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  1. 1502 and 1503 on the road for Miller Training today!
  2. Common sense really is not that common. Countless times I have witness people falling and injuring themselves because they're not securing themselves, or the bus has to brake hard/involved in a collision. People are going to be offended no matter what. People get offended over the smallest things in this day and age. Those who get offended by the announcements really should move on IMO. - But I totally get what you're saying.
  3. I feel as though it is being made a bigger deal than it really is. They added a few lines to an announcement, So what? If you don't like it then pop some earphones in. There are bigger issues that need to be addressed. Actually - TTC is in the process of updating all of the Toronto rockets. When the train arrives at the station, it will announce which side the doors will open on. "Arriving at - Eglinton, Eglinton station. Doors will open on the left"
  4. Why does this guy keep coming back? Yes and as jordankcw stated, YRT needs the budget. It's simple to take it over in everyone's eyes, however we need to buy a decent amount of new busses. We barely have enough busses to cover what we already have. Especially at Miller. With that being said, more drivers need to be hired etc. This is money that York Region simply does not have. The region has every intention to take over all TTC routes north of steeles, money just doesn't fall from the sky. And seriously, what is your beef with the 102D? Clearly you do not take it that often, so why are you getting so distraught over it? I honestly can't understand. And now just a general statement: Cornell has been "happening" since I was in high school.. I'm now in 3rd year and no signs of them even coming close to starting. "I'll believe it when i see it"
  5. So Far i've seen 942, 943, 938, 939, 1009, 1003, 1013 equipped with them. Probably 901 - 1019 are equipped with them Haven't seen any 10XX LFR's lately and I've seen 1112, 1117, 1106 this week and they weren't equipped with them. Not sure of their going to be fitted, or if they just haven't gotten that far on the installation.
  6. Incorrect, On tuesday December 2nd I saw 9063 and two more artics running 129A Northbound. and they were well beyond Steeles. So your point is invalid. Seriously, why is this guy here? Friday December 5th 2014: 1068 involved in a very minor Collision on route 42 Berczy (to Major Mackenzie via Bill Crothers S.S) on Main Street at Enterprise. A lady in a van nicked the Driver Side Mirror and spun it around. 931 Covered and 1068 was back on route for the next trip.
  7. Most of your posts are coming from fantasy island. Yeah there is a lot of things YRT should do, probably wants to do but can't afford to. Most of our routes don't have the ridership for "YRT to act like Brampton Transit" We are not Bramptopn. Or Mississauga, or Montreal or any other city in the world. Start being realistic about things. For example, why run route 18 for every 30 minutes on the weekend when the ridership does not reflect such a request? I'm surprised we even get 40ft's on saturday because each trip gets about 5 people. IF THAT. Plenty times i've been the only rider for the entire trip...
  8. Rarely see V's on the 18 anymore. (used to be every day on both Am and Pm rush) Now we mostly get XD40's However almost every day they have been on the 42/204.
  9. Veolia and Transdev Merged a couple of years (?) ago. Since then Veolia has held off on Renaming themselves until recently. Hence why you'll start seeing more CVOR stickers go from Operated by Veolia to Operated by Transdev. - I might be wrong, anyone care to confirm/correct?
  10. So far, We (Miller) Have 1401-1417. Those units are currently at our yard. Not sure how many more we will get.
  11. This may be a stupid question, but was 5124 Painted? or Wrapped?
  12. 1371 is missing "1" on the windshield. It reads "371"
  13. There was a 01X on the 42 this morning.
  14. Pull into R.Hill Terminal today, and wondered why Global news was there? Well here you go! http://globalnews.ca/news/462505/police-investigate-yrt-arrest/
  15. On the front page of the My Transit newsletter, It says "We're listening [...]" Listening to what? If they were actually listening, we would have a much better transit system. For example, they're getting rid of the last 3 departures on the 18 this year, which means I would have to take the 4A then walk 15 minutes because I can no longer take the 8:44 departure from the hospital. If you look at it, we haven't seen much helpful additions, just things taken away from us, whether routes being cancelled, or frequencies being decreased. There is a reason people don't take Transit here in York Region, because it's simply Garbage with nice busses. We need someone who can fix / make our transit better. And the best way to start is by getting rid of this private garbage, because clearly it's only making things much more complicated. There is no point in the post, just simply ranting. Rant over Time to catch my bus!
  16. The only service proposal I like from this, is the merge of 40/41and revised routing to service the hospital. It offers me another way to get to M-S.
  17. I was thinking that myself... It would have made more sense if they took 5140 - 5160 for the conversions so 5102 - 5139 could keep their numbers as is. Unless as you said York Region has a plan to address this.
  18. Veolia's 915 and Miller's 940 were involved in an accident yesterday at R.Hill Terminal. 915 was at fault. (Sorry for the poor pictures... I tried my best to take them from a moving bus lol)
  19. I've noticed an increased amount of sightings of Miller (R.HILL) busses on Markham routes and Vice Versa.[Like 574 on 18 and 719 on 87] Is there a reason for this? or did they just stop assigning busses to for main use on certain routes?
  20. Miller's 940 has a route signage issue. It was on the 8 (i work at the YMCA pool so i see the busses all day). It started off with all four destination signs blank. Then about 2 runs later: (front) 8 KENNEDY TO ~ MAJOR MACKENZIE/ (side) 8 KENNEDY TO ~ Steeles Ave/ (back) 8. It came back down the line and said (front) 8 KENNEDY TO ~ STEELES AVE/(side) NOT IN SERVICE/ (back) 8. Came around again saying (f) 8 KENNEDY TO ~ MAJOR MACKENZIE/ (s) 8 KENNEDY TO MJR MACK/ ( NOT IN SERVICE. Then for the rest of the day it was stuck saying NOT IN SERVICE. Just thought I would share that not so interesting story with everyone haha
  21. This morning i was on 930 (18 - Angus Glen C.C) After getting off and as the bus was pulling away from the stop, a i heard a loud Pop (like a balloon, but X10 the size). The bus driver pulled over, and we both looked at the tires but all 6 of them were fine. As he drove away, it seemed like the bus was sitting much lower than normal. What could it have been?
  22. Last week Tuesday a Miller Transit Vehicle was involved in an accident on route 18 Bur Oak to AG C.C - Wht's hill. Does anyone know which unit it was?
  23. York Region Transit Operated by: Miller Transit Limited Route 8 KENNEDY 931 - (TO MAJOR MACKENZIE) Route 18 BUR OAK 406 - (ANGUS GLEN CC/M S HOSPITAL) ® 402 - (A.G.C.C - WHT'S HLL/OLD MRKM BYP) ® 932 - (ANGUS GLEN CC/M S HOSPITAL) ® 929 - (M S HOSPITAL - WHT'S HLL/OLD MRKM BYP) ® 1017 - (ANGUS GLEN CC) 7XX - (ANGUS GLEN CC) Route 409 MDHS SCHOOL SPECIAL VIA BUR OAK 304 - (AFTERNOON) Route 9 NINTH LINE 10XX (or 11XX EZR) - (M S HOSPITAL) Rout 85 RUTHERFORD/16TH AVE 1005 - (VGHN MILLS TERM) 1009 - (VGHN MILLS TERM) *All destination signs were not working* Route 1 HIGHWAY 7 601 - (R.HILL CTR TERM) Operated by: Veolia Southwest Route 4A MAJOR MACKENZIE 811 - (WESTON) ®
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