace everything but the 40-LFWs with BRTs before production ceased. Oh well. The Gillig BRT Plus would be closest in terms of design, but it looks a wannabe NABI BRT at this point. I'd much rather have the real thing. I wish I could petition New Flyer to keep around such an iconic looking bus. The average rider usually can't tell the difference between something like an Orion V or a 40-LFW. But even the most average, non-caring riders know what the NABI BRT looks like. Me: "have you seen Foothill's curvy new bus?" Average Rider: "Oh yea! Even LA has some of those." Me: "Does LA also have some of their older buses as well?" Average Rider: "No idea"
  7. http://www.nabusind.com/ On the NABI front page, if you click the third little circle which shows off the NABI 60 BRT, it's a rendering of an updated Foothill Silver Streak livery on a 2014 NABI 60 BRT. Is Foothill talking to NABI about possible new or refurbished 60 BRTs?
  8. There has to be a balance. Frequent service is always a plus, but you can't clog the road with buses. In an ideal scenario, I'd say fill up the road with buses, but in reality the road space is filled with cars, on street parking, and old/outdated road design and geometry. The 720 is now at 2 minute headways peak with 60 BRTs, at rush hour there is so many buses trying to stop Wilshire/Western that it often blocks Western Ave traffic. I don't understand the hate towards the 45C when that is the best bus they have, including the new Xcelsiors. Also, keep in mind, like the artics, the 45Cs only make up a portion of the fleet. For some of the busier local lines like the 210 the 45Cs are great. I feel on many routes, the extra seats are welcome. In fact, on mixed 45C/Standard 40ft routes, the 40 footers feel cramped.
  9. I think this was clearly a jab at the articulated buses, which if Art Leahy thinks he can run lines like the 720 on 40 foot buses, he is a moron in that respect. 40 foot buses would be a nightmare. Clearly there is a need for articulated buses if surrounding munis are buying them.
  10. I think those are important advantages, yes. I liked the larger size of the BYD and I wanted to see how well it performed in real-world use. However, going BYD is creating more drama than it is worth. Given how we've already seen how well the Proterra has been doing right here in So Cal, LBT might as well go the Proterra route. If the feds are paying for it anyway, the cost of the infrastructure should not be a problem. Not mention that it would be a perfect fit, since the passport is a relatively short circulator.
  11. As much as I liked the BYD demo bus, and the high hopes I had, honestly since the FTA is paying for it anyway LBT is just better off building the charging infrastructure and buying Proterras. A charging station could be placed at Pine & 10th or even better at the Queen Mary. The transit gallery would be ideal, but there is no room for it on Pine Ave.
  12. Beside Omnitrans and Montebello, the RTA CommuterLink livery is one best and most original of all the re-designs that TA's have done lately. It makes Gillig BRT Plus look great.
  13. Hopefully it's NABI 60 BRTs. Kinda getting tired of Gillig BRTs and Xcelsiors everywhere... Although to be honest, I really just want to see a 60-BRT in LBT colors more than anything.
  14. C40LFRZeke


    Actually, before caltrans was forced to switch to double whites(frankly, this only really applies to interstates. For state route freeways like CA-91 or CA 60, etc Caltrans could do whatever the heck they want), you will notice there is a white line to the left of the double yellow(like the sbX lanes in the picture.) For years, this is how caltrans got away with double yellow on HOV lanes, because technically the traffic inside the lane is to the left of a white line, not a double yellow. Frankly, I actually like the double yellow better as it makes the lane more visible. Omnitrans can get away with it, because this isn't a federally maintained highway so who cares?
  15. Indeed, I'm loving the 45Cs, they are absolutely superb. Why the Washington/fairfax hub still exists is beyond me. Ridership for both bus and the Expo Line would increase if there was a single hub at Culver City. Instead you either change buses or wait under a horrible looking concrete freeway overpass. The area around the station would serve allot more people than being a parking lot. IMO, they could have easily made a parking garage while turning the area directly adjacent to the station(The strip of parking spots next to station) into a transit center.
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