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  1. Maybe it’s a mistake for the 995 but mistaken as 996
  2. No I doubt it. it’ll probably be repainted into the new livery
  3. I wonder if this is because of the Nova rebuilds or just random movements
  4. The new flyers are going to Mount Dennis as it’s supposed to be an all New Flyer Garage someone in the forum said
  5. Well the report did say by the end of 2023 for delivery of the Novas and New Flyers so that could mean to be delivered between January and December 2023
  6. I wonder if we’re gonna get a XDE60 and XDE40 testing unit like what the TTC did with 9000 before the rest were delivered
  7. What’s the difference if Malvern gets Nova Hybrids from Arrow or the brand new order?
  8. Yea and that would leave mount Dennis with the XDE40s,Some of the new Nova Hybrids and 68 of the XDE60’s
  9. the 927 is moving to Mount Dennis when they get more artics
  10. Oh yea who knows maybe take the artics from arrow since 36 Finch won’t need them when the LRT opens
  11. Yea but not as much as Mount Dennis Malvern is only losing 125 buses which they can either take buses from Arrow or maybe they’d get the new order of Nova Hybrids Or Wilson might give up with artics on the 7 and send all of their artics to Malvern
  12. And also with mount Dennis having the most routes using artics it would make logical sense to put the New Flyer XDE60s at mount dennis cause realistically why would Malvern or McNicoll need more artics for only 1 route which is Malvern:985 and McNicoll:953
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