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  1. 8015 on the 406 last night - at 10:15pm, haven't seen that in months. Also rattled like crazy... almost felt like I was in a D40 for most of the ride. I'm curious, whens the last time the 81 had full-sized buses on the route? I've seen Peter post Orions on the 81, on his site from two decades ago, but thats the only time I've ever seen it.
  2. Extra service to the hospitals and to major grocery centres, i presume?
  3. This was in McKenzie Towne, my bad, should've clarified. Reminds me, I saw a fully seated, rush hour 148 yesterday too. Which is good for ridership, considering CT instituted those routes a couple years back, for industrial employment use. Nice to see it being used, especially much more than I've seen on the 149 and 150. However, I'm sure that with the overkill personal spacing and all, I probably won't be seeing that again, until this things completely over... 😕 but then again, maybe we'll all get to see an artic on the 148?
  4. https://www.zerohedge.com/political/eddies-not-us-time-engineer-intentionally-wrecks-train-attack-usns-mercy Interesting article, on extremely rare "rail wrecking". Has there been many of these incidents, since the 1800s? Or is this the first in decades?
  5. 6091 on the 23. Honestly never seen an artic on the 23, until 30 seconds ago... Saw a 52 big bus last night at Somerset, definitely a weird sight to see.
  6. Don't forget what will look like surprise cuts to the 79, 82, 83, 98 etc, as well. This is going to be a PR nightmare, for Winnipeg Transit lol, especially with the lack of advertising, or even the vinyl wraps missing from the supposed "rt" launch as well - but then again, I'm not even surprised anymore. 😛
  7. What I meant was... that when this is all blown over, honestly I could use a new job. So it doesn't hurt to ask about it.
  8. I know haha, just couldn't resist pointing it out. Can I PM you about the other post you made, regarding potential employment?
  9. Theres not much retail destinations south of IKEA that would invoke ridership from north of the Assiniboine River (minus Grant/Kenaston apartments needing a Wal-Mart run) - but the big three are: Seasons/IKEA, Polo Park, and downtown Winnipeg. Along with boosting capacity along Portage to Polo Park, by going south to Seasons, it would boost mall traffic & also boost ridership as a result. So theoretically it would: reduce crushloads on Portage, cover the large retail destinations, help out people in apartments along Kenaston, and encourage employers to locate closer to it (if they haven't already) and be able to get all sorts of employees, without need for parking. And this isn't including the coming redevelopment of Kapyong Barracks as well. Once that's fully underway, this routes success is sealed.
  10. The 75 does do a great service, but without all of the ridership... it might be hand to keep up the frequencies, unless they can get full crushloads anywhere between Windsor Park & the U of M.
  11. You just gave me an idea, actually. You know the 11 Polo-Downtown short-turn, aka "shoppers shuttle" when it used to run between what was two Cadillac Fairview malls? What if we extended it to Seasons, and past the upcoming urban reserve and commercial on Kenaston? The ridership potential would be enormous.
  12. Speaking of T55... Seems there's a lost bus racing around on Deerfoot at 2am. 😂
  13. Back in the days of MCI Classics and D40s, someone apparently got caught between the doors after something happened with the McKay gate, and got dragged by a MOVING bus. In Edmonton, same thing happened, but that person didn't survive. The back door mechanisms and locks on Winnipeg Transit were probably instituted and left that way, specifically because of that type of accident that occured. Granted its a few decades since it happened... but theres always that safety factor, of someone potentially geting caught in the back door, which is why Winnipeg Transit probably locked the back door access and prevented the bus from moving, until back doors cleared. That being said though... can't they just hand out N95's and enhance shields on the buses, to mitigate the issue?
  14. Just seems like a waste of design potential (having a bus on the sign itself would at least help the tourists and seniors), but considering how dated the old ones were, its at least nice to look at.
  15. With everything closed as well, theres not even any incentive to go anywhere... its going to become a miserable commute, if this keeps continuing, with the virus now shutting down everything in its path.
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