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  1. Link doesn't work - but Google came up with this: I understand its supposed to be a NE Crosstown/Airport route, but why not potentially make this into a North Crosstown rapid transit route, extending all the way to Tuscany/Crowfoot/Dalhousie? For one, it would take off considerable pressure on the LRT, but secondly - the ridership generated by a North Crosstown APM would make it financially worth it, especially if it operates on $5 fares as an Airport route, and if its treated like an express service. Plus maybe remove some buses from the roads and re-utilize them on troublespots as well... will this "Airport Link" just be used for the Airport? Or is there a possibility to expand it, take pressure off the LRT, generate ridership and maybe even reduce some of the traffic issues going across the city?
  2. Interesting... well what if they used the NE tunnel spur underneath City Hall, built a transfer station there and then only built the tunnel from City Hall, and up Centre to 16th? How much money would that save? Still though, kind of worried about Calgary adopting a Winnipeg, "cheapest option available" mentality when it comes to public works, infrastructure and transit projects. Unless they have an elevated alternative...?
  3. Winnipeg Transit did that alot too - when I used to live there, it was all topsy-turvy, especially at the end of service. They mostly did it though for cost-cutting measures, deadheading buses across the city (or back to garage), filling up the 2nd and 3rd buses with riders & because in some parts of Winnipeg (the parts that resemble McKenzie Towne in Calgary, the newer suburbs), there was no bus loop infrastructure or transit-only washrooms installed in small bus loops, like I used to see in pre-1980s Winnipeg. They would stop the drivers in front of Tims, 7-11, all sorts of places, to ensure drivers had a chance to use the washroom, buy coffee, lunch, etc. I'm not sure what may cause it out here in Calgary, but driver stops and breaks to get water and food might explain the gas station stops. As for buses ending early and not finishing the route, it might be related to Winnipeg reasons, or now that I think about it - reaching that magical revenue passengers per hour number (22+) needed to keep service.
  4. Route 406 driver this morning apparently didn't know about the relocated stops near the hospital, but thats all I've seen so far haha
  5. I made that almost five years ago - i can try though, but sadly no promises.
  6. Ah. Parsons mentioned replacement though, just wasn't sure due to Edmonton's unique fleet and LRT circumstances. Would be disappointing to see the U2's go through millions in refurbishment, just to be used slightly and then tossed anyway, even though there may be a significant lifespan left to be utilized with them, compared to Calgary's.
  7. I'm just curious, so Edmontons U2's are three years older than Calgarys, yet they spent about 50-60% of their years (1978 - early 2000s) either not in constant use, or if used, only between Claireview and Downtown Edmonton/U of A, as opposed to all across the city in the case of Calgary. After refurbishments, going into the 2020s, how is the U2 fleet shaping up North? Especially with a steady stream of spare parts now coming up from Calgary?
  8. Anderson from what I remember was the LRT, one slide of 7th Ave being ripped up, another of one of the first U2's at Anderson being pieced together. Chinook? I wish I knew... last time I was in the station building was 2010/2011, before it got demolished. But assuming in between 1910s (Erlton) and Heritage (WW2), it might have been covered as Calgary expanding in the interwar years. I really wish they would at least try to post more history about Transit in the city - especially since Victoria Park is about to get demolished, and the simple Arial font, primary color stations are all being remodelled, or plastered with Times New Roman... plus renovations and all, it would be nice to keep certain stations historically accurate and at the least, post historical interest around the stations themselves. Like before and afters, first day of service photos, 1988 Olympics, etc etc.
  9. - "Limited to mainline service" I don't see how much frequency an Airport line would need, if there's even less transit use than Vancouvers... even Winnipegs airport is fine with 15-30 minute bus service. Same with Edmontons. If its an LRV going back and forth, would it not be just fine as it is, with a 15-20 minute frequency with one or two LRV's at most? How much capacity does the Calgary airport need?! Unless Calgary Transit is planning to use it as a Crosstown route, as opposed to just an airport shuttle service. - "Easy to Understand" If its that much of an issue that somehow no one could figure out that a train to the Airport wouldn't say "Airport" all over it, then why not just interline every second Blue train that comes through, layover at 88 for 2 minutes, and then continue to the Airport, layover for 8 more, and then go right back down to Downtown? For one, it would spare millions needed in automated trains, and ATU objections (automating jobs). But secondly, have the train stations in the NE and West specifically announce "This train: Airport via Northeast" or display: "AIRPORT, VIA NORTHEAST" - if that isn't enough, driver announcements at Saddletowne (first warning) and 88 Ave (final warning)? Plus also, if high-speed rail ever does come to fruition, why not use it as an Alberta form of GO Transit for Airdrie, providing them with train service which will also consequently lessen the burden on the NE LRT and Calgary Transit in the future? Granted I've posted before about Airdrie and Calgary... but there's alot of unanswered questions about the Airport line, and its impact in the future, particularly with sprawl gone wild in the far NE/the Airdrie area. If the Airport line is going to be built, maybe there should be considerations of having it run as an express line to Crossiron Mills/whatever Stoney Trail stations are planned in the future, while keeping the Blue Line from being too overstretched. That way, it can serve as a fast route for thousands of workers and travellers, boost inter-regional transit as well and potentially reduce overcrowding on the LRT, in the long run. It goes back into what I said in General Routes the other week - why complicate things with all of this other stuff, when they can just run branches and keep mainline frequencies just the same? It would save so much headaches... especially because, really, how hard could it be to add announcements, advertisements and stuff to an Airport spur line? Or even just running a straight Express train to Downtown, and building a third platform somewhere for it? If they really wanted to, just open up the tunnel spurs under City Hall, and use the NE tunnel spur... boom, instant express train to the airport, completely shielded from the elements, +15 access and everything. Theres just a TON of unanswered questions with this, and utilizing existing infrastructure... just my two cents, though. EDIT: also, if City Hall underground option exists, Calgary Transit/YYC Airport Authority can keep the higher fares, or even dare increase them to $10/trip. Revenue would offset construction significantly sooner, and City Hall underground could be made a secure-entrance station, with turnstiles and attendants/ticket machines for the Airport - or just base it off the honor system, but double the fare fines. It isn't a bad alternative idea.
  10. The sad thing is though, nothing ever gets done in Winnipeg. If my hometown ever got anything right, we could've had subways in the 1960s, LRT with Duwag U2's as early as the late 1980s, and even a proper BRT when Glen Murray was mayor... At this point, it would take a miracle to see trams in Winnipeg, or any light rail. Maybe if they found oil, rare earth minerals or even diamonds & gold in the North End?
  11. No hoverbuses? Gondola service down the river? Rickshaws down Deerfoot? Got to admit though, Calgary at least had these on the drawing board and did take a somewhat-serious look at it - Winnipeg couldn't even get BRT right, nevermind "trams" or anything of high speed... you know, MILES per hour...
  12. I guess us Millenials also just killed off the clocks too... lol but seriously though, that is rather unfortunate. Analog makes it look neater. Digitized time just adds a factor of laziness and dullness into whats supposed to be information display panels. That and I like counting the seconds of how long I'm in the tunnels for, and stuff like that, keeps my mind occupied while I'm being squished into the cars like sardines during rush hour.
  13. Well its a first for me, since I moved here. :P was just surprised to see one on the 167/168. I've seen nothing but arbocs on that route, whenever I'm at Somerset (7am and 6pm).
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