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  1. I just get paper. Paper always. That way, if my phones dead or without internet access, i won't get fined $300ish for not having a "fare product" on me. If thats the case though... so if I were to get checked with this app, and the app doesn't work, yet I have an non-validated ticket on me that hasn't been validated at the train station... will we still get fined? Or would we have a free pass & a warning?
  2. Its going to be extremely hard to rise up from economic hell, without Stampede to give impetus to Calgary's economy... I'm also assuming that theres no extra service coming over the summer either? 65-70% ridership reductions is better than 80-90% - but some extra frequency across the system would be nice?
  3. True... rode the 92 from 130 ave to Anderson (6 people max), train from Anderson to Downtown (half seated load, some standees), and 5 from Downtown up Edmonton Trail - where there was at least 15 onboard, and one guy at the 1 Ave NE stop who nearly broke the back door from the outside, when the driver sped off after loading at the front for almost 30 seconds. Assuming he wanted his free ride... The routes are gaining pace, routes to employment centres are still nice & busy - but maybe because of what appears to be boiling blowback over the end of "free" transit... CT could probably send some peace officers out to the surrounding bus stops & neighborhoods within walking distance of Downtown, to maybe de-escalate things? It just seems like they're getting extremely violent and angry at the end of the free rides, and maybe CT should try to de-escalate this ASAP before it becomes a problem across the rest of the transit system?
  4. First day back of front-boarding and full fare enforcement... some certain people didn't take it too well in Downtown, but noticed ridership was down from the 2/5/302 - presuming that lack of fare checks and the reardoor boarding for the past few months might've artificially kept ridership at a Winnipeg Transit level ("100,000 boardings a day") when the reality was probably much worse. Bright side: no shortage of riders on the MP or the 23. From what I've seen so far, today - that is.
  5. Plus with the trains requiring tracks, tons of CCTV, signalling and everything involved too... i mean, if it was more of a Tram system, i could see a need for GPS. But under the current CTrain system - is it really necessary for GPS to be implemented on an LRV thats forced to stay on the tracks, in order to operate?
  6. NW* i haven't been on CPTDB on an actual computer in ages. That was totally a typo. Theres tons of residential in the far north of the city, that could use rapid transit links to the other two (future three) LRT lines. Thats where the TOD i mentioned would kick in, along with ridership potential. Now that you mentioned it though - CrossIron/Balzac would be a good place to extend the APM towards (particularly with its two malls and thousands of workers nearby), while freeing up the LRT for higher capacity and more frequent trains, if it doesn't have to go any further north. One of the complaints I've been reading in various sources has been the overextension of the CTrain system, enabling sprawl and costing billions to expand. Maybe if there was an APM built northwards instead, it would save some money while also allowing the CTrain to focus on existing coverage, frequency and capacity issues by reallocating service for future NE expansions, into increasing capacity and frequency instead? Agreed - one car trains would be better for frequency and ridership early to middle term. Imagine the cars pulled off the road, if theres an APM running every few minutes, especially feeding to three LRT lines... it would actually be possible to live in suburban Calgary without a car, or traffic jams, or anything of the sort lol. And confusion about trains... isn't that the idea behind Luminators and rollsigns, to tell people of their destinations?! Agreed as well - it can't be that confusing to have an APM covered in screens, luminators and audio equipment to broadcast its destination. Maybe for APM airport purposes, multiple languages might be useful (French, Mandarin etc.)?
  7. Honestly... if CT extended this APM further into the NE or dare even extend it to the NW LRT as a transfer - ridership would at least approach a sustainable level for frequent service. Also gives the North considerably more TOD opportunities, if its done like that as well & reallocates buses for elsewhere in the city (like the Centre Street BRT upcoming)?
  8. Maybe thats whats behind the talks of reintroducing PST... where else would the money come in for pipelines, Calgary/Edmonton LRT expansions and AHS - without scaring everybody to move out of province with any higher income taxes, Manitoba-level healthcare & carbon fees?
  9. I know - just kind of amazed that in 2020, we're still calling people worships, lords and barons...
  10. his worship...? but yeah, agreed - Kenney better not axe this.
  11. Only thing remaining to see: how fast will we see construction... out of personal interest too, because as a welder, I kind of need a better paying job than fast food. And I'd imagine that the 20km of LRT isn't going to be held together by popsicle sticks... 😛
  12. Curious - how is Route 1 impacted? Unless parts of Inglewood or Forest Lawn have flooded as well?
  13. 8104 on the 302 this morning - I've never seen a Nova on the route, well... ever.
  14. I've been riding the buses for the past couple months, and never seen anyone physically tear them off or anything. Maybe its just wear and tear? That or someone getting caught with a sticker to their clothing? Or maybe some weakened adhesive due to static charges? I'm opposed to segregating bus and LRT seats, but I just don't think people are actively ripping off the signage. However, I'm concerned at the level of vandalism at McKenzie Towne, where glass has been deliberately shattered over the weekend at least twice, with signs of substance abuse littered around the bus shelters... if people wanted to take out their frustrations on CT, I just believe they would be more outright, as opposed to passively-agressively ripping off stickers. For example, the riots in the states actively targetting LACMTA, NYTA and others.
  15. Considering what Somerset is like after dark and especially after end of service when the peace officers usually sweep the LRV's and kick everybody off... I'm not surprised, but feel this could have been prevented, with more peace officer/CPS station sweeps overnight, at some of the... problem, stations. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/fatal-ctrain-somerset-bridlewood-pedestrian-1.5584624 Quick safety idea: how feasible is it, to fit Infrared trackers and sensor technology at & around the station platforms/crossings, to maybe prevent something like this in the future? If there was IR sensors to detect people on the tracks when they shouldn't be - especially if the tracks are dimly lit - maybe it could try to prevent these sorts of tragedies? If theres no safety and security increases via personnel, maybe the best solution is increased safety sensors, more lights and enhanced CCTV?
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