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  1. TranslinkKid

    Vancouver general sightings and notes

    Surprised they didn't cross it out and write over it with sharpie
  2. TranslinkKid

    Translink Refurbishments

    Does repainting it from the red B-Line livery to the yellow B-Line/Sweep livery not count as a refurb?
  3. TranslinkKid

    2018 Standard 40' Bus Procurement

    Reminds me of the time (about 3 years ago) a ST operator kneeled the bus then deployed the ramp. This caused one end of the ramp to be off the ground.
  4. TranslinkKid

    TransLink Future - Dream's and Aspirations

    Howe/Seymour streets are part of Highway 99. If Howe/Seymour streets are closed to traffic except buses, where will traffic go? Howe/Seymour and Georgia streets are a major connection between Hwy 1/Hwy 99 in West Van and Granville St to Richmond.