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  1. Imagine... (pardon my heinous photoshop skills)
  2. He has proved it. Click the links, read the documents. As someone who actually takes the 129A quite often, the frequency and service level is more than adequate. 30-40 min frequency on weekends is really good compared to other routes... cough cough route 2 cough cough
  3. I would assume transfers would work like the YRT; where if you board a YRT bus with a viva validated ticket, you just insert the ticket into the farebox and get a "normal" transfer. Also, I can just imagine the confusion for people who never get transfers
  4. I've noticed that the rapidway is only one lane under the 404, how will buses navigate that stretch during rush hour (or are the buses timed that well that it will never happen)
  5. Don't really know where else to post this, but here's John Tory's plan for a "Unionville/Downtown/Airport" route... One concern... It's 14th Avenue... not Street lol
  6. Spotted this a few days ago at Steeles & Markham Road at around 5pm
  7. And how am I supposed to transfer to TTC services in York Region if I am using PRESTO?
  8. I think this was mentioned before in this thread, but the bus schedules still reflect travel times pre-rapidway. Buses will slow down to get back on schedule.
  9. The closest computer font would be Agency FB...
  10. It's a good idea, but implemented wrong. Instead of saying "Next stop is interchange station Bloor-Yonge, Bloor-Yonge station", the announcements should be "Next stop is Bloor-Yonge, Bloor-Yonge station. Passengers can transfer to the Bloor-Danforth line at this station". Similar to VIVA's announcements, but I don't think they're patented! Yes it's longer, but it gets the point across much clearer and will avoid confused tourists thinking that there is a station named Interchange (because of the robot lady's accent on the word interchange).
  11. H1s were purchased for the opening of the BD. It wasn't until a bit later when the H1s ran on both YUS and BD. Brand new H4s and H5s were shared between YUS and BD. When the H6s were brand new, they were also BD exclusive (still are today). The only "hand me down" trains would be the M1s, H2s, T1s
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