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  1. A first I believe with an electric bus on this route.. 3755 is in service on 11 Bayview right now.
  2. Going to be that person... Has anyone noticed that the streetcar fleet seems to be particularly filthy as of late? We're not talking someone left a coffee cup, we're talking interiors that look like they haven't been touched in months. Is there something going on at the carhouses lately?
  3. 5856 has one door closest to the cab left with the old M&M wrap. Looks like they forgot a door when they were removing the wrap. Oops.
  4. Looks like their yard by Jane and Hwy 7 has been cleared out. Their website is still up, so perhaps they have just moved locations, as opposed to then being a victim of Covid.
  5. Attridge is selling two of their 2015 H3-45s. 6507 and 6508 are up for sale on Prevost's website.
  6. Many TTC buses running around this morning with a new P/R destination sign for "REAR DOOR BOARDING". But is par for the course with some of their recent destination sign programming, they didn't program the rear signs to read correctly...
  7. Digging this thread way out from the archives... It appears Dallas Coach was purchased by Toronto Bus Company. A number of Dallas coaches were running a charter at the convention centre tonight with new Toronto Bus Company legals on them. It looked like at least one had its Dallas logos removed too.
  8. You did indeed spot 9604 at the back of the yard. Haven't spotted it in service in at least a couple years. It had small decals for OLG Slots and was running a shuttle to Georgian Downs for a while there. As for the X3-45, there was a time where they applied Angel Tours logos to it, but still had it numbered as 6185. It is the same bus. They also have a 2019 H3-45 in a solid charcoal colour scheme right now as well. Didn't catch what they named it though.
  9. It appears that McCluskey Transportation in Toronto is now owned by Pacific Western. Spotted a brand new Girardin G5 with Safely Home logos. Didn't catch the number, but it was large font size like on other PW school buses.
  10. Looks like the 514 is no longer serving Distillery Loop after 10pm. Is this due to the noise complaints? Interestingly enough, they are running a 514 shuttle bus using a Wheel-Trans vehicle to fill the gap. http://www.ttc.ca/Service_Advisories/Route_diversions/514_railgrinding.jsp
  11. Not sure if there is a new arrangement with Pacific Western, but spotted 3 Prevost H3-45's today running Casino Rama runs. One was 3010 which had an Angel Tours logo on the front, and two others (didn't catch the numbers) lost their PW markings and are running plain green.
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