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  1. The article says only 78 units are affected but I don’t know if the 25 TTC has is apart of the 78
  2. I don’t think it’ll affect the TTC units since they were built in Winnipeg Canada and this recall is for the US versions
  3. I’ve heard that tracks have been layed down in the Jane and Finch area is that true?
  4. Is this the first time an XE40 been out on a night bus route?
  5. I wonder what they’re going to number the buses
  6. I’m just saying I’ve haven’t seen an OG Hybrid breakdown in a longggg time
  7. I just saw a video on Instagram and it looks like a hybrid already broke down on the 927 hasn’t even been a full day and they’re already breaking down
  8. Do the new route changes start at 12AM or 9am?
  9. So if MTD isn’t getting any thing in return how will they operate the 927 Express if they’re hybrids aren’t reliable on the highway. if you think about it MTD hasn’t had any routes that operate on highways
  10. I wonder why arrow is getting more Artics I thought they were gonna lose them because of the Finch West LRT construction
  11. for the first few days seeing Nova Hybrids and Diesels on 52 Lawrence West is gonna be different then the usual Orion buses. I wonder if they’ll dispatch any New Flyer XE40s on the route?
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