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  1. Benjamin

    METRA Columbus (GA)

    Does anyone remember what other buses METRA had purchased new (or bought any used buses from other TAs) in the 1980s and early '90s, besides the 1984 Flxible Metro-As (1121 to 1130)? They may be found in past issues of Motor Coach Age, among other sources. The CPTDB Wiki entry for this agency has many gaps to be filled, and these Flxibles were one of them that I found for it. https://www.cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Metra_(Columbus)#Retired More found: 1135-1144 = 1988 Orion I 01.502 (delivered 1-2/1988), probably with 6V92TA Detroit Diesel 1148-1157 = 1991 Orion I 01.502 (delivered 7/1991), again likely with 6V92TA Detroit Diesel - fleet IDs not in order of SNs (which would be, in order of SNs: 1148-1149, 1155-1157 and 1150-1154) Therefore, the following gaps as to what buses had these fleet numbers below (whether brand new or acquired used) still need to be filled in: 1016 to 1120 1131 to 1134 1145 to 1147 1158 to 1165 Thank you! ~Ben
  2. Interestingly, they used to have operated Orion I buses that had Detroit Diesel 6V71N engines and Voith D851.2 transmissions! They would sound similar to Brampton Transit's 1988-90 Orion Is (with the Detroit Diesel 6V92TA engine and Voith D863.2 transmission), but slightly different: Those were: 8721-8730, 01.502 30', built 1986-87 8931-8935, 01.502 30', built 1989 8936-8950, 01.507 36', built 1989 ~Ben
  3. Benjamin

    Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority (RTA)

    Were there any classic buses CCRTA used to run, including amongst? GMC New Look Flxible New Look TMC CityCruiser / Orion I Gillig Phantom Grumman (Flxible) 870 / Flxible Metro ~Ben
  4. Benjamin

    Indy-Go 1983 Orion I VINs

    You're welcome! ~Ben
  5. Benjamin

    Indy-Go 1983 Orion I VINs

    So that would mean these were in fact delivered with Detroit Diesel 6V71TA engines instead of 6V92TAs. Only the CyRide demo Orion I 01.506 (1408) also made/delivered in '83 was known to have the 6V71TA, as was one bus built for Pacific Transit in Astoria, OR. ~Ben
  6. Could anyone please check these below to see if indeed they are the correct VINs for the first 50 Orion I's delivered to Indy-Go, then the Indianapolis Public Transportation Commission? 8301: 2B1129775C5440572 8302: 2B1129771D6606600 8303: 2B1129776D6607601 8304: 2B1129772D6608602 8305: 2B1129779D6609603 8306: 2B1129775D6610604 8307: 2B1129771D6611605 8308: 2B1129778D6612606 8309: 2B1129774D6613607 8310: 2B1129770D6614608 8311: 2B1129777D6615609 8312: 2B1129778D6616610 8313: 2B1129774D6617611 8314: 2B1129770D6618612 8315: 2B1129777D6619613 8316: 2B1129773D6620614 8317: 2B112977XD6621615 8318: 2B1129776D6622616 8319: 2B1129772D6623617 8320: 2B1129779D6624618 8321: 2B1129775D6625619 8322: 2B1129776D6626620 8323: 2B1129772D6627621 8324: 2B1129779D6628622 8325: 2B1129775D6629623 8326: 2B1129771D6630624 8327: 2B112977XD6631626 8328: 2B1129776D6632627 8329: 2B1129772D6633628 8330: 2B1129775D6634630 8331: 2B1129771D6635631 8332: 2B1129778D6636632 8333: 2B1129774D6637633 8334: 2B1129772D6638635 8335: 2B1129779D6639636 8336: 2B1129775D6640637 8337: 2B1129773D6641639 8338: 2B1129774D6642640 8339: 2B1129770D6643641 8340: 2B1129777D6644642 8341: 2B1129775D6645644 8342: 2B1129771D6646645 8343: 2B1129778D6647646 8344: 2B1129776D6648648 8345; 2B1129772D6649649 8346: 2B1129773D6650650 8347: 2B112977XD6651651 8348: 2B1129778D6652653 8349: 2B1129774D6653654 8350: 2B1129770D6654655 Thank you, Ben
  7. Benjamin

    ORION I transmission dipstick needed

    It appears this bus he owns is a 1987 model 01.508, powered by a DD 6V92TA (DDEC) engine and Allison HTB748 transmission. MJT also had four others: 16, a 1980 01.504 powered by a DD 6V53N engine and Allison MT643 transmission. 17-18, a 1981 01.504 - same powertrain as 16. 20, a 1982 01.504, powered by a DD 6V71N engine and Allison MT644 transmission. ~Ben
  8. Benjamin

    Portland TriMet

    TriMet's budget highlights and proposal of service changes for FY2018: http://news.trimet.org/2017/03/trimet-releases-fiscal-year-2018-proposed-budget-that-expands-bus-service-improves-system-reliability-and-adds-57-new-buses/ https://trimet.org/betterbus/serviceimprovements-fy18.htm Includes some new routes, minor changes to existing routes, and... 57 new buses! ~Ben
  9. Benjamin

    Portland TriMet

    http://news.trimet.org/2017/02/trimets-payroll-tax-bond-rating-remains-the-highest-of-any-similar-transit-agency/ 121 new buses will help fill this void you mention. That would also spell the end for the 2200s and 2300s as they are now the oldest buses. ~Ben
  10. I'm starting to wonder how many Gillig Phantoms and Orion I's actually had eleventh-hour changes that do not correspond with the VIN number? Off the top of my head, I can pinpoint the Ride-On (Montgomery County, Rockville, MD) 1988-89 Phantoms were initially built with DD 6V92TA engines (code 09 in VIN), but actually had Cat 3208T engines (code 04) and those in turn were replaced by Cummins C8.3 diesel engines (code 18 in VIN). Markham Transit's 1983 and 1985-86 Orion I's (2018-2019, 2021-2024 and 2027-2030) may (or may not) also be victims of these 11th-hour changes you describe. While their VIN code, 7, would suggest 6V92TA power, some of these had been repowered to 6V71Ns (code 2 in VIN) later. ~Ben
  11. Could you please verify these VIN numbers for all of Pullman Transit's Gillig Phantoms? The list: 96: 15GCB0918F1081263 (35TB/96/6V92, 10/1985) 97: 15GCB091XF1081264 (35TB/96/6V92, 10/1985) 98: 15GCB0911F1081265 (35TB/96/6V92, 10/1985) 95: 15GCB091XG1081542 (35/96TB/6V92, 11/1986) 94: 15GCB091XH1081655 (35/96TB/6V92, 2/1987) 93: 15GCB0915H1081918 (35/96TB/6V92, 7/1987) 92: 15GCB0917M1083907 (35/96TB/6V92TA, 1991) 104: 15GCB0918N1084579 (35/96TB/6V92TA, 1992) 105: 15GCB0912P1085097 (35/96TB/6V92TA, 9/1993) 107: 15GCB2013R1085637 (S50/T35/96, 1994) 100: 15GCB2015R1085638 (S50/T35/96, 1994) 106: 15GCB2118V1087487 (C21B096N4, 9/1997) 103: 15GCB211XV1087488 (C21B096N4, 9/1997) Thank you
  12. I hope you can get a ride video for 1122 soon! ~Ben
  13. While we all know for certain that every Gillig Phantom that Pullman Transit had ordered since 1991 came with the Voith D863 transmission, I am not sure if the same logic applied to the very first ones dating between 1985 and 1987 (units 93 to 98). Could any Pullman Transit experts please clue me in on these first six Phantoms? Complete list of Phantoms: 1985: 96-98 (model 35TB/96/6V92, DD 6V92TA MUI engine) 1986: 95 (model 35/96TB/6V92, DD 6V92TA MUI engine) 1987: 93-94 (model 35/96TB/6V92, DD 6V92TA MUI or DDEC engine) 1991: 92 (model 35/96TB/6V92TA, DD 6V92TA DDEC II engine) 1992: 104 (model 35/96TB/6V92TA, DD 6V92TA DDEC III engine) 1993: 105 (model 35/96TB/6V92TA, DD 6V92TA DDEC III engine) 1994: 100 and 107 (model S50/T35/96, DD S50 DDEC III engine) 1997: 103 and 106 (model C21B096N4, Cummins M11-280E+ engine) Thank you, Ben
  14. Benjamin

    Gillig product discussion

    I wonder if that would also mean that any Flxible Metros, Neoplans, New Flyers and TMC/Nova RTS IIs that were built with ZF and/or Voith transmissions were all just T-drive setups but offset? ~Ben