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  1. No EB extra trips, afterwards?
  2. I wasnt even aware it was here, until i passed VP on my way to SAIT, and saw my very first ever U2-series 8 consist lol, 2101 no less
  3. I'm here for another 40 mins or so, but after that, leaving for the day. Definitely a nice selection though. And talked to potential employers as well, so even better! If i could just find the ETS and Winnipeg Transit reps here... I can try and swing by tomorrow, depends on what I'm doing.
  4. Hey everybody, so just got to CUTA, and was wondering if anyone else is here? I'm the guy in coveralls, lugging around a duffelbag.
  5. TMP implemetation would be an absolute nightmare. SWBRT proposed route changes with a 47 to U of M, feeders and all, aren't bad. But the TMP is a joke. Nobody would ever want to see that plan come to fruition. And if it ever does, transit service to suburban Winnipeg will cease to exist. Especially if you're in St James, Charleswood and other places, going from appropriate transit service to none, is unacceptable. Why can't they just extend and slash routes, like they've always done? Slash as in, cut portions and reassign them to different routes or make new ones, new schedules, and NOT completely erase them off the map...?
  6. 21 is a prime candidate for an artic... just saying. Or at least, Grace Hospital - Downtown is prime. All concrete sidewalks too. And if theres any atops missing concrete in St. James, honestly it could probably use some road and sidewalk repairs anyways. Especially sidewalk repairs on the stops between Sharp and Moray, and any the 21 uses around the Grace Hospital as well. The rest of St James bus stops should be compatible with a 60 footer, since they're all concrete and long enough to handle one.
  7. 301, 302 *AND* the Max lines?! Feeling spoiled... also huge incentive to drink and not drive.
  8. I was horrified by the proposed Winnipeg Transit system map of the future... But seeing this City Clerks document? I'm alot less pissed off. I'm actually amazed. 47 to U of M? That's not a bad idea, but theres two things: 47 would need either artics, or more buses. So where do the cuts come from...? Also, only every 30 minutes at night? On a 40-footer, that sounds like a disaster... 65/66 - yay, extra service. But reviving the old terminus... seriously? Route 60 - with an extended 47, is Route 60 really necessary, past Windermere? I don't get that. Route 74... its good Tuxedo has been cut, but how is the route STILL 70 minutes each way?! Oh right... it's the pointless looping! Cut the 74 looping, and make the feeders take care of it. Problem solved, and Kenaston transit goes beyond 10 km/h.
  9. That's too bad. Brandon Transit would get a steal of a deal, and shall I dare say, even expand...
  10. First off, welcome to CPTDB. Secondly, Route 52 is supposed to solve that, but it hasn't been implemented at all yet.
  11. Definitely nice to see. Did research on IndyGO in University 5 years ago, and it looked bleak as hell... but with this addition? Massive improvements!
  12. My computer keeps randomly exiting me out of CPTDB... so lets go with some basic fixes, that don't require a multi-million "master plan" - extend Route 14 to Polo Park, branch off Ferry, run Ferry 14 every 2nd bus. - give the 21 artics, artic run in between Grace and Downtown - CentrePort service? West: run 82 and/or 98 to West part of CentrePort. East? Extend 28 or 31 into CentrePort. - Downtown? Seeing WT actually put artics on the 18 lately among others, solves most of the problems to be honest. It's one of capacity, not of service. - Cut the 87, replace with DART. Waverley West? DART. "new" Charleswood? DART. - Get the 74 and 84 out of that mess with IKEA and the Mall. Boom, instant service upgrade to Kenaston, 10-20 minutes of wasted time redirected to actual travel. Implement new route, IKEA/Seasons to Harkness, via Grant. Slash the 86, extend the 95 to Polo Park on a permanent basis. - If Main capacity issues persist (which it shouldn't with artics...), extend 99 up Main, to Jefferson. Replacing the worst "offenders" of suburban feeders and cutting off extensions free's up the buses needed, to pull this off, yes. But cutting every single one? That's like shooting every bus rider in the foot... there is some obvious candidates for cuts, but most of these problems would just be solved by upgrading capacity, some increased service and some route extensions, NOT an entirely whole new network. Once rt actually gets built, yeah we will need a whole new network, but it should be based off the organically developed Winnipeg Transit system that we already have. And at best, full rt across the city is still at least a few decades away, at the rate things are going. Also, this isn't Calgary or Edmonton, with route numbers all over the place... they have a reason though, 2xx is LRT, 3xx is BRT, 4xx is shuttle ops, 5xx paid services and 8xx school runs. Winnipeg Transit should try to use ALL of the numbers before 200, before they start going off the roads with "921 Portage" or "888 Regent" or some other crazy ideas... there's at least 15-20 numbers before 100 they haven't even used yet. And thats not including the recent freed up 60s.
  13. I don't know if I should vomit, or if I should get my eyes checked... That entire plan was the WORST thing that I have EVER seen. And I know that Winnipeg Transit would NEVER approve of that, because that entire plan reeked of Calgary Transit "engagement" and unilateral decision-making... Long story short: it was bullshit. And in my survey responses, I made it abundantly clear. Especially gutting the routes, feeders, entire sections of Winnipeg out of transit service... I might have had my ideas over the years, plus David giving us all fair advice WT is not interested in our "advice", but I could never see Winnipeg Transit planners ever wanting to wholly and systematically destroy their own creations, decades of work and planning, for that "master plan" that I just saw. So if any of them do see this, I'm blaming the City of Winnipeg for this master plan, because I could never see ATU, Winnipeg Transit or 750,000+ Winnipeggers ever agreeing to this plan. If anything, I see riots on the streets, and people losing jobs and going homeless, because their routes get cut, and they end up losing out big. No feeders, no industrial service, no nothing. That's NOT the Winnipeg I grew up in. My Winnipeg growing up, hey it wasn't the best as anyone on here could see, but even when Winnipeg Transit suggested service cuts, they weren't going to cut every single route there is... this is insane. The City of Winnipeg needs to get their heads out of their asses, especially for them to think that Transit will ever consider this "master plan". I'm pissed. And everyone else should be, too.
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