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  1. Speaking of bus shortages... 7964-7980?
  2. I presume theres no such thing as CPS/peace officer checks at 39 Ave anymore? The focus is always on the other stations, but rarely do I ever see any at 39 Ave. Its also why I purposely take the 10 between there & Downtown now, if I have to be anywhere in that area on foot. Its just not safe anymore.
  3. Considering Airdrie is quickly becoming twice the size of Brandon, MB & comparing the size/route coverage of Brandons transit system with one twice its size, 10-15x closer to the nearest major city... I'm surprised they aren't trying to make more of an effort to actually expand Airdrie Transit as opposed to 2-3 bus routes and an express service that somehow is "enough" for a city of almost 80,000 people, with extra thousands of workers & jobs nearby.
  4. I was referring to all the stabbings, roving gangs of junkies & scaring off any *remaining* potential transit riders left out there... the service issues, I mean, I grew up in Winnipeg & can waltz around buses if I need to. That's easy to do with Google & Transit55, now. Situation is workable, even though its now forcing people even more to avoid CT altogether... But the whole safety situation... like how hard is it to throw some peace officers on the trains, like olden times? I remember when there used to be two to three separate teams sometimes on the Red Line, hopping in between the cars checking tickets & clearing out stations for 8 hours straight. Or maybe actual cop patrols might help? Brentwoods pretty much a flop house, after 5pm, no sign of peace officers ANYWHERE in the NW at night. Me & my roommates have been forced to start getting rides & taking Ubers, JUST to get home safe lately. Why not do something about it, so whatevers left of ridership DOESN'T get decimated any more than it already is? At least in Winnipeg, the cops took it seriously... why can't they do that here? The "1400 cameras" can only do so much... and clearly, it doesn't deter shit from 99% of these people doing these things, either. Why can't security be taken seriously on CT? WT takes it seriously. Way less resources back home, as well... theres just no excuse for CT & the municipal govt to let it transform into 80s-era New York subway-level anarchy. I'm not arguing for 110% perfect safety, but when it gets to the point where someone with a train & 2 buses to work can BARELY get to/from work, especially without some sort of "CPS matter" making a near 2-hour commute to work even worse (especially since CT refuses to do crosstown routes from the NW up/down Sarcee to West & SW Calgary)... or when my roommate has to tip toe thru the needles at Brentwood after rush hour, then thats a massive problem for trying to get people to keep using public transit, let alone BACK onto CT for daily commuting.
  5. And along with the safety issues on the trains & in the stations, exactly how will this all boost ridership...?
  6. Winnipegs have barely left the garage either IIRC, minus Route 20 runs to the airport, all of that time as well... unless Calgary short-turns buses at SH, or builds a terminus charging station (MAX routes, Route 3 come to mind), it'll be kind of hard to maintain those buses in regular service, especially on random dispatches to places without charging stations. Unless thats the plan? Throwing charging stations at Whitehorn, Brentwood etc?
  7. Western Flyer, maybe? IIRC (since i haven't been on CPTDB regularly in years), these are potentially D700's from Western Flyer, before they came out with the more box-like D-800s & D-901s by the 1970s & 1980s (before the NFI rebrand in 1987). Compare features to the D-800s. http://www.busdrawings.com/Transit/manitoba/winnipeg/d80035/1976d8009635/080281-802winnipeg702.jpg More than likely a Western Flyer (or Flyer Industries) D-700 model bus.
  8. Considering the bottlenecks coming back... is it possible they're going to short-turn the northern section of Route 3 at Downtown, and implement something else entirely between Downtown & Heritage?
  9. ? i don't get it. Unless its from a U2, a leftover GM/MCI seat or something?
  10. "To ensure our revenues keep pace with city growth" So are they planning to start some route expansions? Maybe even a BRT down Sarcee, so i don't have to spend 3-4 hours a day on transit to Westhills & back, when its not even a 15 minute car ride from there to Crowfoot...? Big $$$ idea there, too: MAX BRT, from Crowfoot to Anderson, via Sarcee, Westhills & Tsuu Tina. Line it up with COP/Three Hills too & that would actually work out really well, using the new western Stoney section. Speed up transit considerably.
  11. 942 just drove right past me, 7th Ave & 5 St SW (Calgary). Apparently its now a party bus...
  12. "CPS matter" Honestly, Lions Park has been getting pretty bad lately. Maybe if there were more actual patrols & cops around there? Or maybe consider having security guards from the mall walk along the street at least at the property line, to deter these things? Because I think I saw what shut it down Tuesday afternoon when I was SB to Downtown (a bunch of druggies punching eachother), which could've obviously been prevented if CPS & others would do station patrols more than when they *have* to, and clear out whats looking more and more like homeless encampments & blatant drug use meters away from families & their kids waiting for the trains/buses at Lions Park station.
  13. Curious... what is the 47 ridership like, since it got extended to the U of M?
  14. Curious - does Wesman sell buses in running condition, if offered? Or strictly salvage work?
  15. 6061 on the 82, at 10am. Seems a little extreme, unless the 82 really does fill up those five-dozen seats like crazy, outside of rush hour...
  16. Curious - will 7964-7980 ever return to service?
  17. Quick question: after zooming in & taking a quick look... why the sheer & utter lack of safety gates & barriers? Considering recent accidents... I kind of thought they'd have some basic safety gates & rails in place? Still shaves off alot of time for pedestrians, but come stampede (or other events), how will people be kept off the tracks, or be warned of incoming trains to also avoid further accidents and fatalities? I zoomed in as much as I could, and I don't see almost any safety infrastructure in place that we see elsewhere (Sunnyside & SAIT for example).
  18. #38 going EB Heritage Drive, Wednesday morning. Unsure if still in ETS service & down in Calgary for repairs, or otherwise.
  19. Yeah, I didn't get that before either - kind of hard to lure people into BRT if they're getting soaked in the rain or out freezing in -30 without a heated bus shelter. Or in that particular case (as I've personally had to put up with) - standing outside getting harassed waiting for MO/19 to arrive every 20-30 mins if lucky, no help button, no CCTV & (minus broad daylight) no local businesses around that are open late/early enough either... it doesn't just need a shelter. It needs the whole MAX kit, the Help stand & some bright lighting. Bonus too: improving the stop now & it'll at least be prepared and engrained in everyones minds well enough, for when the Green Line arrives. Gotta build up ridership somewhere...
  20. Curious... between the 131 & 302, will there be any more MAX-level stop enhancements coming to the SE & their combined routing? For example, a real-time display board at Douglasdale Terminal would be nice. Or maybe some much better transfer points with better shelters, real-time & maybe even a place to sit? Such as the Ogden transfer point for example, between what will now be: two express services, the 43, and a bunch of industrial feeders. It has no real-time, no benches, and the shelter is way too small for the traffic & passengers that it sees. Even just lifting the bus loop shelters/benches right next door & plopping it down at the busier, active stop would be a considerable upgrade.
  21. I was thinking, considering route 468 already being turned into an elastic band... the express route being extended further south might also encourage more development & ridership in Seton before the LRT gets built out down there, by having some more options to leave the car behind. Even if its only rush hour with a couple trips a day, its still at least a limited form of service that will also be filled up by students as well between Cranston & Seton, right? If "deadheading" is an issue, just run the AM southbounds/PM northbounds every 40 minutes or something, or just run it in a Winnipeg short-turn format (Route 21 Portage Express or evening/weekend 24 Ness would be the best example of this) from 78 Avenue & south of that both ways, also utilizing the bus loop as well. That way, if people want a transfer, they can just hop on a 302, or any bus going to 52nd or Chinook/Anderson. I honestly think a 131 expansion would be good for the deep SE. Even if only 4-5 trips a day, it would shave off alot of time for riders, postpone CT service coverage issues (Seton & Hospital) for a few more years until Green Line at Shepard/until CT has more money to expand coverage, with 131 also being used by students and others as well (thousands IIRC between Glenmore & Seton)... I really think that 131 could generate significantly higher ridership if it were be to be considered by CT. Its worth looking into.
  22. Agreed on lack of further SE service. Especially because if it actually terminated at South Health Campus as well - or even at the Seton roundabout - there would be drastically higher ridership to/from the hospital, along with further incentive for people to take the 131/302 from there via Park & Ride. Or more feeders. Its not as if everyone who works there magically lives along 52nd St... let alone students, retail workers, minimal wage renters without a car, etc etc. Plus if extended to the Seton roundabout as well - puts off needing further CT expansion through that area for a couple years, if theres going to be 10-15 minute frequency rush hours as well. Also: why so much 302 route duplication? Would it not be better to use Deerfoot after Ogden? Unless the extra frequency & relief of the infamous rush hour 302 sardine-can loads is the entire point of the new 131?
  23. Used bus to bus transfers alot this weekend, due to the train maintenance... took the 65 & wanted to wait for a 22, but found out it was alot faster to risk the sketchy walk up to Sunalta instead. Noticed this bus stop, looking like something almost straight out of Detroit, with how dilapidated & rusty it looked... Is this the most dilapidated bus stop in Calgary, appearance wise? I've seen worse growing up in Winnipeg, but was expecting CT to keep things a little bit neater & without all the overgrowth, especially so close to Sunalta & noting all the homeless using the Greyhound building/skywalk as basically a new campsite. Or even just paining over the CT sign.
  24. Considering the amount of us (former) SAIT & ACAD students going around the gates & hopping over the gates themselves to try & get to class - or to beat the crowd and marches up the hill - I could see why theres now a massive safety advertisement/billboard on-site.
  25. Now to just find out where I need to apply, for a job building it... (minimal wage job currently isn't going over very well)
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