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  1. Is McNicoll still set to begin operations in March or has that been delayed?
  2. I wonder who would win the bid for the artics or the 40ft
  3. Yea it’s been like that for the past 2 years it’s kinda weird
  4. does anyone know when all the express routes will be returning?
  5. Saw this picture on Instagram. Does anyone know what happened to 3702
  6. Does anyone know if TTC plans on using the electric buses on night routes or are they only restricted to day time service
  7. So what buses will Mount Dennis get if they’re 1000s are moving?
  8. Does anyone know if they plan on ordering anymore artics this year or next year?
  9. probably a silly question but does anyone have any speculation of what bus fleet would be moving to McNicoll? or what buses you think would go to McNicoll and also is the garage open this year or is it delayed cause of Covid-19
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