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  1. Sometimes its part of the deal between the automaker and the rental company. The last time I recall a deal like that at Ecars was when we got our 2012 Toyota RAV4s, the only way Toyota would provide those RAV4s back then was if we bought 2012 Corolla CEs with manual windows which understandably are not sought after by normal buyers. For minivans, yes we've haven't gotten any more Dodge Caravans in a very long time, the ones left have 70,000+ kms and most are gone primarily replaced by T&Cs. We've only gotten a huge amount of new but older model Mazda stuff like the Mazda 2, Mazda 5 and the CX-9s. Since we acquired AutoShare Subarus are now slowly being added to Ecars, Autoshare has the Outbacks while Ecars will have the Legacy.
  2. That's probably the saddest part. The fridge was the 2nd most expensive of the appliances bought and it the freezer door had issues in the first week due to cheap design. The only plus point was GE's customer service, they were quick and accomodating and essentially just provided a totally new freezer door which was actually better built. They certainly build them cheaply...but they don't charge very cheaply.
  3. I find some people are silly about things like this. Must be stainless steel! Even though its just a thin stainless steel cover...the rest of the appliance is the exact same as the white good. Oh well...I guess some like being ripped off. Brands? Don't really care so long as the appliance works. When my family moved out of Markham, we had to replace all our white goods in favour of stainless steel because of styling reasons(which I think is stupid), so my dad bought a whole set of GE appliances simply because Futureshop had a sale for GE appliances so that made things easy. Of course...the sad thing is apart from the washer...the rest of the SS appliances were worse than the white goods they replaced...the refridgerator particularly sucked. I was also shocked that these "brand new" appliances were so dirty.
  4. It appears that Chrysler wants to sell as many fully loaded Town & Countrys as they can. The vast majority of the Enterprise minivan fleet is now T&Cs with the handful of Grand Caravans. Although I do wonder if Chrysler made a huge loss because they retail for $45K versus $20K for the base Caravan and I know Ecars didn't take the hit because rates remain the same and they'd never buy a vehicle that puts them $20-25K in the hole because recovering from that is impossible.
  5. GM Classic 6247


    Yep that is the most likely reason for a Fiat Ulysse of that vintage to be in Toronto. Canada has the 15 year rule meaning once a vehicle is 15 years old, all the usual restrictions are thrown out and that they're eligible to import. This is why a few years ago a whole bunch of R32 Nissan Skylines have suddenly shown up and are legally licensed despite being RHD.
  6. Branches do this sometimes simply to avoid the possible chance that these sort of cars get taken away by renting them out for short periods of time...or they got desperate. Yep the Elantra is a pretty good car as is the new Accent and Sonatas. The Hyundai Genesis sedan however has an excellent steering system, I prefer it over a lot of cars. I usually prefer more weighty steering wheels, the BMW is heavy but I find it pretty easy to accurately gauge each degree I turn.
  7. This is electric power steering at work. More and more new cars are using it as a method of reducing fuel consumption. Its flaws however are that many systems simply aren't tuned well and thus many are not only too light but lack any steering feel. Some of the worst ones are the 2009 Toyota Corollas before Toyota issued a recall that changed the tuning. Yet the Scion FR-S(yes a Toyota as well) has one of the best electric power steering systems I've ever used, so good that it puts a lot of hydraulic ones to shame. Getting the tuning right is something most automakers haven't quite got the hang of. Thus far I've only driven 2 vehicles where the steering feedback was adjustable, those being the Fiat 500 Sport and the new 2014 Kia Rondo which has 3 settings. As for new rental car news. A big Chrysler buy has resulted in a lot of the not so desirable Compass/Patriot(still not good) and Avenger/200(still terrible) filling the new car lots but also means the new 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokees are available and have major improvements. There's also a very big Kia buy so the new 2014 Fortes and Rondos are in service along with more Optimas, both the new Forte and Rondo are actually very good and are significant improvements over the old models.
  8. GM Classic 6247


    Nope the battery is still under the seat on those, the difference is the seat can be removed easily whereas the electric ones...not so much.
  9. GM Classic 6247


    Under the rear seat and being a 7-series quite a few of them...were electrically operated.
  10. GM Classic 6247


    This wouldn't be a surprise. The engineering on the older Hyundais were at least mostly simple, what they did lack was refinement. I do think more of these cars were scrapped despite being in good shape only because the resale value was just too low. When its value is too low, any moderate costing repairs suddenly were unfeasible. Made worse by the fact the new Hyundais were for the most part getting better every single generation. The incentive to buy the old one goes down. They're pretty much the same. However the worst BMW I know of for servicing is the E32 7-series. Guess where the battery is? I'll give you a hint its not under the hood or in the trunk.
  11. GM Classic 6247


    The Astra was engineered by Opel which is GM's European arm, even if Saturn survived this car's low sales and German origins would've ensured trouble for servicing. The 1st generation Mazda 3 was unfortuantely flawed, the wheel arch area had rust traps. It makes owning a rust free 1st gen Mazda 3 extremely tough, this used to be a Honda problem. I remember we had a set of 2008 Accents that had transmission issues right off the bat. Once Hyundai fixed these I don't recall any more issues with the Accent. The new Accent is actually a pretty good car. Its unfortunately all relative. You will always hear of problems with every model and with me being in rental, I hear a lot. My sister has a 2002 Civic...and its how should I say...frail. It doesn't have the automatic which is a plus because Honda manuals are pretty good...but its got a lot of minor problems. I hear of these cars not needing much to go, but I see my sister's car wanting to self-destruct. Then there's my 2004 Impreza RS, its known for its head gasket problems, and mine seems to be absolutely fine engine-wise...yet my cousin has a newer version of the car and its got engine problems again. The only car in the household that's following its reputation is my dad's 2004 Avalon, its past 200,000 kms and only a suspension bushing went bad.
  12. GM Classic 6247


    I don't agree. Its all on a case by case basis. Certain VWs are indeed expensive to repair, the Phaeton while an extreme example I admit, could never be cheap to repair or a Corrado(a great car) because that one was a bit rare. Yet when it comes to the City Golf/Jetta, because they don't use exclusive parts and most were engineered years ago and they're built in volume lowering the costs. Then there's the domestic brands, again they're case by case however because they often use parts bin engineering you're less likely to see high parts cost but there have been oddballs like the Cadillac Catera or the Cadillac Volante and even these days I don't see the Buick Regal or the Saturn Astra being cheap to maintain. Even with the foreign cars, I don't see Mazda 3s or the Protege as being expensive cars to keep going, they have rust problems but as far as mechanical goes, they're not at all bad on the service end. Holding up, when it comes to interior build quality yes there's unfortuantely a bit of a difference, I still find German and Japanese assembled vehicles have essentially no issues while say a Jeep Patriot, and this did happen to me, could be missing things out of the factory like...a seat lever. Holding up mechanically...designs change each generation, this is why Consumer reports was quite wrong to just slap predicted reliability when they had no valid reason to do so. The world of cars is not nearly as clear cut as it is with other industries. Honda has screwed up before, the early 2000s automatic transmissions particularly for V6 models died prematurely on a frequent basis. In the late 90s Toyota V6s had sludge problems as did Mercedes and Chrysler.
  13. That's a rare rental. Honda particularly is anti-rental to the point where the only common Honda rental is the Civic and even that is rarer than luxury models. Most often Honda/Acura rentals are down to the individual dealerships who insist on rental companies renting only Honda products. As Honda's policy with fleet cars is, I can't see any rental company buying more than they need because Honda often charges near full price for them. This is contrast to Toyota they're willing to sell fleet cars, as of late with the Corolla now being replaced with a new gen Toyota is selling a lot of Corolla rentals.
  14. GM Classic 6247


    The problem is most people here would get the automatic, the speed on the 2.0L drops a lot. The current 6-speed mostly affects the fuel economy rather than the speed. Manuals definitely eliminate the slowness of older low powered engines. The current Mk VI Jetta feels very out of place with the 2.0L, it definitely feels even slower than the City Golf/Jetta, I'd wager even the older Prius isn't as slow.
  15. It can happen sometimes as some people steal everything in the glovebox which often includes ownership and insurance slips. Its most often missed on particularly busy days where the rush to clean several cars by a certain time can lead to some carelessness. As for penalties, since National is part of Ecars essentially Ecars will eat the ticket and associated charges related and possibly more, the same will happen if a plate/vehicle registration expires.
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