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  1. Granted I have a pessimist/nihilist streak, but small town/small city transit does have a chance to grow, plague or no plague. Doesn't hurt to ask? I mean, how else will they pay for the new buses, without the ridership and the AB/federal governments hacking away at public transit grants?
  2. I wonder what the riderships like, the past few months... I keep hearing from friends about Grande Prairie still being a mecca for any of the jobs left unfilled in Alberta since March, mostly due to its distance from Calgary/Edmonton, oil & gas, other developments, et cetera. It'd be a curious outlier in terms of transit use & expansion, if it dared actually GROW ridership and use since March.
  3. Question though: now Bowness might have some spare room & capacity if its that bad, by throwing on artics on Route 1 if needed, but for the North & SE - will there be coming boosts in feeder frequencies for AM & PM then? Or dare I suggest (like some other posts before) a massive rethink on North and SE Calgary transit service? Now wouldn't be a bad time to redraw the bus routes... especially with minimal disruptions.
  4. About time though. The lights along 52nd are whats making the 23 so slow... its definitely not slow by traffic itself. The more upgrades, the better. It could also help out with 147-150 transfers as well. Those transfer points are rough as hell & especially difficult to navigate in the winter... some new platforms, actual physical sidewalks and other upgrades would be of tremendous benefit for any transit in between 17 Ave & 130 Ave SE.
  5. As long as they're throwing extra service onto the feeders...
  6. If anyone wants to see a true sight to behold, this afternoon... there's currently a D60LFR on Route 153.
  7. Maybe next up, we're gonna bring in "brand new" 30-year old MCI Classics as BRT buses, and bring back the fareboxes which don't even have spare parts or keys for it...
  8. Why don't we just bulldoze the rest of Main St. and replace it all with casinos and strip clubs, to go along with the beer stores, pawn shops and everything else... I agree, Winnipegs looking worse by the year & these images and stories coming out of my birthplace aren't doing any favors.
  9. How much are these models? I'd love to see one in the old ETS livery
  10. Probably a good thing for those D60LFR's. Route 23 is virtually dead after 7pm in the SE. Same with the 302s northbound. Unless the 23 is extended further north/south, or if Elon Musk decides to drop a gigafactory in Seton or something, theres not really much reason to keep 60 footers on these routes, is there? I could see the artics filling up if the 23 was extended down 52nd to the hospital (if they clawed back the 302 to McKenzie Towne), or extended north past Saddletowne, but otherwise? The current routing and employment/travel demands along 52nd Street just don't really suffice the need f
  11. There's no sign of Bankers Hall, Suncor, Nexen, or even the Husky Towers, in the background. Tallest building at the time was the ScotiaBank Tower. Looking at the Winnipeg-esque background in that picture... considering how similar both cities were until Calgary's population and developmental explosion, its definitely 1980. No sign of construction cranes or anything in the background either for those buildings that were completed mid to late 80s as well. Would've had to been late 1980 or early 1981, at the latest. Second pic also has the older Chevrolet trucks and everything as well.
  12. It would be nice to have paper bus routes & schedule displays in public, again. Outside of the LRT stations in Calgary, theres virtually no bus schedule displays or route maps on public info boards. Even in Winnipeg, you'd be hard-pressed not to be able to find at least the basic routes on displays along Graham or Portage. Downtown Calgary & the major suburban bus centres should all have schedules & route maps on public info boards. Especially if, just like the bus routes outside Suncor, they happen to be the highest frequency bus routes within inner Calgary with the higher ridersh
  13. Way for them to screw over the only decent late-night service in all of West Winnipeg...
  14. Agreed. Why not just do it on Canada Day or something, to minimize the impacts and softly launch it during a holiday/test it out on a holiday passenger load versus rush hour, to work out any flaws of the design before mass implementation?
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