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  1. Could you revise the title of the following page as Broward County Transit 20001-20120? https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Broward_County_Transit_20001-20070 Thank you very much.
  2. Sorry I don't know how to change the page title properly. Could you delete the following page? https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Miami-Dade_Transit_20101-20187
  3. Unfortunately, the 56 does not go to Hawaiian Gardens any more. Now the 81 goes to Hawaiian Gardens.
  4. Today only one xD60 is on 72. It is 1432.
  5. Here is the new NFI XD60 1437 at Sawgrass Mills
  6. That's for Broward County's 100th anniversary.
  7. Recently I started to see the bus operators wearing reflective vests. Good for BCT to care for the bus operators.
  8. Today on 2. 0705 replaces 1311, 1105 replaces 1331, 0508 replaces 0505 and 0318 replaces 0520. All nabi fleet is broken today.
  9. The final piece of puzzle is 0520, which replaces 9914. Today is all-nabi fleet.
  10. Today on 2, I have seen 0740, 0507, 1311 (replacing 0703), 1331 (replacing 0709), 0704, 0505 (replacing 0508), 0701, 0726, 0816 (replacing 9921), 1328, 0921, 0524 and 1409.
  11. Meanwhile, regarding 72, I saw 0905, 0906, 0913, 0914, 605, 606, 1127 and 1411. Last week 0905 and 0906 were on 95X. Does that mean the MCI coaches are in regular service on 95X?
  12. Interesting points from the weekday 2 schedule: Copans bus 1328 starts at 5:40a from Westview Dr. and ends at 12:37a to 207 St. 1328 has to traval way north to Copans Garage. Copans bus 9914 actually starts its run at 12:05p from Westview Dr. and ends at 12:31a to Westview Dr. Although it is one of latest heading back to garage, but it only travels three round trips.
  13. The latest time schedule for 2 are in effect yesterday. The main feature is that during midday weekdays, the interval improved from 30 minutes to 20 minutes. I am interested in the distribution between Copans and Ravenswood buses. Here is what I have seen today: Ravenswood buses: 0507 (7:20a, 11:30a, 4:00p, 8:30p from Westview Dr.) 0703 (7:40a, 11:50a, 4:20p, 8:45p from Westview Dr.) 0709 (8:00a, 12:20p, 5:00p from Westview Dr.) 0704 (8:20a, 12:40p, 5:15p, 9:30p from Westview Dr.) 0508 (8:35a, 1:00p, 5:35p from Westview Dr.) 0701 (8:55a, 1:20p, 5:55p, 10:00p from Westview Dr.) Copans buses 0726 (9:15a, 1:40p, 6:15p from Westview Dr.) 9921 (9:35a, 2:00p, 6:35p, 10:30p from Westview Dr.) 1328 (9:55a, 2:20p, 7:00p, 11:00p from Westview Dr.) 0921 (10:15a, 2:40p from Westview Dr.) 0524 (10:35a, 3:00p, 7:30p from Westview Dr.) 1409 (10:50a, 3:20p from Westview Dr.) 0740 (11:10a, 3:40p, 8:00p from Westview Dr.) 9914 (12:05p, 4:40p, 9:00p from Westview Dr.) In total, there are 6 Ravenswood and 8 Copans buses.
  14. Looks like it is all Ravenswood now. That's why both 0806 and 0807 moved to Ravenswood.
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