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  1. Maybe for the 30 and 189 for Mount Dennis but what garage would take 66 if they did that
  2. I wonder if they’re gonna even bother putting back the Electric Bus decal the buses are now 3 years old and I’ve seen a few without them on and some with half peeled off decals
  3. Ok so iirc what’s special about rads are you will see buses that don’t usually show up on the route like for Example 35 Jane only uses 2006 HEV hybrids and sometimes 2008 hybrids but one day a 2010 Orion VII NG could show up and it would be special cause it’s unusual anyone can correct me if I’m wrong
  4. So now that leaves them with 136 2006 hybrids, they’re slowly starting the retirement of these buses
  5. I wonder if they will get the 1st unit of the XDE40s or XDE60s way before the rest of the units so they can train drivers like they did with Nova artic 9000
  6. Why are they changing the racks all of a sudden on 3600s
  7. I wonder if TTC ever plans to shift the protteras to Arrow Rd and the XE40s to MT.Dennis since they both use the same recharge stations
  8. I don’t think Mount Dennis would get diesels cause it’s a hybrid and artic division I read because it runs through neighborhoods that are quiet and the diesel pollution isn’t the best in those neighborhoods that’s was what I saw years back on this forum but I’m not 100% if that’s the case now
  9. Yea in my mind I think for this order it’ll should be Arrow would get the new Nova hybrids sending the older Nova hybrids out to Malvern along with their artics after finch is converted to LRT then Malvern moved their Nova hybrids and some artics to McNicoll so then McNicoll sends their 3200s to Queensway to replace the 7900-8099 and then mount Dennis gets the new hybrid artics and the xde40s and maybe some of their Nova artics go to Wilson so Wilson can convert the 960 to artics unless they take artics off of Bathurst completely and just use those ones then Mount Dennis would send their artics to Scarborough to replace the SRT. Lol ok I’m done fantasizing on what the TTC should do but probably won’t
  10. I think the TTC is keeping the 25 PROTERRA’s and the 10 BYD buses until retirement I heard somewhere in a document but I’m not 100% sure if it’s changed since the report
  11. That’s why I said I think
  12. Oh yea I think they picked them cause a lot of companies use the XDE60s and only a very few use Nova LFS HEV Artics
  13. They didn’t lose its split between Nova and New Flyer
  14. It’ll probably be the same seats as the Nova hybrids and the XE40s the TTC has
  15. Weird question but does delivery by 2023 mean between now and the end of 2023 or q4 of 2023
  16. I have a feeling it’s gonna be Mt.Dennis
  17. I have a feeling knowing ttc they will probably have the new hybrids artics at MT Dennis and move the older artics to McNicoll and Wilson and the 40ft will probably be Nova to Malvern and New Flyer to Mt.Dennis since both MT.Dennis and Malvern are both retiring their Orion hybrids. But like you said let’s wait and see what they do
  18. Now the XDE60s will probably look sleek cause it’s something new for the ttc considering we only have Nova artics
  19. These XDE40s should look identical to the XE40s if I’m not mistaken
  20. Half or all of these will probably go to Mount Dennis to replace the 146 Orion VII OG HEV and remaining NG hybrids and maybe Malvern or Wilson
  21. I assume the 40 ft hybrids will be numbered 3760-39xx or 38xx to 40xx and the artic would be 9300-9368
  22. Oh wow I’m actually shocked they went with new Flyer for the 68 artics at least there’s variety now
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