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  1. 9203 Has been transferred to Chilliwack, all the buses 9201 to 9210 will soon be Chilliwack buses. the new Girardins are also in service. 9315 to 9318 will be transferred out, probably to Victoria. I'll try to get the list of Arbocs that were replaced soon. Again, I simply don't have time to update the Wiki, my apologies. As a note, one Chilliwack bus will be posted to Abbotsford moving forward, as a backup in case of a breakdown on the 66. they don't want to use the CNG buses on the run, until Chilliwack switches over at a future date.
  2. Unit numbers are 2779-2783 Sorry I don't have time to update the wiki.
  3. 5 New Girardins are currently in Abbotsford, getting final delivery prep to be put into service in Chilliwack. I'll get the unit numbers later.
  4. It's not about Nimbys, It's about what the city is willing to pay for. From the City side, Translink is far more expensive.
  5. There may be plans for Silverdale service, but everything was held back thanks to Covid. Mixing routes from Translink and BC Transit is highly unlikely, as you cant simply transfer, and people hate paying twice. I can tell you that a bus from Mission to Agassiz, is in the long range plans, but it's unknown how far out that will be. Th Silverdale area is part of the City of Mission (new, as it used to be district of Mission) and as such it would have to be served by BC Transit, the express bus 701 being the exception, as it replaces the old "Trainbus" service.
  6. Yeah 9869 left in a hurry. Not sure where it went.
  7. The First 4 4200s will hit the road on Monday March 15, 2021
  8. Not quite yet it hasn't. still in our inventory, and plated.
  9. The problem is that, even though the benefits of rail corridors, have been proven time, and time again, the high upfront cost for development, are hard to justify to taxpayers. The exception is when the taxpayers themselves are asking for the investment. Redeveloping the E&N corridor would be quite expensive, no matter the numbers you use. Having it run by VIA would be a huge mistake in my book. Properly developed, this corridor, with feeder buses running to and from it, would fundamentally change the way transit works on the Island, especially if all the systems were coordinated, into a regional system. I just don't see it happening. Calgary to Edmonton, with its nearly flat landscape would be an excellent spot to work on a high speed rail corridor. I know that the population density isn't high between the cities, but that's exactly why I think it could work. Downtown to downtown in about an hour, would be perfect to test the viability of High Speed rail in Canada.
  10. Should upload these to the wiki, we don't have any pics of this series yet.
  11. They have the CNG sticker, so I think it's the new norm, we'll see when the rest of this group arrive.
  12. Interesting note, 1203 and 1204 are here in the yard, these are the first CNG Flyers I've seen that dont have the green wrap on the tail.
  13. The rest of the New CNG Flyers are trickling in now.
  14. All 15 of our CNG buses are on the road. Some of our Novas have been transferred out, and others will be soon. we have two 98 series left, but not for long. Some are in storage at the old yard now.
  15. The first three CNG buses went into service today 1187, 1190, and 1196
  16. Uncertain as of yet, three of the 98 series have been pulled and are in storage, several of the New buses have arrived, but there are still some issues with the fueling station. We've been told we'll have them by February 1, but I cannot confirm that at this time.
  17. For all intents and purposes the Separation between Chilliwack and CFV is mainly political. In fact it's actually 5 separate services. Agassiz - Harrison CFV Chilliwack Fraser Valley Express Hope. There may be political issues present in the Okanagan as well? I'm not familiar with the potential issues.
  18. Yeah, it kept changing on us, we finally moved in on the Saturday. PITA!
  19. Update on the new facility. We will be live in the new Facility December 14th, whether it's ready or not.
  20. Newest arrivals 4232 and 1187, our first CNG units for training purposes. we are "Scheduled" to move into the new facility at the end of November. We'll see if that holds true. The Darts are still on the property, but not currently in use. Yes they have the USB ports. I haven't driven them yet, but I will be training on them soon. As a TS I almost never drive anymore.
  21. Newest arrivals 4232 and 1187, our first CNG units for training purposes. we are "Scheduled" to move into the new facility at the end of November. We'll see if that holds true.
  22. Well, you forgot the Auguston run, which is also Community, but essentially correct. Two of our Vicinities were actually Transferred out. We currently have a bunch of 98 series on the property as well. basically some of our better stuff has been transferred away in preparation for the Arrival of CNG Buses for the new Facility, which has been Delayed again until Mid November. Our Mechanics have been trained by Grand West on CNG Vicinity repairs so we are expecting to get those as well in the new facility. Assuming we ever move in.... LOL
  23. 2354,2365,2381,2397 and 2438 have been retired. Several units were transferred from Nanaimo. I'll get the unit numbers when I can. I have not updated the Wiki
  24. Yes, 9072 is still active. Neither of them is used very often
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