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  1. armorand

    Calgary Transit

    Happened all the time in Winnipeg, they'd line it all up downtown and have a transit supervisor give the all-clear at 1:38am, every single night. I've never really seen it here though, since I moved. But then again, I'm always on the trains after 12am, and the lack of any significant bus service after 12am, I usually avoid the bus after that time, so I don't get stuck anywhere and be forced to shell out $40 for a cab, because there's no overnight transit service in a city of 1.2 million...
  2. armorand

    CTrain Station Renovations

    Where do i even begin... lol Stairs, homeless, drug addicts, wide open spaces, stolen things all over the station and around it, shopping carts, garbage... even the Turner Storage parking space has nothing but carts in it, now. It's ridiculous. I don't tend to smell that, but there's always half a dozen of them floating around at the building entrance, some behind the ticket machines sleeping, others acting out, and thats just during the DAY!
  3. armorand

    CTrain Station Renovations

    I noticed it the other day, actually lol, and the same thing happens at SAIT too. Thing is, at least SAIT/ACAD security is always around to keep the riffraff out of there - Sunnyside? Not so much... Agreed though - I was thinking of this more for the indoor stations, with lots of empty space being misused/underused. I couldn't see outdoor vending machines outside of Downtown, to be honest.
  4. armorand

    CTrain Station Renovations

    True... but then again, gives transit cops the casus belli to be more involved with station checks, issue fines and otherwise deter such behavior, if enough of a customer base is established that there would be enough of a people deterrence around, to prevent such things from happening. Agreed, and if it was an internal Calgary Transit project, to turn these former stalls into automated vending areas, if they personally did it themselves - it would help maybe not to subsidize the transit system (obviously), but maybe some extra peace officer presence within the problem stations? Unless they get paid over $100,000/year, operations from: Heritage, Whitehorn, Marlborough, Victoria/Stampede, Westbrook and maybe Brentwood, would probably cough up enough profits to at least help subsidize a better peace officer presence in the stations.
  5. armorand

    CTrain Station Renovations

    Just out of curiosity - is Heritage being renovated soon? I've just noticed since I moved here, Heritage is getting to feel a little run down, inside. Particularly when I walked by a bunch of people sleeping in between the ticket booths and the windows, a potentially stolen TV being "tested" on an outlet next to the West stairs/escalators, and the wide empty spaces, among other things... I actually had an idea that I wanted to see everyones opinions on: it's been said on here and Edmontons section before: station retail doesn't work, it fails and goes out of business in no time. But what if it was all automated vending machines? ATM's are at the stations, and I swore Chinook had a Pepsi machine back in 2009 when I was visiting Calgary at the time (before the building got torn down). But theoretically, what are the possibilities of automated vending machines, selling everything from food to groceries, etc, to help fill some of the spaces at stations with shuttered stalls and empty spaces?
  6. armorand

    Calgary Transit

    That seems like a nightmare. Like, what will happen with rush hour, when suddenly more than a "passenger vans" worth of riders need to suddenly get to/from Livingston? I do see the point of it though - for maybe the middle of the day, or a Sunday morning, but honestly it does feel as it both Livingston and Carrington could use at the very minimum - rush hour, fixed-route transit service. On-demand service might work for the small trailer park north of East Hills, SE industrial or something - but for new communities being fully built out, why not stick to whats worked before: rush hour service, and steady progression to introduce more service? The Uber thing might work to get to North Pointe, but it should also be taken into consideration that major destinations for a far North Calgary suburb could possibly be the Airport, Deerfoot Industrial, the warehouses and businesses surrounding two massive malls outside the city limits of Calgary... of which not many people would particularly be willing to tolerate spending another hour or two on transit (or paying Airdrie fares too, after a maze travel path from North Pointe, via Centre/LRT or Airport/Saddletowne to Rundle, for Crossiron). Why not maybe consult with Airdrie ICE (assuming CT will not extend past city limits), and maybe consider a new ICE route from the far North section of Calgary, to Crossiron? It would increase ridership and transit use, if thats the general idea of this On-Demand service (plus all other CT transit routes and ridership up North), but other than that or maybe speeding travel to/from the far North of Calgary, to other parts of the city (not including possible Green Line), i'm not too sure what else may get people to either a) take transit more up North, or b) ensure that the On-Demand/Uber service would necessarily work/succeed. I've been stuck in Symons Valley before, during the daytime (weekday too), just to find myself crammed onto an Arboc all the way to Crowfoot when I did manage to find a bus route running, completely indirect towards Downtown or anywhere with actual, fast transit service - to get people to use transit more up there, maybe they should just look at more of the North as a whole, and get a better picture of what people want and need, and where they actually may want to go? Also did some research too, from Landmark Cinemas (North Pointe) to Crossirons by transit, is at least 90 minutes. Not counting theoretical Livingston service, thats almost two hours. Carrington Blvd to Crossiron, via car? 15-20 minutes, one-sixth of the time. If the area (Crossiron) keeps expanding and becomes a major employment centre for North Calgary, while transit does not plan for that eventuality (or for faster service), then serious transit ridership issues (and related road congestion) might occur in a couple years time. Just my two cents.
  7. armorand

    CTrain Station Renovations

    It seems they removed virtually any nook/cranny and electrical outlet within the station building (from Nicks pics) - no benches, nowhere to sit down either, and some extra cameras... I'm under the assumption Calgary Transit is starting to get serious about removing loitering opportunities/druggies from the stations? If so, I wonder how much they will change the NE stations, come renovation time. Marlborough - Whitehorn is still pretty bad, same with Westbrook and Stampede stations as well, and Herirtage/Southland still can be bad - but mostly only at night, from what I've been the past year or so. Chinook - don't even get me started lol. As for Anderson though, not bad - was just hoping for a bit more color? Even a cheap rendition of the metallic panels at Bay/Enterprise, would feel a bit more warming than just plain ol' concrete...
  8. armorand

    General BRT discussion

    I used to have a ton of CPTDB maps on my old Google account, this was the first one i made in the past... six years? 😛 seems I have to edit the share settings. Will do it when I'm on a computer, instead of my phone. Also: I'm curious, so assuming there's enough ridership demand for MRU/Rockyview/employment centres along the MAX route (from Fish Creek south to city limits, ring road to MacLeod), if out-of-town commuters (Okotoks) decided to take the MAX at a potential BRT park & ride at the end of a possible MAX extension... would that be a potential factor to extend it? Or would Calgary Transit like to keep the park and rides at Somerset only, so instead build up a parkade at Somerset, but install connector routes instead between Somerset and MAX (or Somerset to Woodbine via 37 St) in the future? I've been wondering if Park n' Ride would be implemented, if MAX went south of Fish Creek (or for the other MAX lines in general). edit: fixed Google Maps link, anyone with the URL link can view it now. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1LkwvNLf6HO41oeMovgI1983KFEofJxs8&usp=sharing
  9. armorand

    General BRT discussion

    https://drive.google.com/open?id=1LkwvNLf6HO41oeMovgI1983KFEofJxs8&usp=sharing Crude map made on the spot... but this extension idea I mentioned, would take off the pressure on Fish Creek, Shawnessy and Somerset stations, along with at least three different feeders as well - or boost ridership. Also adds a crosstown connection of sorts between Routes 56 and 11/12/14 (to also relieve train pressure and cut transfer times and bus rides from those two areas *considerably*), covers swathes more of the Southwest, and spares money from a potentially controversial BRT bridge in a provincial park (money/ecological factors) - that would just be replaced by: 37 St/ringroad, a slight amount of transit-only roadway in Bridlewood (didn't extend it all to 24 St SW, made part of it on-street to save money), and maybe a handful of shelters strategically placed to either boost ridership, or take pressure off the feeders/CTrain.
  10. armorand

    General BRT discussion

    I posted on another calgary topic, but what about a purposeful 81 extension to the new BRT line? I was thinking, it would provide a connection to Anderson, but it would also permanently be shuttle, thereby also forcing people to use the BRT, instead of people going to Anderson and overloading the trains during rush hour. The 81 will fill up (assuming that's why they cut off the Canyon Meadows section), but also provide an incentive to the BRT as well, while allowing at least some connection to the LRT, but not enough capacity on Route 81 to drastically affect/circumvent BRT ridership. Thoughts, anyone? I'm just curious, what is the possibility of a MAX extension via Tsuu Tina/37 Ave SW (if not future ring road), to Evergreen/Bridlewood? The new ring road would act as an express lane for BRT, and it would also take some pressure off the LRT south of Fish Creek-Lacombe Station as well. Would also save hundreds of millions from a bridge/environmental studies/etc, and just provide BRT service for maybe a tenth of that cost, to the deep Southwest suburbs (park and ride, maybe?)
  11. I was in Lake Louise about a week after it started, around about 3-4pm. There was at least half 8-12 riders waiting at the stop in Lake Louise. Definitely has seemed to hit the ground running...
  12. armorand

    Southwest Transitway Rapid Transit Project

    I'm just curious, what fleet number of the bus? Just noticed it's a D40LFR, and considering what happened a couple of years ago... thought I'd ask.
  13. armorand

    General Route Discussion and History

    Overall I like the new changes to Route 81 (it will save me a sketchy 15 minute walk to and through Chinook to the train), and assuming the new Route from Coach Hill to Chinook will use the old 47 stop, that means I will actually be able to take the bus to the station for once... and also get to see more than just a school charter and someone hauling their D60LFR down 68th Avenue for a coffee at 4am before their run begins 😂 But I do have some concerns: theres going to be alot of annoyed people without access to the 47 anymore. Well that and Route 81 south of Anderson - I'm just wondering, is ridership that low past Anderson? I've never taken it further south than Superstore, so unsure. But just feels like maybe it can be routed west of Anderson and loop around Scarlett?
  14. armorand

    Random Photos - Calgary and Area

    I almost forgot what Chinook station used to look like, before it was torn down... I go by it at least twice a day now, and always forget about how bad the station building was, with trash thrown all over the place and various people camping out there (like they do at most of the indoor stations here). Nice pics!
  15. armorand

    CTrain Station Renovations

    Although I hated seeing Times New Roman on all the CTrain signage... it does at least, look alot better, especially for reading. But why no lighting for the signs...?