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  1. Just out of curiousity: Which depot will the new artics be assigned to once they are fully assembled and tested?
  2. I saw the 41st Avenue stacked signage on my way to work. To me, it worked but my only complaint is their programing. Do they have to space out on all of the characters on "4 1 S T A V E N U E" instead of typing "41ST AVENUE" like normal?
  3. IIRC, it's 8130. Location: curbside, second window before middle door. I filmed it a few months ago on the 257 and discovered the older window frame.
  4. Canada Line 106 wrapped for Modo Canada Line 120 wrapped for Northeastern University
  5. Canada Line set 08 wrapped for Hello Fresh
  6. On board 224, which means this set is in service.
  7. Set 23 and 24 are testing today
  8. Two or all three of the ex-shuttles (S302-S304) were spotted as Tsawwassen Mills Shuttle buses, while I took the double decker to Tsawwassen Ferry a week ago. Didn't have time to grab my phone and took a shot of it. SMH!
  9. Sorry for the blurred photo. Just saw train set 24 at OMC
  10. Canada Line Set 103-203 wrapped for Taiwan Tourism
  11. I think that's either 134 or 133 as I saw it at Metrotown yesterday
  12. Or maybe 18400... I could be wrong though
  13. Current trip and block schedule for a specific bus is down...
  14. It was 121-122-018-017-149-150, just to verify as I rode it today.
  15. But has a B prefix instead of V as I saw 9619 in my way home from work a few nights ago
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