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  1. I've just added photos of 25-085 on the FHTCQ Fotopic album FHTCQ photo album
  2. UPDATES FOR SEPTEMBER 18TH, 2006: Added 2 photos of 25-085's interior in the Intérieurs d'autobus/Bus interiors collection Added 1 pic of 25-085's driver's post in the Postes de conduite/Driver's areas collection Enjoy! :angry:
  3. UPDATES FOR SEPTEMBER 18TH, 2006: Added 3 pics of 25-085 in the Collection FHTCQ/FHTCQ collection Enjoy! :angry:
  4. gmnewlook

    Tv shows

    Here are mine: Creepy Canada King of Kensington Happy Days Three's Company M*A*S*H NHL Network's Top 10 American Justice Cold Case Files City Confidential Cheer's Seinfeld Le Hockey Molson du Canadien I just love the old sitcoms from the '70s and '80s.
  5. 18/09/06: STM's oldest bus: 59-005 doing the 69X on Henri-Bourassa at 14h57
  6. 18/09/06: Frontenac 11-058 doing the 430 EB at 15h50
  7. 18/09/06: Rebuilt 14-002 doing the 33 SB at 14h58 26-055 doing the 43 WB at 14h59
  8. These are the photos I took last year: http://gmtransit.fotopic.net/c855680.html Unfortunately, this year, I'm working that day. I can't take the day off for that. I have to keep my sick days for my appointments. :angry:
  9. I think it got the Luminator at the beggening. IIRC, I remember seeing it at the beggining of its service life with that sign.
  10. IIRC, the bus was put into service with a Luminator destination sign, and I also think there was a side one too. I was 10 years old at the time, so it's a little vague. It was a demo unit and it was taken out to put in a roll sign later.
  11. 15/09/06: Seen on my way to pick up my daugther, and then coming back. BTW, I didn't write down the times. It was between 17h20 and 19h20. C9-064 9-067 9-052 9-045 9-070 9-037 9-012 9-004 9-049 And a couple of other 9-0XXs that I was too far away to see the number.
  12. 15/09/06: 11-068 doing the 18 EB at 5h58 11-015 HORS SERVICE at 5h58 11-087 doing the 187 WB at 15h55
  13. 15/09/06: 16-054 deadheading on the 25 to do the 505 at 6h09 21-202 doing the 186 at 5h58 26-052 doing the 43 WB at 12h25 26-051 HORS SERVICE at 19h35
  14. In no particular order: SMS, Mystic, David D., Matt Demers, Ayeobe, a.dicion, general682002, Richard (I'm not sure), stm_5307N and tristan.
  15. The poll doesn't include the LFS because it's meant to see which model the STM could get to SUPPLEMENT the LFS.
  16. Usually the Classic Artics are in service during the week. Maybe they'll be on display at the doors open.
  17. Wasn't that in Taber? As for your suggestion, we could keep this thread and close the one in the Montreal forum, since this forum here is a non transit one and the Montreal forum is for transit.
  18. Now that's building a bus in a hurry! Kinda like Nova did with the first LFSs...
  19. This poll is made to get the pulse of the Montreal transit fan. Okay, everyone can contribute... Personally, I would like to see the D40LFR or the Invero.
  20. I rode that one in July last year. Also got on Inveros, D60LFs, D40HF, Orion V, Orion VI.
  21. From what the director of the SPVM said in a news conference last night was that the gunman was of Canadian origin. They didn't have anymore details than that.
  22. I think 14-121 is back in service. IIRC, I saw it recently at H.-Beaugrand.
  23. Me too. I was 17 at the time and I was at CEGEP Maisonneuve and I remember coming home and the driver on the 199 had his radio and they were reporting the shooting. On that day, Marc Lépine burst into the Polytechnique and went on a shooting rampage killing 14 women and then turning his rifle on himself. Today, that event is remembered as a park on Queen Mary and Decelles as "Place du 6 décembre 1989". My condolences go out to the family of the victims. EDIT: Mr. Yvan Delorme, Chief of the SPVM has just said that the sniper is of Canadian origin and the fact that he is Sri-Lankan or not is not yet confirmed.
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