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  1. Now to just find out where I need to apply, for a job building it... (minimal wage job currently isn't going over very well)
  2. Definitely no shortage of new industrial developments in Portage... the new factories alone add hundreds of jobs, much like Maple Leaf did for Brandon. Same with newer retail, although residential growth doesn't seem to have been made from what I looked at on Google Maps, versus back when I tried to make maps for potential service on CPTDB years ago... Service in town would definitely be nice.
  3. Agreed. Then again though, it is Chestermere, and some of Calgarys outlying suburban neighbors, towns & cities do have a tendency to attempt stepping one up on Calgary, in terms of quality developments & local infrastructure, or even just doing anything (Okotoks "we're forever a town even though we have 30,000 residents" mentality) to completely avoid looking anything like Calgary to begin with.
  4. Responsible for their own infrastructure... will Chestermere go heavy into bus stops, benches & shelters if its only a trial run? Or will it be like Winnipeg, where they just throw slabs from Home Depot down on the bus stops, install a sign (if not trampling on somebodys lawn waiting for the bus) & that would be it?
  5. It would be nice if they would actually post the .PDF route maps, showing these new changes for the routes. Specifically Trinity & Route 89. Easier for people to look up, when checking CT updates. Can personally vouch for this, when I lived in Bridgeland & when I worked a temp job on the other side of the 4/5 in North Haven. Honestly, it would be alot more helpful if there was a feeder for Edmonton Trail that tied in directly to a) Bridgeland station, b) Route 90 transfer to Downtown and c) MAX Orange. - connects LRT to MO within ~10 minutes either way - route
  6. I've got to admit, the trains are getting busier during the rush hours... probably making sure the U2's are ready to handle the infamous crushloads all over again, now that we're seeing them back in force again!
  7. 2082-????-???? 3-car U2 consist on Red Line (on 2082 as I speak) Why does it smell like burnt plastic in here...
  8. I'm more concerned about the low river levels haha, but in terms of destinations... East Village to Kensington would be a nice little tourist trap. Or even further down to Bowness.
  9. Theres an idea... how feasible would water taxis be in Calgary?
  10. Maybe they could finally figure out that CentrePort Canada needs bus service, to cover the hundreds if not thousands of new workers in the NW corner of Winnipeg? Or maybe re-route some feeders to help them break-even? WT definitely doesn't have a shortage of shelved projects & route extensions... might be a good time to actually try to expand service if possible, especially to any fully employed, industrial areas such as CentrePort (which the 28 and 31 BARELY cover to begin with).
  11. Unless they're about to be comandeered by transit peace officers... only other uses I can think of are security-related.
  12. I was going to say: four decades later, the media barely mentioned the CTrain at all this week... considering how much Calgary relies & was built upon the CTrain since construction started in 1978, just seems odd that they wouldn't give it the time in the sun, headlines and interest-wise. Especially because without it, we would all be waiting for hours on end on the freeways to physically get anywhere without it.
  13. IIRC, Winnipeg still has their ex-CT stripes as well lol. Nobody wants to deal with repainting D40LF roofs, apparently. Or spend the $$$ if nobody sees it, right?
  14. Wouldn't it save them ALOT of time & money though, to just run it to Tuscany/Crowfoot & back? Especially on the vehicle odometers, if they're all used CT buses & if the CTrain already covers a significant amount of distance with regular 5-15 minute service too? Just seems like a waste of money/time going all the way to Brentwood & back, when for example, it could be used to boost a) service in Cochrane itself, and b) Springbank/Calaway Park/the private schools & everything else down there that could generate tons of ridership & help the service "break-even" during the w
  15. Fall arrest... thats a term I don't specifically hear very often on here lol How high are the guardrails inside the station? 80s standards, or modern enough that someone over 5-6 feet won't accidentally fall over the guardrails? The older rails at Brentwood for example, anyone my height (6 ft) could've easily fallen over, if pushed, wind or otherwise. Maybe thats what they mean? Unless they're testing out some sort of glass door-esque safety system for the platforms, to prevent people from jumping onto the tracks (or being pushed in front of trains?)
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