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  1. Turns out i have been lie to. I seen CB0004 today with westjet still on it. But still no sing of CB0005 and they are still using there Orion SLF.
  2. The 2 D40LFR are gone. My guess returned to NFI. They have gone back to there Orion SLF. They have cut back there employee shuttle as they have start giving green passes to there pilots and FA's.
  3. Just seen one of the westjst buses wityh a kinda of browness wrap on it. It did say westjet on the side but i was to far way to see anything eles. Ill keep my eye out for it.
  4. Hey there. Im trying to get some fleet info on canada police, EMS, and fire dept on to wikipedia.com. Ive started with the calgary police fleet. Any help would be appreciated for any dept in canada. Thanks in for the help.
  5. Not bad at all. The rims should be white. They use to be that colour on the old livery.
  6. The 1604 was on route 430 today. Still had the new bus smell.
  7. http://mmmbeer.myminicity.com/ help me
  8. I just passed 7961. Its looked like it was rearended in the NW. It didnt look to badly damaged.
  9. I saw strathcona 1013 at peters-drive-in in calgary today.
  10. I seen it sitting at South Side Equipment in the foothills industrial area, about a mounth ago. I think it was for sale.
  11. Do you know if CT testing it now.
  12. Thats the one. Really need to start carrying a camera with me.
  13. I was driving on Dratmouth Rd. There was a red and black Orion VII. Dose any one know more about this?
  14. The union plans to hold a one-day walkout on Friday http://calgary.ctv.ca/servlet/RTGAMArticle.../calgary.ctv.ca
  15. thats right just plain white with there name ive seen them both running at the airport
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