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  1. Just passed me at Brentwood - first one I've seen since March.
  2. Considering the ridership evaporating the past couple months... I'm amazed they're even running artics into Downtown Calgary still. Just passed me on 5th Avenue & just one single person aboard.
  3. Woah wait - since when were the Spirits getting axed?! I must've missed this...
  4. Whats wrong with an all-night key, for control not to send it out? Minus maybe homeless people passed out all over the train, or something... with such high mileage, wouldn't it be easier to spare the newer vehicles from wear & tear, and just put the U2's out instead? Especially if they're about to go the way of the dinosaurs?
  5. Also noticed one at Brentwood on Monday morning as well, didn't catch what route it was on, though.
  6. Definitely makes it easier than Winnipegs - the SWRTC back home, closing it off forces all the buses to go through Fort Rouge Garage at 20km/h or less, or everyone to walk to Pembina/Osborne for reduced bus service... least with the Transitways here, its only a matter of being mere metres away from a bus stop, so its nowhere near as disruptive. Or annoying. Of course, the Max Yellow transitway is an exception. Closing that off will become quite interesting commute-wise with the detours, if it ever happens...
  7. Link: "We are completing the following repair and maintenance projects including: Annual switch maintenance Tunnel, bridge, canopy and standpipe inspections Tunnel lighting and ventilation inspections Crossing repair work at 162 Avenue crossing Track surfacing between Shawnessy station and 162 Avenue crossing Other projects, which may be completed as time allows. " Tunnel...? Unless they're referring to the underpass?
  8. Speaking of PR codes... its kind of nice to see that no ones being physically ripped off the buses & trains for not wearing a mask. Seen people give dirty looks & staredowns to people who haven't been wearing one on the buses, but overall, nothing concerning.
  9. Anyone out fanning tonight? Theres half a dozen guys with cameras at 1 St SW, 50/50 taking pics of Downtown & the passing trains.
  10. As long as the rest of us aren't forced to cram onto a non-express bus running at bare minimal frequencies. 😛
  11. Northlands: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/northland-village-redevelopment-land-use-amendment-1.5656426 Long story short, if theres going to be massive TOD built at Northland, the space CT set aside for an LRT station decades ago, might become quite useful for the addition of thousands of people in the immediate vicinity of Northland. As for more connections between the far NE of Calgary & Crossiron - realistically, how much more ridership can be extracted out of the far NE, without any straight-forward connections to Crossiron and Balzac? Alternatively, how many other connections can help boost the MAX lines, and Airdrie Transit at the same time? What I'm thinking, is that in the meantime (over next 5 years), the MO should be extended up 60 St or Metis Trail, to the edge of Calgary (Stoney Trail), where a bus loop can be built while still physically possible, and that bus loop could help facilitate transfers between Airdrie Transit & CT, with minimal costs and legal hassle, for both sides. That way, Airdrie gets a boost for its transit services without needing to send as many buses into Rundle (saved time, money, diesel etc), and can also boost Balzac service, while CT can reap the benefits of higher ridership from connecting with Airdrie Transit in the far NE as opposed to Rundle, while also simultaneously boosting MAX ridership and future transit use within the far northern suburbs of Calgary. All within Calgary city limits. Split 50/50 on a bus loop and a shelter (no park and ride needed for obvious reasons), and the question of future transit use in the far NE of Calgary (with a massive employment centre just outside city limits - and CT coverage), will be solved to everybodys benefit. Especially when the 52nd St BRT comes online - those buses will be packed to the brim, with MAX Orange extended north, while the LRT extension gets put aside for a few years.
  12. One-seat trips through the NE, to Sunridge Mall/Rundle, and going along to SAIT/U of C, along with transfers onto MO, would help to boost ridership on both that & the future 52nd St BRT. Between the employers, students and everybody - it might be worth it to get MAX hooked onto some of the new neighborhoods. Even if its just for one-seat trips and minimal need for multiple transfers. The feeders will do well, with future expansion of course, but the only significant ways to increase ridership in the far NE - is direct routes (bus or future LRT), or convincing Airdrie Transit/Crossiron/Amazon/etc to send buses to/from Saddletowne, as opposed to Rundle, to help boost CT ridership considerably. If the CT bus routes are feeding Airdrie routes between NE Calgary and Balzac, along with extended MO right up to city limits, the ridership potential could be enormous. Maybe enormous enough, to shave off hundreds of millions worth of LRT expansion, which could be reallocated towards a future Northlands station (have you seen the proposal for massive TOD on the mall lands?), or towards the Green Line, or towards more MAX.
  13. 302 starting to get standing loads & in the case of one driver - kicking people off the bus halfway to Downtown, in the middle of Ogden (nowhere)... If anything needs more buses BRT-wise, MO and the 302 should definitely get some priority. Curious though - considering NE community expansions, while the train has yet to be extended... is it possible to extend MO right up to the new suburbs, right up towards Stoney even?
  14. armorand

    Scout 2101

    First U2 I've seen since March. I guess whats left of the fleet is parked, til further notice?
  15. 8055 has its rear Luminator completely orange, this morning. Haven't seen that since I left Winnipeg.
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