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  1. I guess we will be finding out next week if TTC went with New Flyer for the hybrid artic and the 40 ft hybrids order or Nova, in my opinion I hope it’s New Flyer
  2. I assume if TTC goes with Nova for the hybrid artics order this is what they would look like but with TTC colors
  3. I wonder if the 41 Keele buses will enter the bus terminal at Keelesdale station or stop on street
  4. Unrelated but Does anyone know if the TTC ordered the new artics already ?? Also I think the 52 would be better off staying at Arrow
  5. here we go every time a Nova moves to Queensway this person says the same nonsense it’s getting old and ridiculous at this point get over it Queensway is gonna keep getting old novas until a new garage is built in Etobicoke like just shut up about it already
  6. 1120 is apparently retired saw a post on Facebook
  7. Oh god who cares Queensway will not be getting any new buses until the new Etobicoke garage is built just give it a rest it’s super irritating
  8. I don’t think mount Dennis should’ve took the 927 it’s just ruining their buses
  9. I saw a pic on Instagram of 1128 which looks like it had an engine fire on the 927 with firefighters behind it
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