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  1. Just ignore him he does this every time a bus moves to Queensway and it’s super annoying
  2. So that either means the 900 is gonna move to Arrow Rd or the 12 3300’s are gonna move to Queensway
  3. When the Eglinton Crosstown opens I wonder which division will take over the new route 34 Eglinton?, maybe either Mt.Dennis or Eglinton or maybe even Wilson division
  4. Umm 1685 has been retired for almost 3 years
  5. Also the NG diesels aren’t retiring next year
  6. Does any other transit system have Nova Hybrid artics other than I think one system in Quebec everyone else has New Flyer XDE60
  7. Your very annoying every time it is the same crap GET OVER IT
  8. So that would mean half or all of these new buses would be going to Mount Dennis?
  9. Wonder what the fleet numbers will be
  10. I hope they go with New Flyer cause we need some sort of variety it’s always Nova Bus and Orion let’s give New Flyer a chance to shine That would make more sense also
  11. 8173 was also on 32 Eglinton West this afternoon
  12. So what’s gonna replace these buses at Arrow or are they not going to send any over to Arrow
  13. Its 3752 but not sure what it’s doing there tho
  14. I knew the 927 would move back to Arrow. But the 45 going to MTD is surprising though
  15. I guess we will be finding out next week if TTC went with New Flyer for the hybrid artic and the 40 ft hybrids order or Nova, in my opinion I hope it’s New Flyer
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