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  1. RZ350

    Life After Greyhound

    you should look into what it costs to Operate out of Pacific Central. Hint, it's very expensive.
  2. RZ350

    Central Fraser Valley

    0111 Transferred from Prince George
  3. I believe that is the plan, but it needs to be installed and functioning throughout the system first.
  4. RZ350

    Life After Greyhound

    Personally, I was looking at possibly attempting to run a bus across Highway three, and then up to Calgary, but the numbers don't look very promising.
  5. RZ350

    Life After Greyhound

    You may have followed them, but I have had the misfortune of dealing with them. However, there has been an announcement made that PT is supposed to be "Fast Tracking" Greyhound replacement applications. in this province that doesn't mean much, but they do have to make it look like they are trying to come up with something. As for why it would be published first? it's the first one PT took seriously. I happen to know the person who applied first, and they were summarily rejected. A court case is possibly looming on that one. stay tuned.......
  6. RZ350

    Life After Greyhound

    That is not how PTB works in this province, and they weren't the first to apply either.
  7. We already have the WestCoast Express and the Fraser Valley Express for the Valley, but equipment upgrades and increased service would be welcome. Translink has made some noises about increased service on the 701 as well. There is a plan in place to extend service on the 66 to Hope as well, though I am uncertain at this time of the timeframe for it.
  8. RZ350

    Beyond Travels Inc./B-Shuttle

    Well, if they have a valid Special PT for a scheduled service, then hearings would have happened and approval would probably not have been given. As they are running a scheduled service they're in violation if they don't have a special PT. They may also fall under the Transit act as well which would be a separate violation. Of course, if they don't even have a general PT then they are also in violation there. there is a possible loophole they could be using, but I would expect them to receive a Cease and desist order from PT.
  9. We've been told we're getting 9462 back at some point. You never know though with Transit and bus transfers. If you see it running around with a Victoria phone number, let me know and we'll take it off our inventory LOL.
  10. Yeah, it's not supposed to happen, but we're a little short on buses. Might see it again.....
  11. RZ350

    Alexander Dennis

    Incorrect, in the Vanhool you would still have better insulation, a running gear that is designed for highway operations, Sound deadening glass a completely different suspension system different HVAC systems. The fact that it is Apples to Oranges, is exactly the point. Orion V suburbans are quite comfortable as well, but they are not the same as an MCI, Setra or Prevost. No One would suggest that the Orion is a cross country bus, but it's quite good at what it's designed for. Transit equipment, and highway equipment are designed differently. Let's put it simply, you have to drive from Vancouver to Halifax, which do you want to take, a tiny city car, or something with the legs to make the trip without issue. You COULD do it in the City Car, but you probably wouldn't if you had a better option. For long haul work you want a bus that is designed for that work. It will be cheaper in the end, which is how you make money.
  12. 9449 was transferred to Chilliwack
  13. RZ350

    Alexander Dennis

    Basically it comes down to the fact that they are designed with different missions in mind. If you've ever been inside both, they are completely different animals. The VanHool is quieter, roomier and has better seating, just to start off. The Enviro is designed for Transit work, including Suburban services. The customer that orders a highway coach, expects something a notch above what the Enviro offers. And yeah Hybrid cross country? not yet. As stated, in a big city it's great, and actually provides far more of a mileage boost. It's also a LOT easier to get it serviced when it goes wrong, and it will. For long distance you need a combination of reliability, and readily available service. I can tell you this much, if one of my customers called up looking for a DDeck, and I sent an Enviro, I wouldn't have that customer any more. Now give it some time, and the tech will improve, which will help, but to prep an Enviro for long haul would take more money and time than it's worth.
  14. RZ350

    Alexander Dennis

    In that case I stand corrected. I haven't been up close and personal with one yet.
  15. RZ350

    Alexander Dennis

    there's also the problem of no baggage bins. The VanHool DDecks have them the Enviros don't