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  1. probably a silly question but does anyone have any speculation of what bus fleet would be moving to McNicoll? or what buses you think would go to McNicoll and also is the garage open this year or is it delayed cause of Covid-19
  2. This is the 3rd night in a row an artic has been on 312
  3. So they’re training Mount Dennis technicians for if they do get Nova hybrids
  4. Are they swapping 3583 with 3578 cause Mount Dennis is training drivers?
  5. Does anyone know about a new type of bus shelter at Jane and Eglinton? apparently they have automatic doors
  6. So I assume that Malvern will get the whole 3455-3569 batch and Arrow will keep 3570-3654
  7. Omg just get over it Queensway is not moving or closing nor is it getting any new buses anytime soon. Stop complaining about it or move to a different part of Toronto if you want to see new deliveries
  8. So I guess since they are taking 12 artics from the 41 and the 935 uses 12 buses, I assume they will put the 12 artics on the 935 I could be wrong tho
  9. I assume those are obviously the BYD K9s right??
  10. I wonder when they’re gonna change to Artic buses on routes 935 and 927
  11. Which route do you think they will test the Proterra BE40 on first? like how the XE40s were tested on 35 Jane
  12. I don’t think he has to put the agency cause hillcrest only services TTC VEHICLES. That’s just my opinion
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