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  1. Sorry, guess I wasn’t clear enough. I meant extra trips in the morning from McCowan.
  2. I rode the 7:07am trip on the 920 from McCowan Station for the first time twice this week and both days there was a full seated load by the time the bus reached Port Union and Kingston Rd. I wonder if DRT will consider adding one or two more trips in the morning peak considering there seems to be the demand.
  3. 3638 will be out for a while. Lots of damage after a collision Eastbound on Wilson while in service on the 165
  4. Does the 122 run that becomes a collector bus on Sunday nights pick up collectors at each station along line 1?
  5. Has anyone gotten to experience a ride with this driver?
  6. Every morning, Monday to Friday at around 6-6:15 when I'm waiting for the 95, a few pass me going eastbound out of service to Ellesmere Station to start thier westbound trips to York Mills Station
  7. With the extension of the 302 to Bingham Loop, will runs 41 and 42 from the 24 still go onto the 302?
  8. I know this has been discussed before but I cannot seem to find it anywhere, so my apologies in advance but how do you access the nextbus xml data?
  9. I've always been curious to know when the transfers for the surface routes are printed. Are they printed weeks in advance or are they printing the transfers for tomorrow right now?
  10. The four buses at Wilson with the external route announcements are 8200, 8300, 8350 and 9050
  11. This is the regular 24 day time transfer. It has Bingham instead of VP station for whatever reason.
  12. Thanks. I'm assuming they go not in service from the station to Danforth & Danforth?
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