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  1. Agreed. Why not just do it on Canada Day or something, to minimize the impacts and softly launch it during a holiday/test it out on a holiday passenger load versus rush hour, to work out any flaws of the design before mass implementation?
  2. Well, you're right lol - Pallister IS a lying sack of shit. And quite the potstirring, ham-handed premier as well... the way he's going, theres going to be riots in the streets in a matter of no time. All of those people out of work, or on strike, no Xmas or anything either - did he honestly ever read up on the Winnipeg general strike? Or maybe Ceaucescu of 1989s Romania? He hasn't a clue what he's creating in Manitoba and its kind of scary. Read up on the General Strike or Ceaucescu when you have time, you'd be amazed and scared by the parallels of him and Pallister. And agreed, CanadInns really dropped the ball on this one too. Hate to go so much off-topic, but Manitoba is getting worse by the year & empowerment of these idiots to the point of acheiving complete irrelevance and obsolescence of Manitoba in the 21st Century. Its saddening. And as transit enthusiasts, we've been able to see just from transit service cutbacks, inaction and lack of (proper) investment alone, the consequences of decades of Winnipeg and Manitoba politicians completely wrecking things for their own thinly-veiled personal interests & business concerns. Its ridiculous. And I totally share your sympathy, my friend.
  3. The SE expresses I've been able to observe as well, barely any riders lately. Christmas shopping is keeping some ridership at a basic level (from what I've seen around Anderson, Chinook and Downtown the other weekend), but that will only last until Christmas - if Kenney and Henshaw don't decide to completely obliterate whats left of the Alberta economy within the next 30 days, that is. In which case (the lockdown), kiss that ridership goodbye.
  4. I do have something to contribute though - considering the public urination, smoking, body odor and other "scents" plaguing some CTrain stations and larger bus shelters (like the ones at Southland, Chinook, Brentwood etc), along with some trains - in regards to scents, has CT ever considered the use of aerosol sprays, or some sort of incense-burning device, inside closed spaces to at least cover up the scents of the offending odors? Or very least, something like the old Winnipeg Transit "Busology" advertisements? Not that it prevents it 110%, but people would tend to notice and try to mitigate the issue with more visual notices, as opposed to what I've noticed is CT's emphasis on WordArt & generic stock photos, to try and get messages across.
  5. Everytime I see Brentwood, I automatically think of Polo Park or Portage Place back home... With nearby Market Mall also being a Cadillac Fairview property, and considering Polo and Portage being built (or Polo's 2nd floor) being built in approximately the same era as the initial NW LRT expansion (mid to late 1980s), I wonder if it's the same architect responsible for Winnipegs CF malls? Last picture is NOT mine, just borrowed off a quick Google search, if anyones wondering. Needed the Polo Park architectural reference, and David's pic was the closest I could find. For anyone familiar with Winnipeg, the resemblance between Polo Park/Portage Place and Brentwood stations design is almost scary.
  6. That old 80s Rundle styling... looks so much better than it does now. Never been a fan of exposed steel "design" 😛
  7. Took long enough... I might be heading to the SW this afternoon too, so maybe I'll finally get to see one active for the first time in months today as well
  8. I wonder if he/she just slipped on the roads though? I have a friend that works automotive, and he says tire changes are booked into mid-November. Otherwise? I'd probably agree, SUV versus train, and Detroit won't win. 😂
  9. Will the coming winter temps throw on more bus & train service, to keep people out of -30 on reduced corona transit service? Or strictly on passenger numbers, for this winter? Also asking because I noticed some of the stations in the south (Anderson) are still closed when we're about to go into November, and unsure if CT will open them up to prevent frostbite amongst riders (who may be waiting 30-60 mins for buses/20 mins for trains), or keep them closed to save costs for maintenance, peace officers time patrolling the buildings, etc etc - but at the cost of a warm wait inside of a shelter/station for anyone thats trying to use CT over the next few months.
  10. Just went through this thread - surprised no ones reminiscing or missing the D40's. The originals, not the LF's.
  11. Next up: those Winnipeg D40LF's? Haven't seen 7964-7980 in ages, and winter sure brings out the best in Winnipeg specs, from previous experience on those back home before I moved here.
  12. Sorry, hard habits to break. Winnipeg born and raised, will probably never memorize or refer to the letter routes for as long as I live lol, just too used to the 11, 21, 66, etc.
  13. Much of the neighborhood is condos and typical suburban housing though. Outside of daytime and rush hour services, is there enough demand for fixed route service on evenings and weekend?
  14. Short-turning the route at Sturgeon and turning it into the 24/25 would take care of alot of capacity issues between Sturgeon Road and Polo Park... same with frequencies on Sunday evenings (they're still every 60 mins, right?)
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