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  1. It might also explain the lack of transit service to the MTS Iceplex & Assiniboia Downs... what better way to shut out your competition, than to cut transit service to other attractions and events inside Winnipeg, while guaranteeing yours gets all of the foot traffic, with most Winnipeg Transit routes converging right upon Graham Ave, or the MTS Centre? I wonder how much lost business the Iceplex and Assiniboia Downs have received, due to potential outside pressure on Winnipeg Transit... because before the Iceplex, nobody ever rode the 601/racetrack buses, and that could be seen as to why that bus service was cut. But with offices popping up, Westport, potential residential AND a hockey arena multiplex?!?! It might not make money, but at least it could breakeven at 22 passengers per hour, or whatever the number is for breakeven WT service - which for Route 82 to be expanded west of Unicity to cover that service, might actually make it breakeven.
  2. Plus isn't there room at both stations, for ground-level entryways and ramps, as well? It might just save some money on a permanent concrete ramp, gates and some stairs, versus another elevator.
  3. Run-of-the-mill? Or newer shelter design? I nearly forgot about their "storage yard" of shelters, just north of FRG...
  4. Todays the first time, that I've EVER seen Teal with more than 50% passenger capacity, east of Heritage... it's always been 25% or less, whenever I ride it mid-day and on weekends, but this morning? Half the bus was full before leaving Deerfoot Meadows, and started to actually get packed, by the time it hit Heritage. It's good, but this whole "end the route at Douglasdale in the middle of nowhere" thing... I've noticed, there is some ridership potential in between Douglasdale, the casino, various industrial, and 130th Ave. Why not just extend the MAX Teal to 130 Ave, and boost the ridership, while also removing the need for the 302 to have to stop anywhere between 130 Ave and Ogden? It might boost MAX ridership, and increase frequency of the 302, if it doesn't have to spend 10-15 minutes zig-zagging from there to Ogden. And if it can extend into a new terminus/bus loop around New Brighton, or at McKenzie Towne itself so the 302 could even potentially bypass the lights and stop directly on 52 St to force transfers, even better for MAX ridership and 302 runtimes (shaving off 130 - Ogden section, and McKenzie Towne pretzelwork might actually make it possible for the 302 to get to Downtown and Seton within the hour with 10-20 minutes shaven per way). Kind of like what happened when CT cut out Route 112 Sarcee into two sections, it tanked, yet combining the two boosted ridership thanks to having one-seat trips... doing one-seat trips with MAX might help it out with Teal, by expanding it south, and by doing so - it would also free up the 302 from having to stop at every nook & cranny in the SE, and make it somewhat more like actual BRT.
  5. Just wondering, is there no new routes, expansions or anything? Last time I checked, Regina and the surrounding area is growing very rapidly. Seems kind of odd, that they wouldn't even pull a Calgary-style expansion of services, or in Regina's case, a Winnipeg-style expansion of current routes, to cover these new areas.
  6. 511 is one of the oldest D40LF's left, i wouldn't be surprised, especially considering that WT is now finally getting around to retiring the low floors.
  7. At that point, it would be better just to call in a different bus... thats just insane.
  8. They could also just extend the 14 into Auburn Bay on weekends, and boost the ridership to that critical 23 pph, to breakeven. But rest of the Southeast? Mahogany might be a candidate. Low ridership to begin with, nothing of value in the neighborhood for major employment either, with no direct connection to Somerset... on-demand from Somerset to Mahogany, would solve some problems, as long as they don't decide to cut the 302 as well... It feels the rest of the SE could use circular routes, but with the 14 extended to Auburn Bay & a test on-demand for Mahogany, the SE mess could just be fixed by circle routes, with maybe one more on-demand between McKenzie Towne and Somerset. If they refuse to run any normal bus routes from the SE to the train, they could at least have on-demand from McKenzie Towne/130 Ave. It would at least solve the absolute worst part of the SE transit losses. Still though, the Winnipeg DART model would be way better for this. At least it would keep CT drivers with shifts and hours, instead of outsourcing it to Southland, all at the cost of a telephone line & a headset. Plus utilizing current bus stops too - that way, it wont take extra time winding in and out of all of the bays. Winnipeg Transit DART worked well, using fixed stops but on-demand service, by phone call. Of course, it wouldn't stop at anyones doorsteps off the main roads... but sooner or later, when the 40 footers come roaring in, those people wil have to walk up to 400 metres to the bus stop anyway (if not longer), so might be better long-term just to get them used to more traditional transit, before 1.2 million others start demanding door-to-door transit service, in all of the nooks & crannies considered unservicable by the larger vehicles (40ft and above) of Calgary Transit. Just curious... Shepard is now part of the City of Calgary, right? Because now that I think about it... Shepard and some of the industrial out there, would be a good on-demand transit service experiment. Residential in Shepard, tons of industrial as well. Seems like a good fit. Would help to boose ridership on the 23 and 147-150 as well, with timed transfers and connections to Shepard, with whats gotta be at least 500-800 jobs out there, plus Ralph Klein park, the tow yards and stuff as well. It might just work for Shepard.
  9. Still depressing, how Winnipeg refuses to advance into the 21st century, with the only LRV it's ever seen, being shipped on a flatbed past Union Station & the Forks... but damn, that is a great photo.
  10. I suggested the mint before, a year or two ago, when this proposed route initially came out. David, since then, has basically told me that Winnipeg Transit isn't interested in ideas. Even if the 52 extension to Speers (where the 19 lays over in Windsor Park, and 50/75 stop around - not the Mint itself) would theoretically drive up ridership SIGNIFICANTLY, as people on the opposite end of Route 52 could just go to Windsor Park for connections to Downtown/St. B (19), employment (50) or U of M/Transcona (75)... Winnipeg Transit apparently does not want to hear it, sadly. Even if it drastically boosts Route 52 efficiency & passenger counts on three different routes as well, particularly the 19 and 50. I'd hope on just the extension to Windsor Park, to drive up ridership to that 22 passengers per hour, or whatever is needed to make it breakeven for Winnipeg Transit to operate. If we're lucky, Winnipeg Transit would at least, maybe, take a look at that if it breaks even. But Mint? It would be nice for tourism and recreation (do they still do tours?), but the route itself is pretzeling itself quite a bit, so any extension potentially to Speers loop, might need to justify the routes existence... and financial self-sufficiency.
  11. It wouldn't be *as* bad, if the 52 connected with the 19, 50 and 75 at Speers (Downtown/St. B/Transcona/U of M connections). But on this version, just connecting with anything major at St. Vital? I do agree.
  12. They should do inspections on the 43, when the bus is on layover, alot of people sneak in the bus, all high or wasted... especially at Chinook and the NE train stations. As for rush hour, they'll do station checks at exits, but never on the trains. They should try during rush hour once in awhile, some of the trains and stations could really use it.
  13. Its still non-operational yet, right? CBC did an article saying its apparently already running. If it is, it would explain why Southland had significantly less people waiting for the trains, this morning.
  14. I got onboard a SB train from Chinook on Saturday night, and a methhead tried to Chuck Norris his way through the door, while the train was already MOVING... They really need to clean up Chinook, one of these days. And while we're at it too, maybe some surprise peace officer ticket inspections on the 43 would work as well - I've been noticing, that they sneak on the buses at Marlborough and Rundle, and taking them right to Chinook - or stopping along the way in Deerfoot Meadows, causing all sorts of hell for local businesses... if theres any peace officers reading this, hopping onboard the 43 once in awhile wouldn't hurt. Or maybe camping out at Chinook more? Because honestly, i haven't seen anyone doing ticket inspections for weeks now... nevermind clearing out the stations. 😕
  15. Theres peace officers all over the CTrain stations, but it usually only disperses them temporarily. In Winnipeg terms? They might need a whole army...
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