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  1. Sunday May 2nd, 1117, southbound on Kennedy, below Rathburn, out of service.
  2. When might we see MiWay 1796 back in revenue service? It's been two years and two months?
  3. Please excuse my ignorance, with regard to the Crosstown cars, what does MSF stand for? Thank you. tramguy.
  4. Where do I find the new service summary for September 6th onwards? Thank you.
  5. The last TTC SERVICE SUMMARY I am able to find, ended on May 9th. Where would I get subsequent and/or current boards?
  6. TTC: 34 - 8735 50 - 8601 54 - 8694, 8707 115 - 8216
  7. Please forgive my ignorance. What does IRM stand for?
  8. Probably known to all but not mentioned on this thread, the 508 has not run for a couple of weeks due to less demand.
  9. 506 Carlton was the only streetcar line showing vehicles at 7 PM Thursday April 2nd on Transsee.
  10. Just wondering. It's Saturday morning and there are 39 alerts. Most due to suspended express bus service. There always seems to be several escalators out of service, today, 5, not counting those affected by the power outage. I know these subway escalators probably run 20 hours daily. Is it a question of heavy wear and tear or possibly inferior equipment? Any thoughts, anyone?
  11. Doesn't matter where I live. I have empathy for people not being able to sleep at night. Too bad empathy lacking in your persona!
  12. Re: Nfitz comment. "Seems a lot of fuss about nothing." Regarding Streetcars turning at King and Sumach. Obviously you don't live in houses or high rises nearby. Currently a hot topic at TTC board meetings. Try getting the facts before making a frivolous, unsympathetic comment!
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