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  1. Now, it's 2 dead (the gunman and a woman in her 20s) and 20 injured. The SPVM has just made a press conference. Quebec PM Jean Charest made one earlier in the evening. The gunman was believed to be around 25 and of Sri-Lankan origin.
  2. Hey, I have a solution while the STM waits for buses to replace the crap NovaBUS sent us in '96-99: Ask the TTC to loan us some New Looks! We might get ours back.. Seriously, maybe the STM should consider ordering from NFI and have the government and NoNovaBUS pay the bill. It would be nice to see some Inveros running here.
  3. UPDATE FOR SEPTEMBER 12TH, 2006: Added 2 videos of 33-008 at a recent FHTCQ event Here are the links: Enjoy!
  4. UPDATES FOR SEPTEMBER 12TH, 2006: Added 4 pics in the NovaBUS Classic de la STM/STM NovaBUS Classics collection (13-034, 065 and 14-004) Added 2 pics in the STM LFS de 2è génération/STM's 2nd generation LFSs collection (26-058, 060) Added 2 pics in the Insolite/Strange sightings collection (22-376 on a STM tow truck) Added 3 pics of 33-008 in the Collection FHTCQ/FHTCQ collection Added a pic of 60-026 at Youville in the MCI Classic de la STM/STM MCI Classics collection Enjoy!
  5. I feel the events of 9/11 will be remembered by our generation as much as when our elders saw John F. Kennedy get assassinated on Nov. 22nd 1963. A lot of "Do you remember where you were?", and stuff like that. It is a memory that will be seared into my brain forever. I first heard of what happened at the WTC, back then I was working at McD's at Longueuil metro and our first assistant manager told us that two planes struck the towers. At first we didn't believe him, we thought he was making all this up. We had a TV in our break room so a couple of us alternated going to see what was going on. I was horrified to see the towers collapse. And I remember getting home and my ex having the TV on TVA and it was all that was on that day. The next day, I went and bought as many newspapers as I could. I think I got "Le Journal de Montréal", "La Presse", "The Gazette" and the "Globe and Mail". And later that month, I bought a special special edition of LIFE magazine. I still have them to this day. Saturday we saw "Flight 93" on A&E, last night we were watching ABC where we saw a movie depicting the events leading to 9/11 and the presidential address. I hope one day the prepertrators will be found and punished. And may the fallen heroes of that fateful day rest in peace.
  6. Absolutely right! 12/09/06: 26-043 deadheading on H.-Beaugrand with "55 Boulevard St-Laurent" on the dest. sign 26-050 HORS SERVICE at 15h25 26-047 doing the 187 EB at 15h40 26-043 doing the 186 EB at 15h45
  7. 09/12/06: 11-087 HORS SERVICE at 6h02 11-067 doing the 18 EB at 15h40 11-085 doing the 189 WB at 15h45 There's still a "1" missing on the front, so it says "1 -085"
  8. Nah, did it hundreds of times, and it takes at least 1:30 min.
  9. 06/09/11: 26-060 doing the 43 EB at 9h42 22-222 doing the 33 NB at 9h43 26-051 waiting on the 189 at 15h06 26-042 doing the 186 EB at 15h07
  10. Yes we did have a good time. At least I'll have plenty of apples to bring to work! Now time to start working on some charters... for next year!
  11. 10/09/06: 26-058 doing the 141 at 11h22, photographed by yours truly and Mystic 26-059 doing the 33 NB at 17h35 26-060 doing the 141WB at 17h48 26-061 doing the 141 EB at 17h49 Also got a pic of 060.
  12. UPDATE FOR SEPTEMBER 8TH, 2006: Added 6 pics in the STM LFS de 2è génération/STM's 2nd generation LFSs collection Including 26-035, 048, 051, 053, 054 and 059. Enjoy!
  13. 08/09/06: 11-060 doing the 18 WB at 11h55 It had the R-BUS disk and I didn't get a photo cause my stupid camera died on me.
  14. 08/09/06: 26-059 doing the 28 NB at 11h48 26-053 doing the 189 EB at 11h59 26-054 doing the 141 EB at 12h01 26-048 doing the 185 WB at 12h01 Took pics of all of them, they are on my website.
  15. I've ridden RTL's 2-0101 and some other 201XXs and 20602 and also VIVA's AG300s, the first one was 5208. I like the overall ride, but I was impressed with the high back seats on the VIVA AG300s. On our first day, Nath and I rode VIVA Blue up to Newmarket to go back to the GO terminal to drive back to my cousin's and while on Yonge St. - we were sitting in the back seat - we hit some road work and hit a really big bump and Nath and I litteraly jumped up at least 6 inches from our seats! Nath almost flipped over the table and into the man that was sitting in front of her!!!
  16. 08/09/06: 11-015 doing the 28 SB at 6h and 141 EB at 15h20 11-087 doing the 186 EB at 15h20
  17. I'll give it a try. But it'll be mostly outside shots since I don't ride the bus that much right now.
  18. 07/09/06: 11-052 deadheading to do the 505 at 6h12
  19. 07/09/06: 26-035 parked near Dunton Academy on L.-H.-Lafontaine at 15h20 26-051 doing the 186X at 15h25
  20. I have great news: Normand concluded a deal that makes 25-085 ours. It's official! The papers have been signed today and the bus should be delivered at Youville during the course of next week.
  21. They probably do. They just don't mention it. Just like on the city of Ottawa website. There must be some areas that are off limits though.
  22. What you saw a wolf??? It's loop BTW. Not that I want to nitpick or anything.
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