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    Hi all, With all the talk of refurbishing and developing the Griffintown neighborhood, a lot of people are interested in perhaps buying a condo in the area. But none of the promoters seem to other any clear indication as to what the city's plan for public transportation in Griffintown's future will be. Aside from the, as of yet, phantom tramway that might one day climb Peel street from the Old Port, is anyone awake of other projects, like additional bus lines passing through the neighborhood? Along Bonaventure highway is fine and dandy, but there will be many developments west of there that might enjoy additional bus lines as well. Any thoughts? PS: I posted this image a while back. The extended Yellow Line might not be fantastic but I still think a Red Line passing through what's the densest residential area in the center of the island without close metro access (as well as the benefit of reducing the amount of people on the Orange line) could be extended down to Griffintown and perhaps further. Just to clarify, when I spoke of the densest area without close metro access, I meant the Plateau/Rosemont area along St-Joseph towards the east.
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    Something like this!
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    Fantasy thread

    In that case, how about a Red line that goes under Saint-Joseph (could a tunnel-boring machine not be used instead of cut-and-cover, or is it that much more expensive?) with the following 12 stations: Running along St-Joseph: 1- Charlemagne (with exit at Pie-IX as well) 2- Lafond (corner of 13e avenue) 3- 5e Avenue 4- de Lorimier 5- Chambord 6- Laurier (transfer with Orange line) 7- St-Urbain Turn south to continue running along St-Urbain: 8- Rachel (which would have walking distance access to Parc Jeanne-Mance and Mount Royal) 9- Prince-Arthur Here's the tricky part I guess: 10- McGill (transfer with Green line) 11- Bonaventure (transfer with Orange line and Gare Centrale) 12- Griffintown (Wellington exit) I see your point about the problem of having it go through Pointe-St-Charles to Île-des-Soeurs.....I guess my main point about this line is, how come city planners haven't been pushing for it? Looking at residential density maps of Montreal shows that that part of the Plateau/Rosemont Petite Patrie are among the densest parts of the town without any metro links. As for the Yellow line, what about having it run along boul. René-Lévesque as an parallel "express" intermediary to the Green and Orange lines? After Berri-UQAM: 1- Jeanne-Mance 2- Windsor (with walking path connection to Lucien L'Allier for AMT and Bonaventure for Gare Centrale) Diagonally into Sud-Ouest 3- des Seigneurs (corner of St-Jacques) 4- Terminus at Lionel-Groulx (transfer with Green & Orange lines) Sorry, sometimes I get excited. When I get some free time I'll try to draw it up on my initial map
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    Fantasy thread

    Hi all, I'm new here (this is my first post). I'm fairly pro-metro because even though it's expensive I think the best way to go to slow and even stop urban sprawl is to give a huge incentive to densification on the island by making transportation easier. As lack of space might make it hard for LRT or trams (as well as he metro being able to go diagonally under streets) I sometimes like to just imagine what my ideal future map might be. Here's what I've concocted. The Red line taps some untouched potential in the eastern Plateau/Rosemont area as well as potentially giving a little bit of air to the Orange line south of Laurier as well as serving Saint-Urbain and the Georges-Etienne Cartier monument on du Parc. The Red could extend eastward either under St-Joseph or Rosemont (or both) The Yellow line is extended to reduce congestion on the Green line as well as service the developing area of Griffintown before heading to Île-des-Soeurs. I'm not particularly attached to the Purple line but it's a past idea I've reproduced. What do you think?
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