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  1. 506 Carlton was the only streetcar line showing vehicles at 7 PM Thursday April 2nd on Transsee.
  2. Just wondering. It's Saturday morning and there are 39 alerts. Most due to suspended express bus service. There always seems to be several escalators out of service, today, 5, not counting those affected by the power outage. I know these subway escalators probably run 20 hours daily. Is it a question of heavy wear and tear or possibly inferior equipment? Any thoughts, anyone?
  3. Doesn't matter where I live. I have empathy for people not being able to sleep at night. Too bad empathy lacking in your persona!
  4. Re: Nfitz comment. "Seems a lot of fuss about nothing." Regarding Streetcars turning at King and Sumach. Obviously you don't live in houses or high rises nearby. Currently a hot topic at TTC board meetings. Try getting the facts before making a frivolous, unsympathetic comment!
  5. TTC: 36 - 3186, 3289, 9116, 9121, 9128 45 - 3594, 8017, 8091, 8419, 8436, 8439, 8616 49 - 8609 73 - 8079 111 - 8019, 8047
  6. Recently I saw a commercial for a product on TV and it showed the front interior of 4144. What was the product being advertised? Haven't seen it twice. Surprised to see 4144.
  7. The TTC said there was a derailment on St Clair Monday February 2nd. No service between Oakwood and St Clair West Station. Is this the same incident as the entry before me? What's the number of the streetcar?
  8. One man's opinion! Stricter oversight by TTC on Bombardier should remedy the challenge. By the time you mess around getting new quotes, (Alstom, Siemens et al) it will be 2026 by the time the 60 streatcars hit the streets.
  9. TTC Stuart on December 30th said 4178 was bound for Halton.
  10. Someone hasn't told Transsee 4600 is a new Low Floor streetcar!
  11. Hopefully HCRR can have 4600 looking spiffy like 4602. Granted the weather in Washington is much warmer and paint friendly than Halton. Great photo.
  12. Transee at 5 PM today, Monday showed a bus on Queen numbered 4600. Am I missing something here?
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