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  1. Boeing 737-400: Alaska Airlines Boeing 747-200: United Airlines, Northwest Airlines Boeing 747-300: Cathay Pacific Boeing 747-400: Canadian Airlines, United Airlines, EVA Air, Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines, British Airways Boeing 757-200: United Airlines Boeing 777-200/ER: Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines, Korean Air Boeing 777-300/ER: Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific Airbus A319: EasyJet Airbus A320: Dragonair Airbus A321: Dragonair Airbus A330-300: Dragonair, Cathay Pacific, Delta Air Lines, Korean Air Airbus A380-800: Korean Air Bombardier Q400: Horizon Air ATR72: Bangkok Airways
  2. Do you mean cardboard? As seemingly an insult to me? Anyway, I don't think you understand what I meant. Look at the bent angle of the front left panels. It doesn't make sense to say that it hit a stationary train. Moreover, look at the scratch marks on the train. It is way more than 2.55m in length. http://www.cbc.ca/ne...ok-at-1.1859621 ---------------------- Now that I have more time, I can write something longer. I think we would all agree that the bus was at the wrong place at the wrong time. But, at what speed was the bus going when the driver discovered the approaching train? How far away was the bus from the train's envelope? If it was late enough and the bus was fast enough, provided the train was far away enough, stepping on the throttle could have been a better option. If you look at the structure of an SLF bus, you might be amazed by how incapable the front is in protecting the occupants. Here are a couple of crashes involving Tridents: http://static.apple....rge/02lp7p1.jpg http://image.wenweip.../16/hk1216a.jpg http://the-sun.on.cc.../sn01082207.jpg One way to derail the train is to use a significant horizontal force. This can be had with a bus travelling at high speed. If the driver sped up instead, with the section of the bus before the 2nd axle clear of the train's envelope, it would at least save the driver's live (and front seat pax). The front end wouldn't need to take in all the impact forces. Instead, it would be the empty storage area (this was a Go Anywhere model) that takes in the forces.
  3. Legal copy time. It depends on the position of the bus as the driver became aware of the incoming train. It depends on the speed of the bus and the train. Etc. I admit these two things are not available yet. *Edit: Right. I misunderstood the entire accident. I thought it were a moving train hitting a stationary bus stopped at the wrong place, based on another article I skimmed through. Just ignore what I said previously. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. *Edit 2: Wait. I don't understand how if it was the bus that hit the stationary train, how could the front left frame of the bus be bent like that? How could the train derail yards away? May the victims R.I.P.
  4. Probably if he didn't brake and slammed on the throttle, the bus could avoid the train, just.
  5. FS1819

    Community Transit Enviro500s

    I would prefer the ZF Ecomat since it has tight gear ratios, and allows for a higher top speed, and lower fuel consumption.
  6. FS1819

    Transit in Hong Kong

    I do not have confidence in ADL products. I have seen a photo of an HK-spec E400 being assembled. I could see no metal structural members in the front on the completed skeleton. The HK bus that best withstands crashes should be Neoplan Centroliner.
  7. FS1819

    New Flyer MiDi

    That is why a dedicated chassis is way better than a chassis that was not designed to be a bus. A bus chassis should have its floor height as low as possible for easy load/unloading.
  8. FS1819

    Transit in Hong Kong

    I guess one can say the Wright bodies are safer than ADL's.
  9. FS1819

    New Flyer MiDi

    That is it? In my opinion, cutaways are pure junk because they are meant to be trucks, not buses. Think about how ridiculously long it takes to load/unload a wheelchair on a cutaway. Rubbish!
  10. FS1819

    New Flyer MiDi

    Isn't this JV in the same format as the ADL-ElDorado E500 partnership?
  11. FS1819

    New Flyer MiDi

    The picture of the prototype from Mar13 Buses.
  12. There is a picture of the NFI-ADL E200 in the current issue of Buses magazine on page 20. The prototype looks like a mirrored RHD E200.
  13. FS1819

    Transit in Hong Kong

    What is interesting about this accident is that, someone posted a fake KMB internal notice online. The fake notice reminded KMB drivers to be awake of NWFB buses in wake of the recent accidents. KMB has since denied that it made such an announcement, and has called the police to follow up.
  14. FS1819

    Your Favourite Model

    Leyland Olympian: I used to ride it often. Compared to competing models, it was more comfortable. The sounds were way better as well. MCW Super Metrobus: Again, I used to ride it quite often. I liked the way it looked as a child.