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  1. Newest arrivals 4232 and 1187, our first CNG units for training purposes. we are "Scheduled" to move into the new facility at the end of November. We'll see if that holds true. The Darts are still on the property, but not currently in use. Yes they have the USB ports. I haven't driven them yet, but I will be training on them soon. As a TS I almost never drive anymore.
  2. Newest arrivals 4232 and 1187, our first CNG units for training purposes. we are "Scheduled" to move into the new facility at the end of November. We'll see if that holds true.
  3. Well, you forgot the Auguston run, which is also Community, but essentially correct. Two of our Vicinities were actually Transferred out. We currently have a bunch of 98 series on the property as well. basically some of our better stuff has been transferred away in preparation for the Arrival of CNG Buses for the new Facility, which has been Delayed again until Mid November. Our Mechanics have been trained by Grand West on CNG Vicinity repairs so we are expecting to get those as well in the new facility. Assuming we ever move in.... LOL
  4. 2354,2365,2381,2397 and 2438 have been retired. Several units were transferred from Nanaimo. I'll get the unit numbers when I can. I have not updated the Wiki
  5. Yes, 9072 is still active. Neither of them is used very often
  6. Yes 0233 has largely been going out on AM splits only.
  7. All new routes 1,2,3 and 9 begin service June 30th
  8. Rumour, and it's always rumour until units show up, is that we "May" get Suburban Enviros on this run....... Rumour...... Take it with a grain of salt.
  9. Something "sort of" has been done. New regulations require the use of hand brakes when stopping on a hill like this. It's not a perfect solution, but then nothing is.
  10. 2404 is now in CFV I updated the Wiki, not sure how long it's here for.
  11. This is not always true, having a GOOD partnership, with a company that pays it's bills CAN be very useful in intercity buses. The reality is, what's in it for EBus or Wilsons? Either of these companies can easily do this run if they think it's necessary, and probably better than this guy. He has taken a shot in the dark, and it's not really working out from what I can see. What he should probably do is try to find a run that isn't currently serviced, and see if he can make inroads, before potentially giving all his profit to another company. I have an example for you. Malaspina Coach lines was very successful for a long time, with no partnerships except with Greyhound on freight. They had a route to themselves and profited nicely, until BC Ferries became ridiculously expensive, and air travel became cheaper. Another example was Premier Pacific. The owner was a terrible businessman and there were some very serious issues with the company, but he had one very successful niche. He ran a very profitable run to Whistler with no partnerships. Eventually what will happen in Western Canada is either, One Company will dominate the inter city buses, or two or three will work together to do this. Either way, it's very interesting to watch.
  12. As a general rule, I TRY to Keep CFV and Chilliwack updated in the Wiki as I'm a Transit Supervisor here. My reply to you was meant to be a bit "tongue in cheek" but tone almost never translates to text LOL. As far as Transit keeping things updated? hell they told us that 9841,42 and 43 were going to scrap! I was pleasantly surprised to see 9842 go back into action in Victoria. Usually if a bus get towed out of Abbotsford, it's a goner..... We joke around here, that Abbotsford is where buses go to die. 0111 and 0232, Transit hasn't even given the shop the final word, they keep trying to get us to fix them LOL.
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