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  1. No problems here, except that I have problems attaching photos to my posts.
  2. Well, my fiancée, whoa, I said it! Hey it sounds good! Like I was saying, my finacée is going back to work as a Grade 6 English Intensive teacher at Ste-Claire elementary at the Commission Scolaire de Montréal. All her stuff is in the van waiting to be brought over. She's looking foward to this. To get there, she can either walk (20 mins.) or take the 189- Notre-Dame (10 mins). Just thought I should give a teacher's fiancé's point of view.
  3. Well, it's a good thing I had the chance to take pics of it when I passed through there in July. Saw it three times, once on the Tuesday going to T.O. and twice on the Saturday coming back to MTL. If you haven't seen the pics yet, which I doubt, they're on my site in the Kingston Transit collection.
  4. 23/08/06: 12-064 doing the 410 EB at 17h45, has the R-BUS disk 12-024 doing the 197, still doesn't have the PRIOPITE shield 26-032 HORS SERVICE at 20h. The trap door for the batteries under the driver's window was open
  5. Exactly, we're the 133 Musketeers... so far, maybe more to come?
  6. 23/08/06: 16-036 doing the 192 EB at 11h15, no logo on the right side of the bus Mont-Royal smartassness: 22-245 doing the 45 SB at 12h20 LaSalle 22-422 doing the 45 SB at 12h40 15-002 doing the 169 SB at 13h, the wrap has been removed
  7. 23/08/06: 11-048 doing the 150 WB at 14h15
  8. We'll see, let's not get our hopes up, shall we?
  9. Thanks, I think I'm the first one in the gang to put them up on Fotopic. Guys, please correct me if I'm wrong...
  10. No, I didn't. I was in the van with Nath and Rose, and you can't get a good view from the street and anyway, there is a camera surveillance system there.
  11. 11-085 also has the raised "PRIORITE" shield. 11-071 also has the white front fleet numbers.
  12. What new location are you talking about?? As for Bob, it's a lost cause...
  13. I don't know what the problem is... I did like I always do. Click "Browse" then select the image file and then click on "Add This Attachement" and then I should have my file that I've selected to add into post, but it doesn't do that... Help!!!
  14. Like in the old CPTDB, you can show your fun photos here. Here's my contribution:
  15. UPDATE FOR AUGUST 22ND, 2006: Added 32 pics in the new Anciennes lignes de Longueuil de la CTCUM (2è partie)/Old MUCTC lines in Longueuil, Part II collection Enjoy!
  16. Thank you all. Again... Congratulations to you too. And to you too James.
  17. I thought 11-100 was retired last spring.
  18. UPDATES FOR AUGUST 22ND, 2006: Added 5 pics in the NovaBUS Classic de la STM/STM NovaBUS Classics collection Added 1 pic in the MCI Classic de la STM/STM MCI Classics collection Added 1 pic in the STM LFS de 1ère génération/STM's 1st generation LFSs collection Added 2 pics in the Classics et VanHool AG700 du RTL/RTL Classics and VanHool AG700s collection Added 5 pics in the Nova LFS et VanHool AG300 du RTL/RTL Nava LFSs and VanHool AG300s collection Added 4 pics in the Agence Métropolitaine de Transport (Sud/South) collection Added 2 pics in the Autocars/Highway coaches collection Added 2 pics in the Autobus maquillés/Bus wrap ads collection Added 1 pic in the Agence Métropolitaine de transport (Nord/North) collection Enjoy!
  19. Well, it's done. We are officially engaged. Nath and I went down to Eastman to visit her father and stepmother and on Sunday we went for dinner at a restaurant (Chez Jules) and we announced them the good news. After her father gave me his blessing, I went and put the engagement ring on my sweetheart's finger. A date is already set, July 21st, 2007. We still haven't found the church. But that's to come.
  20. Since I've started an RTL 8-9XX, 9-0XX watch, I thought it would be nice to do one for the STL. So post you sightings of STL's first MCI that are still out there!
  21. Hey, just thought I should start a topic for the RTL 89s and 90s. You know, instead of putting them in the 59-0XX, 60-0XX watch topic. Here's the first one: 9-007 doing the 83 at 15h50
  22. 59-041 is in the yard at Autobus Verreault in Granby.
  23. Sure thing, I'll probably do it tomorrow, because, tonite, I'm on Nath's laptop, she needs the computer. Or do you want me to send it to you by e-mail?
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