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  1. I'm just wondering, doesnt 60 second breaks violate labor laws or something...?
  2. Computers have been around for decades, can't be that hard to code it in... [value]"307"="Max Purple[/value]
  3. Winnipeg Transits BusTXT just had the five digit stop numbers you had to text, and it would send any and all routes for that stop, over the next 60 minutes. Instead of the complicated way that will piss off everybody, why not just switch it over to texting for the bus stop itself, and being sent all route info instantaneously, without the need to translate Max lines to numerical routes?
  4. Although I'm all for public toilets, Winnipeg and public toilets are a recipe for disaster.
  5. It was a "Moving to Alberta" magazine collection. They have tons more where that came from, apparently lol
  6. If anyones seen the Route discuss in Calgary, I went to the library and decided to poke into some historical Calgary books, along with the CT archive drawer. Seems theres quite a bit of ETS in this library, hidden amongst the racks.
  7. Seriously though, these private companies DO realize that Henderson Highway and an even larger community/customer base exists across the river, right...? Or how about advertising that it goes to Lockport? Or maybe even cutting it down to one trip a day, and extending that trip all the way to Gimli during the summer months, to take on all of those extra riders -AND- using the extra summer earnings to help cover losses at other times of the year? Beaver Bus Lines could've done it, and Kasper is more than capable if they're running services across Western Canada of being able to look at Google Earth and notice where people actually live... it just seems kind of shocking, that they can't make a basic transit route work. As for WT, yeah I remember David saying something about it awhile back too - something to do with lack of RM funding, plus WT going outside city limits, even though all WT would have to do is just loop the bus at Glenway and do things that way? I could do a more... thorough, analysis of ESP, Henderson Hwy and Lockport later today (after my apprenticeship drug and alcohol test), but theres alot more reason to send a Selkirk route through Henderson Highway versus Main St, to be honest. Or to at least loop the service, so it goes up Henderson to Seklirk, and down Main to Winnipeg, vice versa. If the route doesnt go into downtown Winnipeg, just drops people off for the 11/40/41 (Henderson) or 18/32/77 to pick up (Main), and loops through the Pauls to Selkirk, that automatically adds a direct WSP-ESP connection to boost ridership, keeps WSP riders, adds ESP and still provides Selkirk service. Unless Kasper is slashing service across Western Canada and cutting the worst first, i really hope either they reconsider, or that maybe Beaver can take the above suggestions and implement them to full recovery of investment. Either way, with Winnipeg-area towns rapidly expanding with zero transit services, it doesn't spell much of a good omen for the economy/infrastructure as a whole, if people who don't have car access are S.O.L to try and get to Steinbach, Selkirk, Portage la Prairie, Oakbank or any rapidly growing ~5,000+ community that just happens to have jobs outside the Perimetre. Pallister and Bowman aren't helping, either. 😕
  8. Decided to stop here, and check out the goodies. So far, I'm impressed!
  9. And i thought the original clone LRT stations out here were bad... i guess that Osborne station will be one-of-a-kind along with Stadium, with this level of copying and pasting station designs. Winnipeg Transit should have maybe looked into letting in a designer per station, allocate a budget (public/private) and maybe combine the auction names as well. It could've generated some revenue for maintenance and upkeep, for SW BRT & help to support operations even, if the revenues high enough to maybe offset the cost of some transit service, even if its only for an extra bus or two. I do wonder though - when i was last in Winnipeg, none of the stations had CCTV or cameras. Does stage 2 implement cameras? Or status quo, still?
  10. It makes me wonder, what would happen if they just routed it down Henderson thru East St. Paul (with its almost 10,000 transitless residents) versus its current routing. That might help financially support it? But guess i'll never find out...
  11. Was that the "mechanical delay" from earlier?! Oh wow...
  12. Its weird, seeing the fleet number above the door to be so small. Especially when NFI could've just moved it over and had it full size.
  13. Hmm... if not for Airdrie Transit, could it possibly be for Crossiron? Or is it just out on a mechanics run?
  14. Route 3 at 16 minutes in the south isn't too bad. North though? Like Nick mentioned awhile back, bringing back a Downtown - Harvest Hills subsection wouldn't hurt. Used to take the 3 to a job i held for a few weeks... weekend mornings, virtually no riders from Heritage to 4 St SW. Afternoon fared better though. Evenings... last time I took a 3 at night on a weekday, the artic barely had 5 passengers on it by the time it reached the Core. So they could afford to cut it in the South, but North? On weekends, a short-turn route would probably solve issues.
  15. The new artics may at least help the overcrowding (if they are actually used on the 11, 47 and others - instead of solely operating the 5x routes during rush hours...) - but time-wise? Whole different story. Granted that Winnipeg Transit doesnt have driver facilities like other cities (example: Calgary CTrain stations), but the timing and break issues would be resolved on most buses, if there was ACTUAL driver facilities, like those at the CTrain stations at Somerset, Crowfoot or Tuscany. Maybe not across every single Winnipeg route terminus... but how about at least, at the bus loops? Or maybe building more established suburban bus terminuses with driver washrooms, lunch rooms and stuff? It might not make for 99.9% schedule adherence, but it would at least be a hell of alot better than 57%. City of Winnipeg should actually cover it too, along with the useless premier... it shouldn't have to come out of Transits budget, to establish basic rest areas for its operators, or build new bus loops from scratch. For a city of 700k, ~70 percent of Manitobas population, the lack of investment towards its own infrastructure is disturbing...
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