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  1. RZ350

    Grande West Transportation

    looks like an inspection sticker to me
  2. RZ350

    Central Fraser Valley

    9841, 9842 and 9843 have been decommissioned and prepped for transfer We are expecting two more 4400 series Vicinities
  3. RZ350

    BC Transit - Chilliwack

    4439 and 4440 arrived in Chilliwack Today 4441 Arrived Aug 17 still awaiting one more (4442 maybe?)
  4. No seeing that problem in Abby or Chilliwack.
  5. Yeah we've been having the same issues in Chilliwack
  6. RZ350

    Grande West Transportation

    Yaxing Bus company does not yet do Electric even in China, however it's rumoured that they may be be building a prototype. I guess we'll see.
  7. RZ350

    Grande West Transportation

    Assembled, would be a better description, 95% of the parts come from China. Even the ISB engine is from the Chinese Cummins plant. The Voith Transmission is still sourced from the usual places I believe. Even the axles are now from a Chinese company.
  8. RZ350

    Grande West Transportation

    Yes, they are medium duty and Chinese = Cheap to buy Less successful so far in the US due to Buy American Requirements, but apparently that will be less of an issue soon.
  9. Any reports on how the BYD bus is doing in Victoria?
  10. RZ350

    Gillig product discussion

    Big Bus had three that were let in and Licensed by the province. One has been scrapped and two were converted to Open Tops and sent to Big Bus Victoria, which I'm not certain is in business any more. We also had the only accidentally Legal Crown Supercoach II in Canada. These are all school buses. There were also some Gillig Phantoms being used at Pearson Airport. I think they were Phantoms, 30 footers I believe. Someone can correct me on that one if I have it wrong.
  11. RZ350

    Gillig product discussion

    I can say this, We were trying to get some prices from the manufacturers for buses for a Shuttle contract. Even though Gillig was basically unable to help us, as they were not willing to go through the hassle, of getting buses approved for sale in Canada for a potential 5 bus order. They were still very easy to contact, and were still willing to talk to us. More-so than New Flyer. Nova was also pretty easy to deal with though. Contract didn't pan out, but I was pretty impressed with the willingness of Gillig to set a bus up just the way you want.
  12. RZ350

    BYD "E-Bus"

    Hey Translink loved them so much that they bought the competition LOL.
  13. Damn That sucks
  14. RZ350

    2018/2019 Electric Bus Project

    Minimum clearance under trolley wires in Vancouver is 16' we learned this from Translink when we were looking into the requirements for our Double Deckers at Big Bus, back in the day. This provides plenty of clearance for any load that could ever need to be hauled on any of these roads. There are designated alternates for any oddball height that needs to be accommodated This is basically a non issue in Vancouver. I know that some places weren't so well planned though..
  15. Haven't seen it on any roster changes