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  1. Lower fares and enhanced service is a bit of an oxymoron. A lot of service enhancements are costed by farebox return. Subsidized costs on monthly passes and single ride tickets are more obtainable. Free service for those under 12, the U-Pass program and Access Passes already break down barriers to access when it comes to public transit. DRT fares are on par with the rest of the local systems under the Metrolinx umbrella.
  2. A simple solution to this would be introducing service on Dryden Boulevard. The long awaited bridging of the gap between Anderson and Thickson was completed several months back, enabling continuous service along the corridor. A loop around 605 Rossland, and heading east along Dryden to Thornton, straight down to Thornton Corners. Peak directional, with limited midday service between Thornton/Dryden & 605. A case could also be made for bringing back the old 469/470 School Trippers, and repurposing them as GO Shuttles. Bi-directional in peak periods, northbound to serve MCVI and Paul Dwyer in the morning, returning south to serve Thornton Corners... vice versa in the PM Rush. Most of the ridership on the Thornton corridor were students.
  3. Is this confidential information supposed to be shared with the general public?
  4. Except that the TTC is already broke! With the Durham College/UOIT Bus Loop closed for commencement ceremonies today + tomorrow, all 52 trips will service temporary stops along Simcoe Street.
  5. Durham College Loop is closed today and tomorrow for commencement ceremonies, all buses are serving stops on Simcoe Street only. https://bit.ly/37WLK3P
  6. Would that happen to be on Wednesday? I saw it fly past me eastbound around Liverpool.
  7. 9101 was out for training yesterday.
  8. My step mom's family used to own Dagmar Resort before they sold it off in the late 2000's. They were consulted on a similar concept pitched by APTA. Dagmar put out a survey that garnered little support, causing the service to never get off the ground. It's an interesting idea, and while I support it, I don't believe it's feasible at this point in time. Most people that ski + snowboard tend to prefer driving their own vehicles.
  9. They are the new decals used for fleet numbers when the old ones peel off. Various D40LF units have them.
  10. 7100 was out today for driver training.
  11. The Service Plan was designed to be altered as development progresses. A great example is the booming Windfield Farms neighbourhood in Oshawa's north end. The service plan incorporated service to this area but didn't forecast development to excel at the rate it currently is. The PIC's are an opportunity for the general pop to voice their concerns pertaining to the areas they use transit.
  12. Peel Region also includes Caledon...
  13. The new garage will be in North Whitby, not North Oshawa, it is being constructed on already-owned municipal land.
  14. Pulse is using the "Centennial Circle" bus loop, nothing big in terms of changes, however, i've noticed that buses will get backed up trying to turn left onto Ellesmere off S/B Military... there's no left turn advance, but I seem to suspect that one will be put in soon. A cardboard box in Scarborough? Must've run you 1,500 w/o utilities... my dumpster behind the Food Basics at Morningside and Lawrence is 1,200 in lot fees... parking extra.
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