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  1. RZ350

    Chinese fire truck in winnipeg?

    Yes a number of these vehicles have been imported from Japan. I've seen a few being used by pressure washing companies.
  3. RZ350

    New Flyer Xcelsior

    there are also some new battery solutions in the pipeline that may eliminate, or greatly reduce the amount of rare metals required. These are only in the development stages at this time, but so was Lithium Ion at one time. there's also the possibility of a major breakthrough in Capacitor technology, we've seen quite a bit of research in this area, and in fact several trucking companies are now using large Capacitors as starter "batteries" in test fleets. Cities like Vancouver are in a unique position, as existing trolleybus networks can be used to provide power for charging on route. Many ideas are coming down the pipe in the next few years.
  4. That is interesting information. From what I can see here in Abbotsford and Chilliwack, the only fuel economy tracking that has been done recently was with the Arbocs. Basically they have determined (as many other agencies have also) that the fuel economy benefits of Diesel in the shuttle buses are eaten up by increased maintenance costs associated with all the new emissions hardware. BC Transit has committed to convert over to CNG for small communities, and Battery Electric in Victoria with conventional buses. Small buses are shifting to gasoline, though they may also end up changing to a combination of CNG and/or electric as the tech matures. Interesting times ahead.
  5. RZ350

    New Gillig model

    NO. in fact Gillig buses are currently inadmissible into Canada.
  6. RZ350

    New Gillig model

    One to YYZ Airport
  7. Interesting on 9842, they towed it out of Abby, which is usually a bad sign. We were also told it was going to scrap, but that isn't always true. Glad to hear it's out there.
  8. RZ350

    Can anyone identify this 1930's era transit bus?

    as soon as I saw the first pic i figured it was a White, but other than that? dunno, wish I could help.
  9. RZ350

    Central Fraser Valley

    Actually 9869 is a great runner, and we use it quite often so yes I suppose it could be dumb luck LOL. but fairly common. the good news is that 9865 has finally been sent to the body shop, so we should have that one back soon. 9844 is commonly out on splits so usually on route 1,2, or 3 at peak hours.
  10. RZ350

    Life After Greyhound

    You're not completely out of line on your cost estimates. The rule of thumb in BC, using recent equipment, is $1500.00 a day to make any profit. Obviously this is for full size coaches, and fairly new. Yes you can make money at a lower rate using older equipment, but it's not sustainable over the long haul. you can of course lower this daily requirement with smaller and less expensive equipment, but then there's longevity to consider. Cutaways don't last long term, and Sprinters are expensive. yes these are generalizations, but they are mostly correct.
  11. RZ350

    Central Fraser Valley

    Well, we don't have any of them in our fleet. The only Flyers left are 9844, 9865 and 9869. 9865 has not been on the road for a while due to accident damage.
  12. RZ350

    Wheel Forward Buses

    Having the farebox sitting up by the driver. It becomes more difficult loading and unloading when people are using this style of fare collection which is "faster". People aren't trained well to let people off the bus before boarding. Whereas with the door closer to the driver it creates a better flow for two way traffic, it's still less than ideal but it is better. When other payment is used people are a bit better a lining up knowing it will take a minute. Its a little hard to explain, but when you see it in action it becomes obvious.
  13. RZ350

    Wheel Forward Buses

    One of the problems with buses of that type, is the way we collect fares in most of North America. Because of the design of the bus, the front door ends up quite a ways back from the Operator. This make it difficult for the Operators to track Passenger movements. That's why the majority of cutaways have the door moved as far forward as possible. Being able to monitor the entry door from the drivers seat. There are other factors as well of course but that's a big one.
  14. RZ350

    Charlottetown Transit

    Curious, Does anyone know what the recruitment process is for T3?
  15. RZ350

    Life After Greyhound

    you should look into what it costs to Operate out of Pacific Central. Hint, it's very expensive.